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Leveraging Knowledge – Finding Stuff June 29, 2006 Power Google, Super Sites, and Cool Stuff Larry Chait Chait and Associates, Inc.

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1 Leveraging Knowledge – Finding Stuff June 29, 2006 Power Google, Super Sites, and Cool Stuff Larry Chait Chait and Associates, Inc.

2 1 Links These slides have many links to Web content for finding stuff If you click on a hot link (usually underlined words in blue – with a couple of graphics also hot), youll be taken to that site If you want to see a URL without going to the site, hover your mouse over a link and the URL will appear If you want to save a link in your favorites, when the link appears, right click and select the option to do so

3 2 Google Spreadsheets Google Spreadsheets Create, store and share spreadsheets on the web. Google Notebook Google Notebook Clip and collect information as you browse the web. Google Trends Google Trends See what the world is searching for Google Mars Google Mars View some of the most detailed maps of Mars created by NASA scientists Google Page Creator Google Page Creator Create your own web pages, quickly and easily Google Transit Google Transit Plan trips using public transportation (currently in Portland only) Google Reader Google Reader Use Google's web-based feed reader to keep up with what's important to you Google Web Accelerator Google Web Accelerator Save time online by loading web pages faster Google Ride Finder Google Ride Finder Find a taxi, limousine or shuttle using real time position of vehicles Google Suggest Google Suggest As you type your search, Google offers keyword suggestions in real time Froogle Mobile USFroogle Mobile US | Froogle Mobile UK Improved! Search for products from your mobile phone using FroogleFroogle Mobile UK Google Sets Google Sets Automatically create sets of items from a few examples

4 3 Google Glossary Google Glossary Find definitions for words, phrases and acronyms Search by Location Search by Location Restrict your search to a particular geographic area Google News Alerts, Web Alerts Google News Alerts, Web Alerts Receive email updates when news breaks or when pages get added Google Groups 2 Google Groups 2 Create and join searchable discussion groups and mailing lists Google Desktop Google Desktop Find all your information, whether on the web or your computer Google SMS (US)Google SMS (US) | Google SMS (UK) Get precise answers to specialized queries from your mobile phone or deviceGoogle SMS (UK) Google Scholar Google Scholar Search through journals, abstracts and other scholarly literature Google Maps Google Maps Get maps, driving directions, and local business information Personalize Your Homepage Personalize Your Homepage See information you care about on your Google homepage Personalized Search Personalized Search Get the search results most relevant to you Google Video Google Video Search TV programs and videos Graduates of Labs

5 4 Other Google-related Stuff Googles Froogle Googles Froogle Googles Froogle shopping search Google Catalog Google Catalog Googles Catalog shopping search Google News Google News Search and browse 4,500 continuously updated news sources; offers customizable interface Google Alerts Google Alerts (not Google product) Monitor professional interests and track entire Web, sending new results by daily email Google Books Google Books Search full text of books to find ones of interest and learn where to buy or borrow them Google – all in one place Google – all in one place Unofficial site that gathers all Google services on one page GOOGL (46645) Google by Cell – Send text message to GOOGL (46645); Google results sent to cell phone Google by email Send search term in subject line; top 10 results returned via Google help Google help (research for $) More than 500 carefully screened researchers answer questions, for as little as $2.50, usually within 24 hours, with satisfaction guaranteed

6 5 Google Tricks and Techniques – Scratching the Surface numrange:[year..year] Finds all years, from start through end define:[word] Gets definitions of words, abbreviations OR or | Excludes word; e.g., [Hamlet (pizza | coke)] finds Hamlet with either pizza or coke site:[domain] Restricts search to specific domain type; e.g., [site:edu] or [site:it] filetype:[extension] Restricts results to listed extension; [-extension] excludes that extension [*] Each * substitutes a wildcard word into the search string Stocks: [ticker ticker …] Google treats tickers as stock symbols and links to a page showing stock information for those symbols

7 6 Phone Searches [name, city, state] Searches for anything that looks like a phone number rphonebook:[name, state, city] Returns residential phone number bphonebook:[name, state, city] Returns business phone number [phone number] Reverse lookup – returns the owner of a listed, landline phone Web People Searches PretrievePretrieve – Public record search engine – free ZoominfoZoominfo – Searches for people, companies, relationships – for free SearchbugSearchbug – People/company finder – some free, others fee-based HumanoidsHumanoids – Get to a human being; bypass the voice-response labyrinth ExpertClickExpertClick – Find experts by knowledge category Finding People, Places, and Things

