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Architectural & Urban Design Works

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1 Architectural & Urban Design Works
Examples of Architectural & Urban Design Works 26 design sheets/ slides Acknowledgement: Design works carried out by Roxy Binno (as a Principal) individually or in conjunction with private and public organisations and firms as acknowledged in the project sheet. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

2 Umm Ramool, Dubai, United Arab Emirate/ Al Rabat Rd Corridor Redevelopment Scheme, 2006 Conceptual urban design idea, in conjunction with Dubai Municipality, draft 2006 Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

3 Deira Corniche, Dubai, United Arab Emirate/ Residential Scheme, Conceptual urban design idea, in conjunction with Dubai Municipality, draft 2005 Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

4 Dubai Maritime City, Dubai, United Arab Emirate/ Alternative Option, Conceptual landuse, urban design, & Infrastructure Masterplan; in conjunction with Woods Bagot & GHD Dubai, draft 2004 Development of maritime activities (commercial malls, hotels, offices, shipyard services, warehouses, and maritime museum and academy) on 195 ha land reclamation at Port Rashid Precinct, Dubai. Warehouses roof used as a public green park Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

5 Hospital Concept Plan, 2003 Conceptual study, 2003
Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

6 Compact Residential Scheme, Middle East , 2003
Responsive Habitat System, 2003: An adaptable residential spatial design solution, Middle East context/ indoor spaces are inwardly oriented to patios and courtyards/ net density up to 60 dwelling per hectare Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

7 Apartments, Wollongong, NSW, Australia, 2003 Design study, 2003
Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

8 Wollongong Railway Station Mall, Conceptual Design Idea, Redevelopment over the air space of Illawarra Railway Corridor and Council's parking lot. Land area: 14,000 sq.m, floor area: 50,000 sq.m of shops, retail, offices, access to Wollongong Railway Station; and 20,000sq.m parking station. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

9 Hotel, Auditorium, & Market Place, 2002 conceptual design Idea, 2002
Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

10 Public Place, Parliamentary Zone, Canberra, Australia, International design competition, stage 1, June 2000 Development of 2 ha at Lake Griffith: Public festivity place, museum & exhibition space, restaurants and cafes. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

11 Federation Square, Melbourne CBD, Vic, Australia, International design competition, Stage –1 (design concept), feb 1997 Redevelopment of 3.2 ha of the airspace of inner city railway corridor for the erection of exhibition and performance centre, 2 cinemas, media studios, restaurants, cafes, retails and shops, etc. Gross Floor Area: 26,000 sq.m. Project Budget: A$ 128 Million. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

12 Ecole Royale Militaire, Brussels, Belgium, Urban Renovation Competition; in conjunction with the ARCHIDUK, Leuven, Belgium 1992 Design of dormitory for 500 officers and relevant facilities within the framework of the renovation and redevelopment of 3.00 ha of heritage site of the Royal Military Academy in the centre of Brussels Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

13 The Spreeinsel, Berlin, Germany, 1993
International Competition for Urban Design Ideas, Phase 1, 1993 Organized by The Federal Capital of Germany for the redevelopment of the Spree Island which is part of the center of the City of Berlin. Site area: 43 ha, proposed floor area: sq.m for civic, cultural and commercial buildings. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

14 Entertainment Centre, Wollongong, NSW, Australia, In conjunction with Wollongong City Council, 1995 Sketch design of Indoor entertainment and sport venue (5000 seat), open market, restaurant, and shops at Wollongong Foreshore Area. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

15 Byron Bay Resort, NSW. Australia, 1991 In conjunction with the Hulbert Group International, Sydney 1991 conceptual Masterplan and design for the resort centre and the existing part of the resort. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

16 Conference Centre, Caves Beach, NSW, Australia, In conjunction with the Hulbert Group International, Sydney1990 Schematic design of Conference Centre (500 seat) / part of the oceanside resort facilities at Lake Macquarie (north of Sydney) Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

17 Allenby Park, Fairfield, NSW, Australia, 1994 Medium Density Housing Scheme
Schematic Design/ 50 affordable townhouse on 2 ha west of Sydney- client: Mr Allenby George, 1994 Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

18 Social Housing Study, Bejaja Region, Algeria, 1988
Part of Masters Degree Thesis, The KUL University, Human Settlements, Leuven, Belgium 1988. Architectural & Urban Design Concept for 3 storeys walk up compact residential units with net density up to 60 dwelling/ ha. Based on a field work and experience in Algeria during the 1980’s. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

19 Social Housing Study, Baghdad, Iraq, 1977
In conjunction with Dar Al Emarah & Polservice, Baghdad, Iraq, 1977 Low-rise compact housing study/ within the framework of the General Housing Program for Iraq, pilot project for Baghdad Region. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

20 The Ziggurat Apartment Building, Baghdad, Iraq, 1975
In conjunction with the Central Consultant, Baghdad, Iraq, 1975 Schematic design/ 80 double storey dwelling units with large outdoor verandahs. Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

21 Catholic Abbey, Baghdad, Iraq 1974 Sketch design
Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

22 District Centre Masterplan, West Baghdad, Iraq, 1968
Part of Graduate Thesis, Dept of Architecture, The University of Baghdad, 1968. Urban design and planning concept or the Metropolitan District Centre at Al Thawrah District/ land area: 30 ha Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

23 Mosque at Althawrah District Centre, Baghdad, Iraq, Part of Graduate Thesis, Department of Architecture,The University of Baghdad , 1968 Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

24 The Tent Students Club, College of Engineering, Baghdad, Iraq, Student project, 5th year , Department of Architecture, The University of Baghdad, 1968 Design Portfolio Roxy Binno

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