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…Because AIDS exists!. ABRAÇO Headquarters, Lisbon.

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1 …Because AIDS exists!

2 ABRAÇO Headquarters, Lisbon

3 General Presentation


5 1 Mission Abraço is a non-profit, non-governmental health related voluntary organisation; Our mission is to help and support people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; Our services cover the whole of Portugal (mainland and islands); We develop joint-ventures and partnerships with African and European NGOs.

6 2 Programs/Services We are involved in areas such as: HIV/AIDS health promotion in schools and workplaces; General sexual health education, including with young people Learning upgrading for non-professionals (service users, relatives and others) Learning upgrading for professionals (health professionals – nurses, doctors and others); Pressure groups against discrimination of human rights of PLWHA. Diversified services regarding service users needs.

7 2 Programs/Services Our initiatives include: drop-in centre, condom distribution, food bank, drug use counselling, retreats, newsletter, training workshops in schools and other organisations, prevention campaigns, legal and financial support, needle exchange program, home-care, cafeteria, social support, self-help group, internet forum, advice and information hotline, treatment information, and more

8 3 Target / Population we serve Our service users span all age levels, social backgrounds, gender and sexual preferences, since HIV/AIDS is not confined within specific population or transmission areas; Considering the people living with HIV/AIDS and their relatives, our service users include: Gay men and Lesbians Youth (school age) Transsexuals Sex workers IV and other drug users Homeless people Prison inmates Immigrants Women Everyone, in general

9 Our aim is to regularly exchange information with international organisations and support advertising and school campaigns: 1.providing bi-lingual posters and leaflets (in English and Portuguese) to other organizations who work in Portuguese speaking countries or in countries with Portuguese immigrant communities; 2.developing partnerships with organizations in order to better serve our service users. 4 International Cooperation

10 We focus our attention on creating partnerships with organizations working in Portuguese speaking countries / territories* which require our expertise to create joint-ventures and partnerships. * East Timor, Macau (China), Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guiné Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe and Brasil. 4 International Cooperation

11 5 Funding Our funding comes from: Government We receive grants from 2 different central government Departments: the Department of Health and the Work and Social Security Department, to support a diverse range of projects, with around 60% contribution of total funding involved. Other Regular and ad-hoc donations from individuals and organisations, as well as funding solicited for specific projects.

12 The Projects


14 Lisbo n Art Gallery Headquarters

15 ABRAÇO - Lisbon CAAP – Drop In Centre HCC – Homecare Centre José Luís Champalimaud ESW – Emergency Shelter appartments for Women Dental Care Centre Support Line – Abraço Direct Line Cafeteria ABRAÇO Newsletter Documentation Centre Art Gallery

16 CAAP – Drop In Centre Lisbon

17 CAAP / Drop In Centre Lisbon Medical centre, food bank, condom distribution areas

18 Cafeteria Lisbon

19 1 Mission CAAP / Drop In Centre Lisbon Emergency Support –To give support to HIV+ homeless who dont have access to government services. Psycho-social support –An ongoing project of support for people with HIV in circumstances of social/ economic distress, and who would benefit from regular intervention, with the objective of obtaining full social integration and employment.

20 To help reduce social exclusion, including from family and employers; To reduce the stigma of HIV in social contexts; To support the (re)integration of people living with HIV in society. 2 Vision CAAP / Drop In Centre Lisbon

21 3 Objectives CAAP / Drop In Centre Laundry facilitiesShowering facilities Clothing and shoes storageFood bank Financial and Legal supportPsychological support Self Help groupsSupport Line Cafeteria (we provide over 70 meals per day) Overseas delivery of medicines (mainly to Portuguese speaking countries in Africa) to service users who commenced their treatment in Portugal. To support people with HIV/AIDS who face social and other kinds of exclusion through a programme of structured help including access to the following services in the Centre : Lisbon