8 7 Google MapsGoogle Maps – Powerful, user-friendly, draggable maps with local business information, satellite imagery, and directions TrafficTraffic – Web cams, weather, news; built on Google Maps Road ReportsRoad Reports – Construction, etc.; built on Google Maps Cell towersCell towers – built on Google Maps PedometerPedometer – Mark and measure a route on a Google Map Houses and ApartmentsHouses and Apartments – Craigs list shown on a Google Map EarthquakesEarthquakes - Earthquakes around the globe shown on a Google Map Weather BonkWeather Bonk – Temperature at hundreds of sites, plus weather, plus Web cams all shown on a Google Map Cheap GasCheap Gas – Lowest gas prices shown on a Google Map ZillowZillow – Find the values and details of 60m homes shown on a Google Map Map Searches Searches Built on Maps

9 8 Finding People, Places, and Things (Click on graphic)

10 9 Finding People, Places, and Things eBizSearcheBizSearch – Web, academic, commercial articles eLibraryeLibrary – Books, articles, Papers, pictures, and maps FindArticlesFindArticles – 300 sources HighWireHighWire – 12 mil. articles in 4,500 Medline journals PubMedPubMed – Access to over 12 million Medline citations JSTOR OnlineJSTOR Online – Full-image academic journals World News ConnectionWorld News Connection – Foreign news aggregation CiteSeerCiteSeer – Citations for scientific documents O'Reilly SafariO'Reilly Safari – Electronic technical books Philosophy ResearchPhilosophy Research – Books on philosophy – Full-text index of e-books CyberJournalistCyberJournalist – Search as if you were a journalist Mergent OnlineMergent Online – Databases: Moody's, EDGAR, etc. 10K Wizard10K Wizard – Search EDGAR Niche Search – Selected from PC Magazine – 052703 (note: not all are free),1895,1046954,00.asp,1895,1046954,00.asp Publications and Databases

11 10 Finding People, Places, and Things Biography ResourceBiography Resource – Find people by personal facts AskERICAskERIC – Educational Resources AsiacoAsiaco – Asia-related topics GPO AccessGPO Access – All about the government NatureServe ExplorerNatureServe Explorer – Nature information, US/Can. – Find all types of libraries – Search educational sites Search Engine ColossusSearch Engine Colossus – Search for search engines Integer SequencesInteger Sequences –Tells rationale behind a series of numbers VolunteerMatchVolunteerMatch – Search by area, interest, schedule IncyWincyIncyWincy – Crawls Invisible Web Acronyms Acronyms – Get their definitions Niche Search – Selected from PC Magazine – 052703 (note: not all are free),1895,1046954,00.asp,1895,1046954,00.asp Topical

12 11 GoogleFightGoogleFight – Find which of two terms has more hits Reverse DictionaryReverse Dictionary – find words related to an entered concept Todays Front PagesTodays Front Pages – Front pages of 400 global newspapers NewsmapNewsmap – See the constantly changing landscape of Google news WatchingAmericaWatchingAmerica – See global opinion about the United States Predicted AirfaresPredicted Airfares – Plan for cheaper flights Cheapest FlightsCheapest Flights – A meta-search fare finder Detect SpoofsDetect Spoofs – Know what site you are on Interlocking BoardsInterlocking Boards – Create maps of interlocking board memberships Save on GasSave on Gas – AAA has a site that tells you where to find it cheap(est) Google vs. Yahoo #1Google vs. Yahoo #1 – Displays side-by-side results Google vs. Yahoo #2Google vs. Yahoo #2 – Displays sites in both, only Google, & only Yahoo Really Cool Stuff! Larrys Really Cool Stuff

13 12 Lefthanders & DyslecticsLefthanders & Dyslectics – Turn the world upside down – or side to side GoogleFightGoogleFight – Find which of two terms has more hits Speech AccentsSpeech Accents – Hear people around the world speak English Einsteins BlackboardEinsteins Blackboard – Add your text to Alberts blackboard! Warning LabelsWarning Labels – Quickly generate your own Custom CoversCustom Covers – Create magazine covers using digital photos Dialect-icizerDialect-icizer – Convert English into comical dialects Just for Fun

