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Santa Ponca, Punta Prima, Mallorca, Islas Balleares

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1 Santa Ponca, Punta Prima, Mallorca, Islas Balleares

2 INTRODUCTION Cradled in the heart of the new Punta Prima, situated on the Santa Ponca Country estate of Calvia, is the SON SEVERIN HOTEL SPA & WELLNESS CENTER. Both modern and ancient concepts have been incorporated in the design of this magnificent facility in order to meet the growing need for Wellness solutions to the demands made on body and mind by 21st century living. Our primary objective is to orchestrate physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components to produce a sense of total well-being. We offer a wide range of interesting, exciting and even exotic experiences that fall into a number of distinct categories. "Internal" arts such as meditation and yoga allow one to access their "inner wisdom", to better integrate mind and body.  

3 INTRODUCTION An important part of our offering is a range of therapies that incorporate the healing power of "touch" that facilitate relaxation, disease prevention and general health. Massage, in particular, addresses the two most common debilitating effects of modern life -- the underused and overuse of our bodies. As a guest you will also be able to profit from a wide range of Spa services, from facials and manicures to Aromatherapy and Balneotherapy. Through our hi-tech fitness centre, activity room, lap pool and various outdoor activities, we encourage and promote an active lifestyle. To complete the wellness experience, exquisite cuisine, becoming of a 6(??) star hotel, is offered by our internationally acclaimed chef through the Son Severin Wellness menu.

4 PROJECT FACTS Presently owned by S & R Immobilien GmbH, Rudolf Schulte
Two years in planing and partly under contraction Presently owned by S & R Immobilien GmbH, Rudolf Schulte & Severin Schulte The lincence for building a commercial 5 star Hotel And time share licence for 100m2 apartments Land: 25,000 m2 , porposed price according 14,000,000 € Construction cost ca. 21,000,000 € Maximum count of 240 Beds Ca. 108 Units 4500 Time share weeks Mantainance fee / week / year: ca. 300 € Overhead cost 5,000,000 € Budget frame for the Project: 45,000,000 € Investition /Bed : 81,700 € Construction cost in %: % Average Price/Week : € Time share sales according to the Business plan: 4 weeks/day – 120 weeks /month

The world-class Son Severin Spa and Wellness Centre offers many unique features by world standards. It is based on the latest European "state-of-the-art" standards and technology, conceptualised by Europe's leading spa designer Jaochim Hallwachs, is a further addition to our other International Wellness Centers. Experience complete relief from stress, a tough game, a long night out, overwork, or just to pamper yourself. The Wellness Centre provides a wide variety of relaxing, toning, cures and beauty treatments in the healthiest possible way. Complete with sauna, steam-bath, indoor-outdoor pool, hydro massage, Rassoul Fitness Pavilion, “Thalasso Center” and solarium, Ionic Chamber, Thalasso-Therapy, high water-propulsion shower, beauty salon, massages and hairdressing.Most of the facilities are available to hotel guests at no extra cost. All the restaurants shall cater for the various wellness programmes.

Beauty Salon & Treatment area Pedicure & manicure, facials & skin masques. Body treatments Repechage: A facial / massage treatment that deep cleanses and moisturises with a combination of herbal, seaweed and clay or mud masks. Aromatherapy Body Wraps Brush & Tone Fango Therapy: This treatment utilises various types of mud to remove toxins and aid in the exfoliation process.  Glyco-peeling Hydrotherapy: Water therapies using jets and underwater massage for Therapeutic purposes. Thalassotherapy: This therapy uses seawater (salt water) and its Constituents (algae, plankton, seaweed) to treat aching muscles, skin disorders and degenerative diseases, via all the therapy’s such as Massage: Acupressure, Reflexology, Shiatsu, etc.

Hamam Area  This is a Turkish communal bathhouse. Including: Sauna Steam room Rassoul Brine pool Jacuzzi, and a Winter Garden - where the guest completely relaxes on lounges after their Haman treatment programme. Group Activity Room A variety of group activities will be offered here, ranging from high- energy classes to mind/body experiences, according to a weekly schedule. Full Capacity Gymnasium This has the latest electronic cardiovascular and selectorised weight training equipment. Professional Personal Trainers are available.

8 FOOD & BEVERAGES Galley, Cellar, Restaurant‘s & Bars
The entire F & B department is directed by the F&B Director, who is fully responsible for all Food & Beverages served, incl. Events, Acivities, Wine Cellar, Spirits, Food & Beverage Menu‘s, all Service standards, Functions In-house & out of house catering, Administrating all recipes and there calculations, F&B Cost-Controll , F&B Provisioning and stores. There are two types of restaurants with the highest level of service standards. Day and Night Restaurant. Max. 150 Seats, special culinary highlights , tailor made for the Grand Hotel Resort‘s Son Severin. The daily restaurant changes the themes during the daytime acording to guest needs.

9 FOOD & BEVERAGES 2.Fine Dining Restaurant „Tartuffo“
Max 70 Seats. Mediterranien Specials of the classical cuisine, featuring Top Chefs like Heinz Winkler. International Wine menu and selection of Degustations Menus with Candle light arrangements. There will be a Tartuffo home made mini selection available to purchase for your home or friends (f.a. Feigensenf, Sauerkraut Dip, etc…) Intensive Regional and International Restaurant Marketing through Michelin, Gault Mault, Aral Schlemmeratlas as well Feinschmecker Journale etc…. Partner in cooperation like Moet & Chondon and Roederer Christal are essential as we offer the finest destilates of grappa etc... Furnished in a classical Italien atmosphare.

