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A Fulbright-Hayes Grant From Notre Dame to Study the Educational System in Brazil.

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1 A Fulbright-Hayes Grant From Notre Dame to Study the Educational System in Brazil

2 Who: 4 Experienced Teachers 4 Beginnings Teachers 4 Pre-Service Teachers 2 Notre Dame College Professors What: Study the Educational System of Brazil and Write Curriculum to Expose Our Students to Brazil Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Both the City and the State in Brazil When: June 8 – July 12, 2010

3 Facts About Brazil Largest Country in South America Fifth Largest Country Geographically in the World (1. Russia, 2. Canada, 3. China, 4. USA) Only Country to Speak Portuguese as a Native Language in the Americas One of the Fastest Growing Economies in the World Over 4600 Miles of Coastline

4 More Facts About Brazil 26 States and 1 Federal District 5 Largest Cities in Brazil: –1 São Paulo 11,037,593 –2 Rio de Janeiro 6,186,710 –3 Salvador 2,998,056 –4 Brasília Federal District 2,606,885 –5 Fortaleza2,505,552 Major Geographical Feature: The Amazon River Basin and Rainforest

5 The Group:

6 Our Trip: We stayed one block off Copacabana Beach

7 In Apartments:

8 We Took Public Transportation:

9 We Saw the Sights:

10 We Saw More Sights:

11 We Saw Even More Sights:

12 And Even More Sights:

13 We Tried All Kinds of Foods:

14 Most Importantly We Visited Schools:

15 Lots and Lots of Schools:

16 And Even More of Schools:

17 So Much To See So Little Time:

18 What I learned: How much the leader of a school and classroom effects the outcome of the students with their attitude and expectations. How everyone working together will make all the difference with the students. How important connections are in for students to see any purpose to the learning. How students and educations are still basically the same all around the world. How to be more patient with students who do not know English.

19 Ideas I Brought Back To Help Improve Hamilton Southeastern High School: We need an overriding theme for the entire school and each school year so our students understand there is a need for Art, English, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages and how it takes all subjects to be a complete and well rounded person. We need to have our class officers help with the issues here at our school. They need to make their class aware of some of the problems and ask for input into the solutions. We need to showcase our students and their special talents, cultures and families.

20 My Curriculum Project to use at Hamilton Southeastern High School: Using a web-quest I will be having students look up information on Brazil and how to locate the information on maps using a coordinate system. Have students use pictures of Brazilian landmarks to reinforce graphing points and using the coordinate plane Have students compare coordinates and attributes of the United States with Brazil Have students write about the new information they found about Brazil and how the Coordinate System was useful in obtaining that information

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