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Contents Special Interest about CAMS History 1 Group Structure 2 Directors 2 Individual Companies Medidebt 3 & 4 Tax Plan 5 Computerised accounting 5 Cherub.

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1 Contents Special Interest about CAMS History 1 Group Structure 2 Directors 2 Individual Companies Medidebt 3 & 4 Tax Plan 5 Computerised accounting 5 Cherub Investments 5 Ride the Wind Leisure 6 Tidbits When to hand debt over 3 Accounting simplified 5 Resorts with RCI 6 Executive Summary In brief the CAMS group in a national infrastructure with 6 companies that have specialized divisions. A significant network of subsidiaries and partners ensures we provide an outstanding level of service to our customers Cams Group includes small, medium and large organizations, specialist groups and individuals. We focus on our customers to deliver fast, efficient local service by empowered people wherever we operate. Our primary objective it to focus, target and specialize. [Volume 1, Issue 1] History Felicity & Bob Cherry founded the company Computerised accounting. This marks the birth of what has now become Cams group. As Computerised accounting developed there was a need to expand with specialist portfolios, to service our customers. Tax plan was then established, to meet the increasing need of the client base. With the steady growth over the years it was deemed necessary to expand on our professional base and associates was then brought on board to serve the best interest of the group Cherry property investments was established to meet the increasing demands of investments both for the group and client base which proved so successful that Bright Mountain marketing was establish, to expand the property management service in this industry. Base on the fact that foremost the heart and soul of the cams group is of an entrepreneur spirit, Ride the wind leisure group was formed, and has required 3 international status leisure properties, which is currently expanding. The newest member of the group s medidebt, which was acquired in April 2007 which is, has shown tremendous growth. CAMS Group 1980s 1990s 2000s Next

2 Breakdown of Companies Financial: Computerised Accounting Tax Plan Brother Bear t/a Medidebt Cherub Investments Solutions Property: Cherry Property Investment (Commercial) Bright Mountain Marketing (Residential) Ride the Wind Leisure (4 Resorts) Group structure Our main activities include: Financial Services Debt Recovery – Medidebt / Retaildebt IOD Recovery - - Medidebt Accounting Processing of accounts Balance sheet Monthly returns to SARS and other governing bodies Handling of all bookkeeping and statuary queries Preparation of Management Accounts, Cash Flows and Budgets Completion of Year End Accounts Secretarial Duties Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love. Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration. - Evan Esar Tax Consulting Tax Planning Tax Compliance Property Services Property Maintenance Letting inspections Buying and selling Property Managements Management and bookings for International rated Leisure Resorts RCI Directors & Associates Debt Collection Michelle Accounting Mohammed Property Management Andrew Tax Deon Group Financial Director Felicity Cherry Group Managing Director Bob Cherry Next

3 3 About Brother Bear t/a Medidebt Medidebt Debt Collectors was founded in 2000 and specialises in the collection of unpaid medical debts from obdurate patients to state-based institutions. Medidebt is a leading provider of debt recovery service in the private health care sector. The company offers a service that is supported by technological and computer-based innovations. Though Medidebt We offer our clients an efficient debt collection service ranging from processing & following up claims, sending letters to successfully processing legal claims through the South African Magistrates Courts, if necessary. Medidebt has an enviable performance record and lists amongst its clients most of the largest medical practices, clinics and Private Hospitals. Our largest medical client being the Netcare Hospitals in Kwa-Zulu Natal Medical & COIDA Collections COIDA is the legal framework for injuries, disablement, disease and death caused by work-related activities. This used to be called Worker's Compensation. Medidebt specialising in supplying a service and support to the medical field, with processing and constant liaising with COIDA, in order to get claims paid Debt collection is time consuming and specialised field. Our success is in the continuous follow up procedure and responsibility upon the debtor to acknowledge liability and ultimately to settle the debt. The process of our collection used namely our standard collections and legal collections. All accounts follow the standard collections phase and should get paid by the completion of this phase. However, should the debt still be unpaid the debt will follow into the legal collections phase Retaildebt: In the later part of 2007 we expanded and opened a division to handle retail debt. When is the right time to hand over accounts? Generally, if an account is 90 days and over. At this point, most debtors have already broken the terms and conditions of payment. By now, the debtor has received all statements and letters and the creditors have also expressed its concerned lack of response for payment.The longer the outstanding, the higher the risk & change of non-recover. It is proven, the minute a collection agency gets involved the debtor knows that collection of payment has now become a reality and priority. Contact us at: 4 Swales Crescent, Hatton Estates, Pinetown Telephone: 031 701 3644 Making Debt Hassle Free Next


