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Rehabilitational Clinic Paradfurdo Healing of female infertility with medical baths and curative mud silts HUNGARY

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1 Rehabilitational Clinic Paradfurdo Healing of female infertility with medical baths and curative mud silts HUNGARY

2 The Parádfürdő Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the best-known rehabilitation hospitals in Hungary. The clinic is literally «on top of» a well of mineral waters and is extremely effective in using their therapeutic, chemical and biological effects. Local springs offer mineral waters of invaluable curative influence. Recent years broguth about a steady increase in the number of foreign patients. We would like to provide our treatment of female infertility to the Eglish speaking world, too, with historically proven methods, without surgical intervention. Which is to say, with BALNEOTHERAPY

3 Ferro-alum bath What do we heal? Infertility due to inflammatory diseases of the uterus, tubes, appendagesInfertility due to inflammatory diseases of the uterus, tubes, appendages underdevelopment of genitalsunderdevelopment of genitals hormonal infertility, perimetrity,hormonal infertility, perimetrity, perisalpengity, спаечная disease,perisalpengity, спаечная disease, chronic salpingoofority, metroendometrity, deviation uterus, menopause, frigidity, miscarriages,chronic salpingoofority, metroendometrity, deviation uterus, menopause, frigidity, miscarriages, inconclusive in vitro fertilization, etc.inconclusive in vitro fertilization, etc. (treatment 10 days)(treatment 10 days)

4 Acid-water with sulphur and hydrogen- carbonate (Csevice and Par á d water) For ventricle and intestine disorders Diabetes Pancreas and bile diseases Chronic constipation and catarrhal (airway or urine- system) diagnoses Acid-water is suitable for drinking cures only

5 A history of healing in Parádfürdő The valley of Parádfürdő was first mentioned as a scene of medication in 1730. The first description of medicinal waters in Parád, by Bél Mátyás, dates back to the same year, using the word "salty water" to the water already applied as medicinal matter. In 1763, Maria Theresa, empress of Austria and queen of Hungary ordered an assessment of Hungary's medicinal baths in each royal county. It was a physician from the town of Eger, Dr Ferenc Markhót to receive the mandate for the county of Heves. In 1795, Pál Kitaibel, a scientist well-known all over Europe, carried out a precise chemical analysis of medicinal waters.

6 A history of healing in Parádfürdő In those years Parádfürdő became the property of count Károlyi and went through further dynamic development. As of 1854 new constructions started,continuously architected by Ybl Miklós and implemented by Koch Henrik. In 1854 Zsuzsanna Inn In 1865-66 The alum-lake In 1873 Hotel Ybl In 1893 Hotel Erzsebet

7 A history of healing in Parádfürdő In the 1930 s the National Foundation for Public Education was called into existence, which assumed the management of Parádfürdő as well. By dividing the baths managed by the National Foundation for Public Education, the Public Hospital Parádfürdő was established in 1952.

8 Currently, the Paradfurdo Clinic, besides its many other tasks, successfully carries out its rehabilitation job for 152 beds of the clinic. There is a league of people who have been successfully treated and are happy with the results of the rehabilitation. In the last two years, steadily increasing number of foreign patients arive at the Clinic. Many are happy to inform us about their results and recommend to your friends to visit this pleasant place.

9 Introducing the Parádfürdő Rehabilitation Hospital

10 Department of gynaecological rehabilitation It is especially favourable in handling various types of female infertility, Eliminating chronic gynaecological inflammations in the preliminary or posterior treatment and rehabilitation of operations treatment of incontincence by conservative handling, aimed especially at women's stress incontinence

11 Department of chronic internal medicine and gastroenterological rehabilitation Handling chronic ventricle, intestine and digestive system diseases early rehabilitation posterior to operations and, examining and improving the condition of patients with chronic bile, pancreas and liver illnesses.

12 Department for motoric system rehabilitation The department uses traditional conservative treatment possibilities, with the help of physiotherapy and diagnostic laboratories. This includes the treatment of loco-motor disorder. Diseases: inflammation, degenerative vertebra, disorders of bones and muscular diseases, neurological disorders, disorders of loco-motor apparatus. In addition: stroke rehabilitation. Early and late rehabilitation is meant for patients after trauma operations, amputations and traumatology, orthopedic surgery and ideggyógyászat.

13 Out-patient care at Parádfürdő Hospital Internal medicine Gastroenterology Gynaecology Reumatology Motoric system rehabilitation Osteoporosis Urology Pain-ambulance Laboratory X-ray Ultra-sound Phisiotherapy

14 Technical Information Paradfürdő Rehabilitational Hospital is located 110 km away from Budapest. We can provide Your transfer from the Airport Ferihegy and Railway Station to Paradfurdo and back.. It is easy to reach using the M3 motorway, then direction Eger, through the town of Eger (Eger), or via Gyongyos (Gy ö ngy ö s) on the main road number 24. 3244 Paradfurdo, Kossuth Lajos str. 221. 3244 Paradfürdő, Kossuth L. u. 221. GPS: : N 47.9257242°, E 20.0588518°

15 Useful Information souvenir shop using the swimming pool library Fitness-room internet hall sauna solarium

16 The museum of medicinal waters The museum located inside the hospital exhibits nearly 400 types of mineral water from 21 countries all over the world, in 8 cabinets. Each cabinet is configured according to the sodium content of waters, for sodium is considered to be one of their most important component.

17 Health Tourism in Parádfürdő Among our long-term plans focused on the topic - to become a world renowned medical center for treatment of female infertility profile, profiting of our historically available natural gifts. Our natural resources, the presence of an interpreter during medical examinations, multilingual and highly qualified specialists, punctual schedule of treatment, contribute to your treatment. During the rehabilitation our patients can stay at the nextdoor Hotel Erzs é bet Park.

18 ERZSÉBET PARK HOTEL In the wooded valley of Mátra mountains the hotel offers countless ways of perfect relaxation in an intimate friendly environment in Parádfürdő one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Hungary

19 The hotel has 35 double rooms (partly with optional extra bed) and 6 apartments to offer to guests who come to hike, do business, or simply relax. There is a conference hall. In addition to our well-equipped rooms, the guarded parking lot also increases your comfort.

20 We offer for the lovers of active recreation, the only indoor pool in Matra Mountains, size: 14x7 meters, jacuzzi, sauna, infra sauna, Turkish steam bath, solarium, massage rooms, a fitness room.

21 Summer pool

22 The quality of your gastronomic experience is provided for by our first class restaurant, the menu of which offers a wide range of local and international specialities.

23 Reception of the Clinic The entrance to the clinic, the waiting room allows you to comfortably spend time before the first meeting with the doctors, specialists. The clinic has a aspecial elevator to the entrance and exit of patients in wheels.




27 Par á df ü rdő in pictures




31 Address: 3244 Parádfürdő, Kossuth L. u. 221. Telephone: +36-70-337-9999, Fax: +361-789-6399 e-mail: Skype: paradfurdo MSN:

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