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Patrullas de Ski de Chile Abril, 2009 FIPS World Congress. Are, Sweden.

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1 Patrullas de Ski de Chile Abril, 2009 FIPS World Congress. Are, Sweden

2 2 Agenda Who are we? Where can you find Patrullas de Ski de Chile?

3 3 Patrullas de Ski assists de skiing public and seeks to make mountain recreation safer Education – Communicate safety standards and guidelines amongst the skiing public Prevention – Constant vigilance of the skiing area and its surroundings Action – Assist any person in need of help, through first aid and transport to medical facilities

4 4 Mission statement The mission of Patrullas de Ski is to create mechanisms that guarantee safe mountain recreation and to assist those in need of help.

5 5 Patrullas de Ski is a non profit volunteer organization founded in 1942 Patrullas de Ski de Chile began 57 years ago alongside Chile's first ski areas. Four Chilean skiers traveled in 1941 to the United States, invited by the National Ski Patrol (NSP). During their stay in the U.S., they visited various ski areas and learnt about the art of ski patrolling and the NSP organization. Upon returning to Chile, Patrullas de Ski de Chile was formed. Since 1942, volunteer ski patrollers have patrolled the Chilean Andes.

6 6 Today there are over 140 ski patrollers…

7 7 Patrullas de Ski is present in the following ski areas: 1.Antuco, Los Angeles 2.El Colorado, Santiago 3.El Fraile, Coyhaique 4.El Mirador, Punta Arenas 5.La Parva, Santiago 6.Llaima, Temuco 7.Nevados de Chillan*, Chillan 8.Valle Nevado, Santiago 9.Villarrica, Pucón … in 9 of Chile's main ski areas Patrullas de Ski volunteers are present in their respective ski areas on weekends and holidays Note: (*) Sección development phase, currently Patrullas de Ski de Chile is present on a part time basis

8 8 Each Sección has its own organizational structure Second in charge (operations) Internal funcionsTreasurerInstructorsOther areas Patrol chief Sección members

9 9 There are 5 leveles in a Patrulla de Ski´s carrer Descripción: Aspirante Avanzado AspirantePatrulla Patrulla Nacional Patrulla Cuadro de Honor Require- ments for promotion: Permanencia minima en el cargo (años): 2 years 5 years N/A 80 hours of instruction Pass entrance exam 80 hours of instruction Pass promotion exam 80 hours of instruction Pass promotion exam Chosen by the National Board of Directors Chosen by the Cuadro de Honor First step Only action by supervition Second step This fully qualified to provide first aid and moving patients, supervised Can autonomously provide first aid and transferring patients Patrol, with 5 years of experience and leadership Honorific grade generally not active

10 10 Patrullas de Ski is financed through members fees and sponsors Patrullas de Ski is a volunteer organization, our memers do not receive payment for their contributions Our work is completly self financed through annual members fees, fundraisers and sponsorships Purchase of our equipment (uniforms, ski equipment, rescue equipment, radios, first aid materials, etc.), lodging, food and transport are financed through members fees and sponsors

11 11 Currently Patrullas de Ski has an Official Suppliers list BrandAreaSupport Official uniform supplierUniforms consisting of parka, polar, pant, back pack and helmet Official ski equipment supplier Discount on equipment (pro deal) Official vehicle Provide 4x4 vehicles Official department store Monetary sponsorship

12 12 Rescue and Mitsubishi motors are two of our main suppliers ParkaPolarPantalón MochilaCamionetas

13 13 Agenda Who are we? Where can you find Patrullas de Ski de Chile?

14 14 You can find Patrullas de Ski de Chile in over 9 ski resorts La Parva, Santiago El Colorado, Santiago Valle Nevado, Santiago Nevados de Chillan*, Chillan Antuco, Los Angeles Llaima, Temuco Villarrica, Pucón El Fraile, Coyhaique El Mirador, Punta Arenas

15 15 La Parva, Santiago La Parva is located in a very beautiful area, at 38 kms (23.6 mi) from Santiago. La Parva has a beautiful view to the valley of Santiago and it is the winter center with major population, due to the great variety of refuges and private apartments, which are rented during the ski season.

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17 17 El Colorado, Santiago El Colorado Ski Center (2,430 - 3,333 mts above sea level / 7,970 - 10,930 ft above sea level) is formed of two interconnected villages, each one with hotels and refuges. Next to La Parva and Valle Nevado, the major and best Ski surface in South America.

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25 25 Valle Nevado, Chile This ski resort is created with the inspiration of french ski resorts and modern buildings, hotels and equipments, like Andes Express ski lift, the most advanced of southern hemisphere. This ski resort offers the biggest skiable surface of Southamerica, three hotels, eight restaurants and apartments.

26 26 Nevados de Chillan, Chillan Situated 400 kms south of Stgo and 1,650 mts above sea level, with 28 runs, 35 km groomed and maintained and a skiable area of 10,000 hectares. With 9 lifts (on triple seat, three double seats and five surface) it has the longest run in South America, at 13kms. There is a vertical drop of 1,100 mts. It is also one of the centers which offers the most alternative activities, for example, Nordic skiing, randonee, heliski, snowmobiles and sledges.

27 27 Antuco, Los Angeles Antuco Ski Center is located at 500 kms south of Stgo, in the hillside of Antuco volcano, 2,985 mts (9,793 ft), inside the limits of Laguna del Laja National Park It is a place with excellent snow and its slopes are located inside of a beautiful landscape with forests and the typical characteristics of the Chilean south volcanoes.

28 28 Llaima (Las Araucarias), Temuco Las Araucarias Ski Center is located 700 kms south of Stgo, at the foot of Llaima Volcano. The ski area is surrounded by Chile´s national tree, the Araucarias. The ski área is located on an active volcano within the Conguillio National Park

29 29 Villarica, Pucón Pucón is located 800 kms south of Stgo. The town of Pucón is internationally known for its natural beauty and exciting activities, which includes visits to volcanic caves, rafting in the Trancura river, expeditions to the Villarrica Volcano, fly fishing, horseback riding excursions, bycicle excursions accross mountains and forests, visits to thermal swimming pools, falls and lakes.

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34 34 El Fraile, Coyhaique Located 1600 kms south of Stgo, with an altitude of 1,600 mts (5,250 ft) above sea level. The ski área boasts 5 main runs amongst a majestic forest of Lenga and Ñirre and a skiable surface of 550 hectares (1,360 acre).

35 35 El Mirador, Punta Arenas Located in the end of de country 3000 kms south of Stgo, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, inside the Magellan National Reserve, Cerro Mirador has a beautiful and spectacular view of the city of Punta Arenas, the Strait of Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego. The center has 12 runs, the majority of a medium level of difficulty, with a special texture of snow because of the wind. It is equiped with a 1200 meter double chair lift and a drop of 50 meters.

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37 Patrullas de Ski de Chile Abril, 2009 FIPS World Congress. Are, Sweden

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