22 Our service users are comprised of: Heterosexuals (70%): Single mothers Immigrants, mainly Africans Prison inmates Other (men and women, single or in relationships) IV Drug users (15%): The vast majority of whom are actively using drugs, and require access to addiction services Gays, Lesbians & Transsexuals (5%) Seniors (5%) Children and Young People infected with HIV (5%) 4 Purpose Lisbon CAAP / Drop In Centre

23 We have 2 harm reduction programs: Partnership in the national Say no to a second hand needle initiative, directed at IV drug users, with delivery of over needles per month, Diversified support to sex workers (male, female and transgender) with monthly distribution of over condoms and lubricant. 4 Purpose CAAP / Drop In Centre Lisbon

24 Homecare Centres - HCC Homecare Centre José Luís Champalimaud (Lisbon) Homecare Centre João Carlos (Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto)


26 V.N.Gaia

27 Improve the living conditions of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; Promote consistent levels of medication and treatment to all that require our support; Contribute to decrease instances of hospitalisation and to prevent against new infections. 1 Mission HCC - Homecare Centre Lisbon & Oporto To :

28 We focus our actions, strategically, to: Improve the quality of life of those who are living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. 2 Vision HCC - Homecare Centre Lisbon & Oporto

29 Increase uptake of home care services; Provide specialised education for those affected by HIV/AIDS; Provide home adaptation tailored to patient needs; Provide tailored patient healthcare plans; Provide evaluation, support and control of the prescribed medication; Provide an education programme for the Home Support Assistants; Provide Psychological support services, Provide dignified conditions to service users at terminal stage. 3 Objectives HCC - Homecare Centre Lisbon & Oporto

30 Since 1986, to attain excellence in HIV/AIDS care services, and seek out support from Government and private organisations to meet increasing demands on resources; To provide a first contact point for hospitals and healthcare centres in search of solutions to their problems regarding their HIV/AIDS patients; In situations where there is little or no family support, to provide a welcoming and comforting environment; 4 Purpose HCC - Homecare Centre Lisbon & Oporto

31 The team´s ongoing experience in the social and out- patient environment informs an integrated system of solutions to our service users problems; The integrated solutions provided in Oporto (in the north of Portugal) include home support, psychological intervention and 1 residential unit; 4 Purpose HCC - Homecare Centre Lisbon & Oporto

32 Our evaluations have concluded that HCC integrated social, psychological, physiotherapy, nursing and nutritional services, in combination with more formal care, have proved effective in the progressive bio-psycho- social wellbeing of our service users, These findings are based on quantitative indicators, according to the Karnofsky Scale. 4 Purpose HCC - Homecare Centre Lisbon & Oporto

33 Homecare Centre João Carlos HCC - Homecare Centre Oporto

34 HCC - Homecare Centre Oporto Homecare Centre João Carlos

35 2 appartments, each with 3 rooms, will be joined to allow free circulation between them; The aim of the project is to provide an environment for 9 people: ­without family/social support ­in a situation of moderate or total dependence ­with permanent or temporary incapacity to co-habit and support each other in lifes daily activities. Apartment rented in 2006 A Appartment rented in 2001 B HCC - Homecare Centre Oporto Homecare Centre João Carlos

36 ESW – Emergency Shelter apartments for Women Lisbon

37 1 Apartments and Regulations ESW – Emergency Shelter apartments for Women Lisbon 2 appartments with 3 rooms each and capacity to sleep 4 single parent families (4 women and 6 children) Temporary stay (maximum 6 months) For individuals with higher levels of social abandonment Apartments The accomodation requires the approval of a local authority application. Regulations

38 To temporarily house and support single parent families in social emergency situations, victims of domestic violence at risk, and those in a situation of social exclusion, for a maximum period of 6 months; To provide a safe and specialised alternative, To promote social reinsertion. 2 Objectives ESW – Emergency Shelter apartments for Women Lisbon

39 ESW – Emergency Shelter apartments for Women Lisbon The appartments

40 ABRAÇO – Dental Care Centre Pilot Project in Portugal

41 Dental Clinic Dental Care Centre

42 1 Mission Dental Care Centre To address the gap in care provided to people living with HIV/AIDS, regarding oral healthcare Improve the state of their oral health.