5 These questions you may think dont concern you, however the impact of the decisions you make now directly impact the life you have in the future. You need to know that your assets are secure from any unforeseen events happening. So how do you secure your assets, investments and policies to maximise your ability to support your family, yourself, your retirement benefit, and minimise your estate duty. A Trust: Only ones imagination limits the purposes for which a trust can be created Loring A trust needs to be seen as a wealth creating tool. An entity that can be used to guard and grow what you have. Making funds available for your whole familys enjoyment – or whomever you wish. Trusts can be created to house assets, cash, policies, property, business interests and so on. All while protecting them from potential harm! In protecting your assets from outside harm, you are in a position to offer yourself and your family a rich and rewarding future. 5 Accounting simplified a phenomenon in a simple accounting package and system to take away your day to day bookkeeping nightmares. It offers you a common front end throughout the entire application, for ease of reference and simple input. Its simplicity as an accounting package is unsurpassed and revolutionary. The benefit is that the uniqueness of this program allows it to be adapted to suit each users specific needs. Security is user profile based and allows security throughout the programme. All in all the Accounting Simplified program is an effective business management tool at a value for money price. Along with the program come comprehensive backup and support services in regard to the programme and general accounting functions. About Computerised accounting and Management Services CC Years of experience have given us more than enough evidence that a business whos administration and accounting records and practices that are up to date and easily available are an invaluable tool. It allows for accurate forecasting, budgeting and growth. Cherub Investment solutions (Pty) Ltd COMPANY SECRETARIAL DUTIES; Set up and maintenance of companies, close corporations and trusts. ASSET PROTECTION Have you thought of your future and the future of your family? Have you thought of your retirement? Have you thought of your estate planning? About The Tax Plan CC TAX CONSULTING What does SARS want from me? Who is liable for tax? CGT? Donations tax? Do you struggle with what the tax law says, are any of the above questions that you have asked yourself? If so, we will be able to assist you in your questions and give you the advice and assistance that you need. TAX PLANNING Have you asked yourself if you are paying too much tax, is your income correctly structured to suit your lifestyle and income? We can help you. TAX COMPLIANCE Let us help you complete your return and deal with the SARS office regarding any forms and queries that may arise. We aim to give you peace of mind and a life of less tax hassle and tax stress. Next

6 The Villa Albani has been graded as 5 Star by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, an internationally recognized body. This is the highest grading possible, and the criteria that must be met to attain 5 Star status are very high indeed. We are very proud to have been awarded this distinction. Whist the emphasis at the villa is firmly focused on setting and maintaining very high standards, the ambience is one of informality and relaxation. Our sole aim is to ensure that you have a truly memorable stay, and we will do our utmost to make it just that. The Cherrywood lodge is a Tuscan styled gem nestled in an Natal village called Pennington approximately 11km from Scottbrough on the South Coast Looking out onto the Indian Ocean, the lodge is just a four minute walk to the beach. The Villa oozes with character and comfort, perfectly suited to those who have pure leisure in mind. Cherrywood consists of 3 spacious luxury apartments with outdoor living being the key factor Thula Meetse Mountain Lodge (meaning Quiet! - Waters) is a well- established Lodge situated in prime bush veldt.Nestled in the heart the Waterberg Mountain range boasts the most amazing views and scenery from all corners of the property, this breakaway jewel has all- year-round beauty. The lodge presents visitors with rushing streams and lush vegetation 6 Resorts affiliated with RCI RCI have been expanding their horizons beyond holiday resorts to attract quality holiday accommodation worldwide… We Proud to announce that we have been rated in the connoisseur portfolio We have Guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, lodges and game farms to offer. Ride the wind Leisure Group Our Group consists of the following lodges – Cherrywood ThulaMeetse Dunblain Estate Villa Albani New Development We have bought into the Dunblane Estate which is the newest on our portfolio. We are starting to develop in 2009 Breakdown of resorts - Find us on the Web: Press Escape to END Start again

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