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2222 Coalition Of Neighborhood Associations, Inc.

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1 2222 Coalition Of Neighborhood Associations, Inc.
…together we can make a difference (c) 2222 CONA

2 2222 CONA Today Incorporated in December 2005 as a Texas non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors and ByLaws Mission: To provide a forum for influencing development of the 2222 Hill Country Corridor in a manner that benefits the people who live, work, and enjoy recreation in the 2222 Corridor Area. (c) 2222 CONA

3 2222 CONA Focus Traffic and Safety Environmental Impact Natural Resource Preservation Aesthetic Compatibility with the 2222 Corridor ► 2222 CONA actively monitors property rezoning cases and development applications, and interacts with the City of Austin, Travis County, TxDOT, and developers to review plans and provide input on the above issues. (c) 2222 CONA

4 2222 CONA Serves to: Research, monitor, and review land use zoning changes, development plans, and transportation plans for the 2222 Corridor Area. Support the principles and spirit outlined in the Hill Country Roadway Ordinance and the Bull Creek Watershed Protection Ordinance. Coordinate and represent the interest of its members before various government agencies and developers. Provide a focal point for developers and governmental agencies to interact with residents of the Hill Country Corridor. (c) 2222 CONA

5 Current CONA Member Neighborhoods
Austin City Park Road Neighborhood Association Glenlake Neighborhood Association Jester Estates Homeowners Association Long Canyon Phase I Homeowners Association Long Canyon Phase II Homeowners Association River Place Homeowners Association River Pointe Neighborhood (members of GNA) Westminster Glen Homeowners Association (c) 2222 CONA

6 Current CONA Projects Canyon Ridge Champion Tracts Colina Vista
Rancho La Valencia Vaught Ranch (c) 2222 CONA

7 Canyon Ridge Developer: Champion Partners, Dallas-based developer
141 acres at corner of Jester Blvd. and RM 2222 222,000 sq.ft. Office/Retail/Restaurant on 15 acres - 170,000 sq.ft. General Office - 21,500 sq.ft. Restaurant space and drive-through coffee shop - 30,500 sq.ft. General Retail and bank with drive-through lanes 6,394-23,600 adjusted vehicle trips/day Traffic Impact Analysis performed 1989 Requires at least 13 variances to Austin Land Development Code/HCRO and PUD Ordinance ► 2222 CONA is meeting with the developer and City Staff. ► Variance Hearings: EnvBoard approved 1 Mar ZAP approved (6-2) 21 Mar City Council to hear 20 April 2006 (c) 2222 CONA

8 Champion Tracts Property Owner: Josie Champion, et al
259 acres surrounding the intersections of RM2222/360 and RM2222/ City Park Road Bull Creek and West Bull Creek Watersheds, with portions in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone General Office and General Retail Mixed Use for Tracts 1, 2, 3 - unlimited building square footage ft above sea level height - elimination of setbacks 11,000 adjusted vehicle trips/day for Tracts 1, 2, 3 Traffic Impact Analysis performed 1998 ► CONA is opposed to the high-density zoning terms of the Mediation Agreement. ► The applications to enact the mediated rezoning terms for the tracts west of Loop 360 are pending 3rd reading by the Austin City Council, at which time a 6-1 vote will be required for approval. ► City Council hearing for 3-year extension of deadline for Tract 4 Site Plan on 27 April 2006. These adjusted vehicle trips/day are in addition to : - 3,311 adjusted vehicle trips/day for General Retail/Convenience Tract 4 - existing Bull Creek Market on Tract 5 - unlimited vehicle trips/day for General Office on Tract 5 (c) 2222 CONA

9 Colina Vista Developer: D.R. Horton West Bull Creek Watershed
33 acres East of McNeil Dr, adjoining the Ribelin Ranch PUD Downzoning to SF-6 for 160 unit condominium complex Reducing vehicle trips/day (5,347 to 957 VTD) No Traffic Impact Analysis required (conditional overlay <2000 VTD) ► CONA supports the rezoning request for this development. ► The developer is requesting downzoning from Limited Office/Community Commercial to Single-Family 6. Passed by City Council on 6 April 2006. (c) 2222 CONA

10 Rancho La Valencia Developer: Tumbleweed Investment Joint Venture
9.74 acres on RM between Long Canyon and McNeil Road West Bull Creek Watershed, partially within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone 89 condominium units within 55 buildings ► CONA is meeting with the developer and City Staff. ► Hearings for Deadline Extension: ZAP denied (9-0) on 18 Oct City Council hearing 27 April 2006 (c) 2222 CONA

11 Vaught Ranch Developer: Trammell Crow Residential
West Bull Creek Watershed 9 acres development on 90 acre tract East of Long Canyon on RM 2222 opposite Jester Blvd. ~338 condominiums or apartments 2,554 vehicle trips per day Traffic Impact Analysis performed July 2005 ► 2222CONA is meeting with the developer and City Staff. ► Variance Hearings: EnvBoard hearing 19 April ZAP hearing 2 May 2006 (c) 2222 CONA

12 Benefits Of Joining CONA
Provide a strong public voice that influences how the Hill Country Corridor is preserved and developed. Provide strength and leverage of resources beyond what any one neighborhood or group of residents could accomplish. Preserve Bull Creek, unique environmental features, and clean drinking water supply for future generations. Join a growing group of homeowners working with developers to create win-win results for all involved. Have a direct impact on protecting your property values and quality of life. (c) 2222 CONA

13 Very Special Thanks to River Place Country Club for its gracious support of the surrounding neighborhoods and 2222 CONA! (c) 2222 CONA

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