43 2 Vision Dental Care Centre To provide quality of life; Increase dental care treatments aggravated by HIV pathology and retroviral therapy.

44 3 Objectives Dental Care Centre Improve health conditions of HIV+ people, Contribute to the rights of HIV+ people.

45 4 Purpose Dental Care Centre ABRAÇO Dental Care Centre is a unique initiative in Portugal and also within Europe; Aside from access to the primary care services provided at Portuguese Health Centres and a very few hospital dental units, the overwhelming majority of patients have to seek dental care privately, which is of course only available to those with the resources to do so;

46 4 Purpose Dental Care Centre Our service users have extreme social and economic limitations, which prevent them from accessing private health care; The government has put in place a system of State funded dental care provided through private dental clinics, but this is available solely to children of school age and there is no coverage for adults; The ABRAÇO dental healthcare centre has launched a pilot project to establish a comprehensive dental care facility for its service users;

47 4 Purpose Dental Care Centre The centre at ABRAÇO has the staff necessary for the normal running of a dental practice: 1 receptionist: welcomes cleints and helps them with the necessary paperwork; a dental nurse: provides assistance to the dentists and does all the sterilization work; a clinical director and a resident doctor: assure the smooth, effective and professional running of the centre, and the coordination of staff; a group of 30 voluntary dentists provide the essential services of the practice, and bring together a wide range of specialisms including dental surgery, periodontology, prosthodontics (fixed and removable), oral pediatrics, fillings, and oral medicine.

48 4 Purpose Dental Care Centre 1700 dental appointments are expected to be provided annually; The aim of the project is to provide top quality dental care to the service users of ABRAÇO; In addition, a research and development unit is being formed in order to increase knowledge in this field, which can help to develop new preventive and therapeutic strategies in the HIV/AIDS field; The dental care centre is part of a much wider scheme of thinking that considers a research and development department (R&D) an essential part of an investigation process to allow us to contribute with insight to the scientific community;

49 4 Purpose Dental Care Centre We consider this as being of major importance since present knowledge about the effects of AIDS on oral health in Portugal is virtually non-existent. The centres work may provide important information relative to areas of epidemiology, semiotics and pathology which might inform prevention and treatment strategies.

50 Support Line – Abraço Direct Line (accessible only in Portugal)

51 To provide a direct phone line source of help and information about HIV/AIDS to everyone. 1 Mission Support Line – Abraço Direct Line

52 First line of help and information; Make information more acessible; Allow a quicker response to peoples concerns/questions; Contribute to a better understanding of HIV/AIDS by the caller, Stimulate the exchange of information/education among peers. 2 Vision Support Line – Abraço Direct Line

53 Our support line staff receives in-house training which takes into account our strategy of joint-ventures with other organisations, up to date information and issues related to education among peers; 3 Objectives Support Line – Abraço Direct Line

54 ABRAÇO Newsletter

55 Newsletter

56 To update the Portuguese community about the latest news and changes related to HIV/AIDS around the world; To keep everyone informed and aware of HIV/AIDS issues – service users, relatives, professionals and the medical scientific community. 1 Mission Newsletter

57 Raise awareness of HIV/AIDS issues; Reduce info-exclusion; Raise population knowledge level, for those who care about the issue; Help to reduce the geographical barriers / frontiers in relation to new HIV/AIDS developments across the world 2 Vision Newsletter

58 Keep our community updated with the most recent news about HIV/AIDS, including service users, relatives and the scientific and medical communities; Provide regular information to those with scarce resources; Be a reference for the HIV/AIDS professionals by providing news about the last developments on the HIV/AIDS; Help to improve access to information for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; 3 Objectives Newsletter

