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Solutions to housing problems Cases of MDCs and LDCs cities.

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1 Solutions to housing problems Cases of MDCs and LDCs cities

2 Solutions to housing problems in MDCs 1. development of new town / satellite town / self – contained settlement 9 new towns of 3 generations in HK 2. Urban renewal remove slums in the inner city rehouse over spilling population 2

3 New town development first generation new towns: Tsuen Wan, Shatin, Tuen Mun second generation new towns: Tai Po, Fanling/Sheung Shui, Yuen Long third generation new towns: Tseung Kwan O, Tin Shui Wai, Tung Chung

4 New Development areas (NDA) Kwu Tung North, Fanling North, Ping Che/Ta Kwu Ling (3 in 1scheme) Hung Shui Kiu

5 Problems of Setting up new towns 1. Tremendous sum of investment funds - deficits / inflation 2. Huge volume of administration and manage work / burder 3. Resident in housing estates - gaining for much benefits 4. difficult to resettlement in new town - not completed infrastructure 5. transport problems between inner city and new towns social problems 6. new town = juvenile delinquency inner city = aging problems inner city = aging problems 7. new houses, rent, housing problem worsened 4

6 Urban renewal It is the redevelopment or regeneration of older districts, whose environmental conditions are considered to be below the current expectation Change of land uses: residential commercial or industrial residential / commercial 3

7 Before and after renewal

8 Purposes of urban renewal improvement of urban morphology, i.e. neat arrangement of tall buildings with wider roads and easier accessibility in line of the principles of sustainable development reduction in plot ratio / building density preservation of heritage / skyline / coastline solution of shortage problems of open space and community facilities provision of more useful land for the developers redistribution of urban poulation to new towns in suburbs

9 Problems of urban renewal - piecemeal in nature - preserved for cultural and historical reasons - landowners wait for higher market price - difficult to trace property ownership - expensive and time-consuming, high compensation cost - Requisition by force arouses serious political controversies and social unrest - rehouse / resettlement

10 9

11 5 2003

12 11 2000 Diamond Hill Clearance

13 12

14 13

15 Solutions to housing problems in LDC 1. Upgrade the squatters and shanty town -through financial aids from government -loans from the World Bank 14

16 Case: In Zambia the city council has cooperated with squatter settlement to provide fresh water supplies In Colombia the low cost housing is being built by the poor people with the materials provided by the government 15

17 Kenya, self-help scheme 16

18 However considerable amount of money demand for housing high 17

19 2. Increase Job Opportunities in Rural Sector - slow down rural – urban migration - stem the growth of slums - Case: In Zambia Operation of food production program 18

20 3. Control the migratory flows encouraging the foreign investments and public expenditure in small cities pressure on houses in primate city pressure on houses in primate city 4. Birth control 19

21 Case Discussion Urban Problem (Housing Problems) in LDC 20

22 Functional Zones in LDCs 21 a Brazilian city POOR RICH POOR

23 Functional Zones in LDCs Inner Zone Traffic congestion Large and luxurious apartments Modern high-rise buildings 22

24 Outer Zone lower-class zone migrants from rural areas live there this is shanty town without adequate basic amenities 23

25 CASES – Shanty settlements Calcutta India tens of thousands people / 60% population live in squatters with wattle and mud(in1996) 24

26 25 Calcutta

27 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 30% of population live in shanty towns in1996 on hillsides (fire/landslides) Shanty houses are constructed from wood corrugated iron no running water electricity 26

28 27

29 Other problems Lack of social welfare and facilities Lack of clean drinking water– give rise to cholera Public transport systems is outdated and poor Unemployment / crime 28

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