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2007 Fall Convocation. 2 WASC Accreditation Reaffirmation

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1 2007 Fall Convocation

2 2 WASC Accreditation Reaffirmation

3 3 Actual Budget Expenditures for and

4 4 Actual Budget Expenditures for and

5 Actual Budget Expenditures & Initial Budgeted Allocations

6 6 What Does University-Wide Include?

7 7 Enrollment Data Fall students were enrolled Fall more than 7700 students expected Fall record first-year class of 980 students Fall another record class of 1150 students expected (17% increase over last years record) Fall transfer class will increase by 100 students over last fall. Most CSU campuses are experiencing a decline in transfer students. 2007/08 - HSU probably will meet its enrollment target of 7014 FTES

8 8 Humboldt State University Projects Behavioral & Social Sciences Building New Physical Education/Athletics Facility Harry Griffith Hall Renovation Nelson Hall Upgrade Health Center Renovation Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center New Student Housing Nursing Facilities Upgrade Campus Apartments Acquisition HSU Wireless Coverage HSU Emergency Notification

9 9 Behavioral & Social Sciences Building $27 Million

10 10 New Physical Education/Athletics Facility $42.8 Million

11 11 Harry Griffith Hall Renovation $3 Million

12 12 Nelson Hall Mechanical Systems & Restroom Upgrade $3.2 Million

13 13 Health Center Renovation $400,000

14 14 Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center $4.5 Million

15 15 $42 Million New Student Housing College Creek Apartments & Community Center

16 16 Nursing Facilities Upgrade $1 Million

17 17 Campus Apartments Acquisition $4 Million

18 18 HSU Wireless Coverage

19 19 How will you know there is an emergency? – Clock tower bells will ring for several minutes Check the HSU home page for emergency information. If students, faculty and staff sign up for it, they will be notified by text messages on their cell phones. Information on how to sign up will be provided shortly. Other sources of information: – 826-INFO – KHSU 90.5 FM –Campus emergency signage HSU Emergency Notification

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