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Professional Self Storage © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. and Working Together to Enhance Your Brand.

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1 Professional Self Storage © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. and Working Together to Enhance Your Brand

2 © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Online Marketing: –Press releases/articles: First press release specifically about the search engine was picked up over 700 times by journalists thus far. Yahoo! News published the PRWeb release on October 1 st, 2005: The Business Journal of Phoenix wrote an article on October 10, 2005: –Search Engine Marketing: Mark-Taylor is running a campaign with Google AdWords and other search engines to promote its website. Currently, Mark-Taylor is in the first paid position at Google for "Phoenix apartments" - This is causing a spike in Mark-Taylor's web traffic and search engine usage is also increasing. Mark-Taylor Residential: –Resident Newsletter: Monthly featured section in the resident newsletter sent to over 12,000 residents via email and mail –Sales integration: all sales staff have now been trained to promote the local directory to prospective residents, existing residents (they are pointed to the engine to find information) and solicitors (encouraged to advertise in the engine). The word of mouth is spreading as every propertys leasing office and the corporate staff promote and educate on a daily basis. Every new resident receives a professionally designed slick about the search engine in their welcome packet. –Promotional materials: Each of our 22 leasing offices now showcase displays that promte the search engine,. Very recently, residents in each of our properties received a door hanger at their apartment announcing the search engine and explaining the value, where to find it, how to use it, etc. –Email marketing: Mark-Taylor is currently developing an email marketing campaign, scheduled to launch within a couple weeks. –Two sets of "Winners" have been announced in our monthly giveaway and the winners entries are coming in daily. As more residents and non-residents hear about the search engine and offers like the Monthly Winners, a buzz is being created. –A new section located on the Residents Page, Relocation Services is connected to the search engine. Notice the Moving category – your result is still #1! –The search engine will soon be on the home page and all pages – search engine usage is going to increase exponentially when that happens. Mark-Taylor Local Directory Marketing Mark-Taylor Local Directory Marketing Mark-Taylor is continually promoting the local directory through various methods, including company-wide efforts and online marketing campaigns to give our advertisers more value.

3 © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. For approximately $278/month, Professional Self Storage Management (PSSM) has received the following ad package: –Tier 1 (results 1-3) search listing for storage/moving-related keywords –Featured Sponsor banner ad relevant to storage/moving-related keywords –Run-of-site banner ad (this ad displays on non-directory searches along with other "general" banners) Search Statistics: –Storage, rentals, movers, moving, mini = 312 searches for these keywords – = 11 clickthroughs –This represents a 3.5% clickthrough rate (CTR) –However, although PSSM is the #1 result under moving, movers, and rentals, the intent of the visitor will be varied as these are broader-matched keywords. Compare it with searches for storage which represent a very targeted intent. Storage was searched for 53 times specifically If we narrow down your audience to consumers searching specifically for storage locations, then your CTR jumps to 21%! Banner Statistics: –Keyword-targeted banner = 2631 impressions –Run-of-site banner: approx. 500 impressions –Combined total of 3131 impressions –Keyword-targeted banner clickthroughs: 100 –Run-of-site banner clickthroughs: 20 –3.8% combined CTR Summary: –The Mark-Taylor advertising package has only cost PSSM $695 and has sent 131 highly qualified prospects to your website in the last 10 weeks. These individuals are ready to buy consumers, literally searching for storage facilities locally. This presents a more valuable prospect than even generic search advertising or traditional methods. Your Advertising Overview Your Advertising Overview

4 © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Direct mail is still an often-utilized method for advertising to potential local residents. Consider the cost to direct mail 3443 postcards (3131 banner impressions + 312 searches that displayed your search ad to prospects) to local residents. A very low cost direct mail piece would be $0.50/piece, or about $1,720 for 3443 postcards, plus the cost of your list. It would be very difficult to find a mailing list that would target those actually "in the market" for self-storage facilities, but let's say you could find such a list (which would carry a hefty premium). Direct mail campaigns typically see a 1-2% response rate. That means that about 50 people (1.5% response rate) might take action. That action might entail visiting your website. Compare it to the results you've received from the search engine: $695 has enabled 131 verifiable website visits to Thus, a very inexpensive one-time mailing would cost you what you paid to be in the engine for 6 months! –The brutal fact with direct mail and other untargeted advertising is that that the vast majority of people will only glance at along with other unsolicited mail items, and will likely toss in the garbage along with other irrelevant messages. Lets compare cost per response: –Direct mail would cost about $34.40 per visitor –Mark-Taylor directory advertising only cost about $5.30 per highly qualified, in-the-market visitor to your site. Besides the obvious conclusion that search is the clear winner in terms of value and results, search also has going for other benefits such as being the most trusted and targeted advertising available today. Comparative Ad Campaigns Comparative Ad Campaigns

5 © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Best Advertising is Relevant Advertising Most consumers dont want advertising until they need advertising. They need advertising when they are close to making a buying decision. This is the main problem with traditional advertising; the mating of these types of ads with buy- ready consumers is typically coincidental, not targeted. –Experts estimate that $50 billion of U.S. ad spending is wasted every year. Today's results-oriented advertising is about connecting with the consumer at the exact moment they need your service. –It could be that would-be clients are making the move to Phoenix and are settling into a Mark-Taylor apartment for a year before buying a home. All that furniture needs a home too during their rental period. Professional Self Storage would be an ideal choice especially considering incentives for Mark-Taylor residents. The combination of concurrent search + banner advertising has been proven to reduce the number of times prospects need to see your ad before they take action. Recent studies show that local businesses can see 10 times better ROI from local search advertising compared to Yellow Pages listings. But you need to stick with it to see the best results in terms of value, cost per response and brand exposure. A 6-month contract or longer is best. Now that your banner will contain a more relevant message, it's worth giving your ads some more time in front of the growing MT Phoenix directory audience.

6 © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Improving Response Rates and Visitor Retention PSSM is actually the most clicked banner at With a few tweaks, which we have received permission to do, your banner should see even better CTR and conversions. –We recommend changing the messaging every couple months to capture attention from individuals looking for various offers. Your search result could benefit from a descriptive makeover, which wed be happy to help you with. Consider a promotion or discount incentive which almost always increases clickthrough rates and conversions. There were 131 people that clicked through from your banners or search results. The little teaser message provided in these ads was enough to entice them into your site. The next step in promoting a qualified site visitor to a warm lead in your contact database is of course, up to your business. –If possible, it would be particularly valuable to have Mark-Taylor search engine visitors landing on a customized webpage that specifically addresses the offers/incentives you have promoted within the search results and banners. A qualified site visitor is a precious commodity and you want to do all you can to preserve their attention and start building a relationship with them.

7 © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Summary The Mark-Taylor Phoenix search engine has been a great success already, and it's still very new. We have a lot more planned and will constantly improve it - in content, publicity, business support and user ratings. Our advertisers will continue to see more value and exposure with each month they are listed. More value, same price: Sign a 6- month contract or more and I will be able to extend the same introductory discounts, free run-of-site banner and free banner redesign!

8 © Vortaloptics Inc. All Rights Reserved. For additional support and assistance please contact: Rebecca Gosse Mark-Taylor Residential, LLC Phone: (480) 502-7733 Fax: (480) 502-3750

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