59 To be considered as an instrument in the promotion and defence of people with HIV/AIDS; Be a forum to address specific concerns and related issues – a kind of FAQ facility for people, Promote thought and debate about HIV/AIDS. 3 Objectives Newsletter

60 A Newsletter focused on providing information to the scientific community, service users, relatives and others interested parties makes it a reference on all kinds of information, easy to obtain and free of charge; copies are printed bi-monthly, and distribution includes to: Healthcares centres, hospitals, prisons, schools, universities and pharmacies; Available to all kinds of people and age groups; 4 Purpose Newsletter

61 It includes the most up to date foreign articles, translated with author permission, and full author references, Each Newsletter contains sections along the lines of Editorial, News, Infections and Treatments, Prevention, Nutrition and Life Style, Legal and Social, Glossary, Other Services, Messages, Misc Activities. 4 Purpose Newsletter


63 Funchal Be a Child House

64 ABRAÇO – Funchal (Madeira Island) ABC – Be a Child Programme

65 Funchal ABC – Be a Child Programme

66 Funchal - Be a Child House Funchal House provided by local government on Madeira, Needs renovation and modification before use. ABC – Be a Child Programme

67 1 Mission Funchal - Madeira ABC – Be a Child Programme To: Provide school support; Psychological and psycho-social support; Preparation and supply of hot, balanced, meals; Provide appointments for medical consultations and with other professional staff; Supply essential goods such as food, clothing, footwear, school supplies; Leisure and cultural activities, etc.

68 2 Vision Funchal ABC – Be a Child Programme Help provide a more adequate level of services for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS on the island; Encourage the local government response to the needs of children and their families, on Madeira Island; Create conditions for a substantial decrease in social-exclusion and stigma.

69 The project aims are to: Promote adequate family environment, and social & educational (re)integration; Create a sense of responsibility and autonomy, Provide support and encouragement for starting life projects (in short, medium and long terms). Working with children and young people of school age with problems including low self-esteem, parent/guardian relationships difficulties, absence of affection, learning difficulties, lack of hygiene. 3 Objectives Funchal ABC – Be a Child Programme

70 Since 1995, with a highly specialized and multidisciplinary team, ABRAÇO has over the years, reached extremely positive outcomes which meet the set objectives. At present the ABRAÇO ABC – Be a Child Programme, provides support for 61 children and 54 family units, which makes up a total of 160 persons receiving support. 4 Funchal Outcome ABC – Be a Child Programme


72 Setúbal

73 ABRAÇO – Setúbal Mário Pimenta Consultation Center

74 Mário Pimenta Consultation Centre Setúbal

75 To support and guide HIV+ people through: evaluating their institutional, economic and social situations; contributing to raise their quality of life; providing social reintegration and support in the therapeutic process, supplying the information and means necessary to prevent risk situations. 1 Objectives Setúbal Mário Pimenta Consultation Centre

76 2 Setúbal Provide: Psycho-social, social and economic support and consultations; Effective support in situations of basic sustentative deprivation (clothes and footwear, hygiene products, among others); Support in out-patient care, Co-ordination with other relevant support organisations. Action Mário Pimenta Consultation Centre

77 3 Outcome Setúbal Low-income, under-educated families People with psycho-social problems; Long-term unemployed, People living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Support given to: Mário Pimenta Consultation Centre

78 ABRAÇO – National Prevention Activities

79 In too many countries, the official conspiracy of silence in the return of AIDS meant that many people received information too late, which could have saved their life. We must help young people to protect themselves, informing them, and creating the social conditions necessary, so that they have less chance of being infected. Kofi Annan, Millenium Report

80 Treatment without Prevention is unsustainable. Bill Gates, XVI International AIDS Conference, Canada, Toronto, August 2006

81 1 National Program of Peer Education Young people represent an important target group in the primary prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission. The majority of young people are of school age, and interventions at this stage have great importance, because it is at this stage in life that the process of socialisation occurs. In our school sessions a range of medias, appropriate for young people are used, namely transparencies, videos, posters, postcards and simple leaflets. The images are adapted to the target- group in accordance with its culture.