10 GOLF COURSE The Golf course for proffessionals. This course
Golf Santa Ponça IUrb. Sta. Ponça, Calvià Tel: Access: Palma-Andratx, km 18. The Golf course for proffessionals. This course have been on many occassions the scene for the "Balears Open". Super fairways with all levels. Par: 72, Count of wholes: 18 (6106 m) Green Fee: €

11 GOLF COURSE Golf Santa Ponça II Urbanizacion Sta. Ponça Calvià Tel: One of the most beautiful Golf courses of the Island. Members and theire friends only. This coures have many hills and the most important detail is „ Mordillo Island“. Par: 72 (5.706 m) Count of wholes: 18

12 GOLF COURSE Golf Santa Ponça III Urbanizacion Sta. Ponça Calvià. Tel: This wonderful course is located in middle of pine trees.which give some difficulties on his bunkers and lakes. 9-whole-course. For members only!  Par: 60 (1.599 m) Count of wholes: 9

Reception, Phone, Fax, Money Exchange, Internet etc. Spa- Wellness- Beautyfarm, Tours, Taxi General Sport activities… F & B Sales, Restaurant‘s & Bars Laundry service Shop Merchandize Photoshop Catering In-house - Off shore Party service

14 PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Projected Personnel Requirements
Administration (6) Housekeeping (30) Laundry Linen Store (4) Storage Mangers Cost Controller (3) Spa/Wellness (25-30) Restaurant (30) Bar (7) Kitchen (25) Stewarding (15) Front Office (Reception) (4) Concierge (5) Guest Relation (3) Entertainment - Sport Activities (3) Maintenece (Shopping Mile) (5) Gardeners & Housekeepers (12) Car Park (1) Total Personnel max 143

15 SALES FORECAST Daily Weekly Month Year Tours 41 287 1247 14965
Closing % 9.76% Av. Sales Vol. per Week 22,280 Week per Sale Rate 1.1 Deals 4 28 122 1460 Number of weeks 31 134 1606 Sales Volume 98,032 686,224 2,981,741 35,781,680

16 PRICE STRUCTURE Accomodation Units Red White Blue Beds Studio 48 1296
Per Unit Based Upon Accomodations Accomodation Units Red White Blue Beds Studio 48 1296 432 720 96 1 Bed Apt. 15 405 135 225 30 2 Bed Apt. 21 567 189 315 84 2 Bed PH 2 54 18 8 3 Bed PH 12 Total 88 2376 792 1320 230

17 Unit Price Breakdown Price Units Red White Blue Unit Price Studio 48
17,900 15,500 11,500 795,300 1 Bed Apt. 15 24,900 19,500 16,900 1,101,300 2 Bed Apt. 21 36,900 29,500 1,635,300 2 Bed PH 2 54,500 44,900 36,500 2,423,100 3 Bed PH 68,500 56,500 46,500 3,055,500 Important Note; All the financial forecast statements are for examples only.At the present time there are many factors being analysed for the implementation of the various hotel and resort products that are being taken into consideration for marketing.

18 REVENUES FORECAST Volume Units Red White Blue Total Studio 48
23,198,400 6,696,000 8,280,000 38,174,400 1 Bed Apt. 15 10,084,500 2,632,500 3,802,500 16,519,500 2 Bed Apt. 21 20,922,300 5,575,500 7,843,500 34,341,300 2 Bed PH 2 2,943,000 808,200 1,095,000 4,846,200 3 Bed PH 3,699,000 1,017,000 1,395,000 6,111,000 88 60,847,200 16,729,200 22,416,000 99,992,400 99,992,400 Gross Volume Important Note; All the financial forecast statements are for examples only.At the present time there are many factors being analysed for the implementation of the various hotel and resort products that are being taken into consideration for marketing.

Inhouse Revenue, per cash point: 1.Reception, Phone, Fax, Money Exchange, Internet etc ,000.- 2.Spa- Wellness- Beautyfarm, ,800,000.- 3.Tours, Taxi ,100,000.- 4.General Sport activities ,000.- 5.Food & Beverage Sales, Restaurant‘s & Bars ,100,000.- 6.Laundry Service ,600,000.- 7.Shop Merchandize ,800,000.- 8. Photoshop ,000.- 9. Catering In-house - Off Shore Party Service ,500,000.- ======================================================== Projected Total Per Annum ,900,000.-

To establish a new ownership combined with a new operative organisation maintaining the Five Star PLUS standards, with exclusivity and producing continuity. To increase room occupancy from the projected 58% in 2005 to over 87% over a period of 5 years, increase simultaneously the average room rate from € 234 per night in to € 380 per night in 2007. The opening of this new Hotel Resort in 2005, to be located at the end of the Island. And to build one of the best facilities in the region. Mallorca shall experience an increase of international visitors coming to Expositions currently being planned, in the near future.This shall give us an opportunity to take advantage of marketing the first rate hotel-room capacity. To produce increased revenue by better utilization of the food and beverage services. To produce increased revenue by better utilization of the meeting and seminar facilities, an ideal meeting point for large companies, diplomatic missions and other high caliber entitities being active in Mallorca.


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