14 13 Search Engine GuideSearch Engine Guide – With reviews, comparisons, and characteristics PubSub Matching ServicePubSub Matching Service – Reads sources, notifies on matches Snap for RelevanceSnap for Relevance – Improves the relevance of search results Gigablast Gigablast – Up-and-coming engine with HTML and non-HTML files, cached copies, Boolean, and links to multiple old copies of sites ClustyClusty – Combines multiple sources, gives categorized, clustered results – An encyclodictionalmanacapedia – comprehensive reference work, branded: the first stage of research VivisimoVivisimo – Web search with automatic categorization FaganFinderFaganFinder – Single-site access to multiple, selectable sites CopernicCopernic – Metasearch engine, with notifications ProFusionProFusion – Metasearch engine; drills into vertical, search-engine groups CompletePlanetCompletePlanet – Covers 70,000+ databases and specialty search engines; finds highly topical, Deep-Web information Metasearch Engines Bonus – Search Sites, Metasearch Engines Search Sites

15 14 Bonus – More Niche Engines SphereSphere – Blog-only search FeedsterFeedster – Largest archive of indexed web feeds: news, blogs, podcasts ScirusScirus – Scientific information, filtering out most general sites – Job-search, covering job boards and newspaper classifieds FoodieviewFoodieview – Feature-rich recipe search engine with broad coverage DittoDitto – Free image search, covering 500 million pictures List of ListsList of Lists – Categorized database of ranked listings of companies, people, and resources available on the Internet SingingfishSingingfish – Finds free, multi-media audio/video content PubMed ToolPubMed Tool – Clean, simple-to-use, powerful PubMed interface GlossariesGlossaries – Searchable, categorized directory of glossaries & dictionaries Librarians Internet IndexLibrarians Internet Index – Searchable, browsable collection of quality websites, identified and categorized by librarians InfoMineInfoMine – Librarian-built, scholarly resource collection covering tens of thousands of sites, grouped into nine annotated, indexed categories DirectSearchDirectSearch – Invisible Web compilation; data not otherwise accessible More Niche Engines

16 15 BRBPubBRBPub – Full data on 26,000+ government agencies and 3,500 vendors that maintain, search for, or retrieve public records MammothMammoth – Information from governments: US, state, and local FasFas and Cryptome – Access declassified government pages/documentsCryptome City DataCity Data – Data on 100s of US cities CountryReportsCountryReports – 26,000+ pages of statistical and cultural County data Legal DocketsLegal Dockets – Litigation, bankruptcy, criminal, warrant et al records FindLawFindLaw – Highest-trafficked, most comprehensive legal Web site Open Access JournalsOpen Access Journals – 2,000+ free, full-text, scientific and scholarly journals (~100K articles); covers science and humanities/social sciences HighWireHighWire – 1.3 million free, full-text, life-science articles – Keyword & browse access to free articles from 200 mags. FindArticlesFindArticles – is a free/and fee), searchable, 10 million+ article archive with content from leading academic, industry, and general interest publications Legal Journals, All Include Invisible Web Bonus – More Niche Engines Government

17 16 RefdeskRefdesk – Single best source for facts NilesOnlineNilesOnline – Access to data on the Internet – Browse for data SearchSystemsSearchSystems – Public records directory CIA FactbookCIA Factbook – World facts from the CIA SearchabilitySearchability – Listing of specialized search engines and how they work Invisible Web Access Invisible Web Access – Links to invisible Web directories & search engines EngineGuideEngineGuide – Access thousands of engines, directories, and databases BeaucoupBeaucoup – 2500+ specialized search engines, directories, and indices VirtualFreeVirtualFree – 1,000+ search engines for fast and uncomplicated use Multi-accessMulti-access – Specialized, general and academic indexes and engines FinderSeekerFinderSeeker – Browse/search hundreds of engines in 27 categories Statistics and Data Search Engine Search Engines Bonus – Search Engine Search Engines

18 17 Click on the Shell here… and then again in your Web browser

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