82 1 The session activities take place in a relaxed, informal, way between peers, although in the physical space of the classroom. National Program of Peer Education

83 1 The key-messages transmitted during the information sessions are: HIV transmission routes HIV transmission myths Recognition of situations and different risk degrees, namely those related to momogamy in relationships Methods of protection in the different risk infection situations Correct condom use Concepts of Solidarity and Non-Discrimination Understanding of the different social standards namely sexual behavior National Program of Peer Education

84 School sessions

85 2 Abraço also carries out prevention activities in: Kinder Gardens/Nurseries, Other Voluntary Organisations, Businesses, Universities, Retirement Homes, Prisons. Prevention: other actions

86 3 Prevention: Support Materials In its prevention activities, Abraço uses the following support materials: Leaflets, Postcards, Posters, Adverts, etc

87 4 Prevention: Leaflets ´Women & AIDS´ ´HIV & AIDS – The Essentials´ AIDS is not transmitted through friendship

88 5 Prevention: Postcards He´s my hero. Use a condom Dress your hero. Use a condom

89 5 Prevention: Postcards HIV Transmission HIV for two 99% Cotton 1% HIV There are things in life we cant share

90 6 Prevention: Rock in Rio – Lisbon 2006 Distribution of 3. condoms and brochures; Supported by: Lisbon City Hall, Harmony (Beiersdorf).

91 7 Prevention: Angola Meeting with the group LPV-AIDS fighting for life with HOPE LUANDA, July 2006

92 8 Prevention activities using the Scenarios from Africa films December January 2007 Prevention: Brasil (Bahia)

93 9 Prevention: photograph exhibitions As HIV/AIDS prevention hasn´t necessarily followed traditional formats, Abraço has for some time established a link between prevention work and art, and has to date put on 5 photographic exhibitions; These exhibitions cover the whole country in: Schools, City Councils, Libraries, Audiences, etc

94 ABRAÇO – National Learning Upgrading

95 1 Abraço provides learning upgrading about HIV/AIDS for: Non-professionals (service users, relatives and others) Health professionals (nurses, doctors and others) ABRAÇO Volunteers and staff BUSINESS, and The Public in general.

96 Basic HIV/AIDS Training, Abraço Headquarters – Lisbon, March- April/2006


98 1 Website Fundraising Campaign for: Be a Child House Funchal, Madeira Island


100 ABRAÇO – Lisbon ABRAÇO Art Gallery

101 1 Opened in June of 2003, the Gallery has rotated exhibitions every 2 months, with a catalogue produced for each exhibition; Gallery information: Rua do Poço do Borratém, 39, LISBOA Monday to Friday, from 13:00 to 19:00


103 2 Temporary Gallery, Lisbon Photography of FREDERICO MENDES Exhibition launch,

104 2 Temporary Gallery, Lisbon Photography of JOHNNY FERNANDES Exhibition Launch,

105 ABRAÇO ABRAÇO Publications

106 1 1 st Ethic Brainstorming – Abraço Fear is, therefore, the first and most basic of reactions before the epidemic. That which best shows the fragility of reason and social construction. Prof. Dr. José Mattoso Historian, Professor of Universidade Nova de Lisboa ABRAÇO Publications

107 2 When the World falls down over our head Art in the time of AIDS One of the most original and emotive collections of art related to AIDS is the infamous "Names Project Quilt" composed of thousand of rectangles of material personally dedicated to the memory of friends, loved ones or public figures who have died as a result of AIDS. The "Quilt", now too large to be shown in one piece, was presented for the first time in Washington in 1987 (...) Alexandre Melo ABRAÇO Publications

108 3 Photographs by FREDERICO MENDES

109 4 Photographs by JOHNNY FERNANDES ´A Wall for Social Consciousness´ - helping orphans of the AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe.

110 …Because AIDS exists!

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