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Havana City 02 (Eddie) (Amy) All photos from 2/8/2010 Taipei Taiwan I appreciate.

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1 Havana City 02 (Eddie) (Amy) All photos from 2/8/2010 Taipei Taiwan I appreciate it if you send me some music for this PowerPoint.

2 CHE-WALL PAINTING by canbayimagescanbayimages

3 Havana Tourist life by canbayimagescanbayimages Natural born artist... by canbayimagescanbayimages

4 Yellow bus by sogalsogal

5 Leonardo da Vinci is cuban by mojitotomojitoto

6 Life under the Capitol by giorgimergiorgimer

7 La bodeguita del turista by giorgimergiorgimer In the school by czajekczajek

8 Habana Vieja street by mojitotomojitoto

9 Strange vision at 5 pm by mojitotomojitoto

10 flowers seller in Centro Habana by mojitotomojitoto

11 colours by mojitotomojitoto

12 Voodoo Lady by musmus Tired after a busy day by mojitotomojitoto

13 "Nuevo Centro" by mojitotomojitoto

14 Single lollipop and three kids by scyntillascyntilla

15 an angel on the Prado by mojitotomojitoto

16 The man in the wall by scyntillascyntilla

17 Ham sandwich by mojitotomojitoto

18 resting by mojitotomojitoto

19 Coco Taxi by scyntillascyntilla

20 Capitolio by mojitotomojitoto

21 Sad cuban reality by mojitotomojitoto

22 children near the Capitolio by mojitotomojitoto Geidy by AtamankaAtamanka

23 apartments by bj40bj40

24 Calle Obispo by SWEBackpackerSWEBackpacker La Maravilla by mojitotomojitoto

25 busy street in Old Havana by mojitotomojitoto

26 july 26th by mojitotomojitoto

27 ~The Green Machine~ by radioheadradiohead

28 vérifications.... by mojitotomojitoto

29 Buena Vista by vukvuk

30 Manrique street in Chinatown by mojitotomojitoto

31 3184 by zigis_szigis_s 2516 by zigis_szigis_s

32 COCO TAXI REVOLUCIONARIO by ruisc_ptruisc_pt

33 Copyright: neil carragher



36 Copyright: Michel Craig

37 Copyright: Lucio Sassi

38 Copyright: Stephanie Combaud

39 Copyright: ihsan mursaloglu Copyright: Mario Belanger

40 Copyright: Todd Bennett

41 Copyright: Roman Is my name



44 Funny children by alaindiveualaindiveu Havana by alaindiveualaindiveu

45 Che... by mojitotomojitoto

46 The end

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