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2 Where is Cyprus? INTRODUCTION

3 Brief historical background INTRODUCTION

4 : British rule 1960-Independent republic 1974-Military coup-Turkish Invasion Population around % Greek Cypriots - 11% Turkish Cypriots - 9% foreigners INTRODUCTION (cont.)

5 Migration and registration - Who can work? EU Nationals need no visa or work permit Aliens Registration Certificate (ARC) Registration Certificate EU nationals have the same rights as Cypriots WORKING IN CYPRUS

6 - What will you need? Apply for an ARC (at the local Immigration Branch of the Police) Apply for a Registration Certificate Passport or ID card V alid for 5 years Apply for Social Insurance number (upon securing employment) WORKING IN CYPRUS (cont.)

7 Public Employment Service - Register at District Labour Office Passport or ID Card Certificates/diplomas/ qualifications FINDING A JOB

8 Private Employment agencies/job databases - Especially managerial and highly specialized jobs - Free to job seekers-complaints - List of private agencies upon request – no website -Own job database – CV online

9 Newspapers/websites (link to main newspapers) - National database - EURES Database Applying for a job Letter of application accompanied by a CV No standard letter or CV Usually no references FINDING A JOB (cont.)

10 PURSUIT OF PROFESSIONS WHICH ARE REGULATED Different procedure Labour Dept. as National Focal Point on procedures as well as informing on competent bodies

11 Wages/collective agreements Agreed with employer, or based on collective agreements Minimum wage … 743 (…789) Complaints STARTING WORK

12 Taxation Apply for a Taxpayers Identification Code – fill in Form IR 163A Personal income tax – according to level of income per year: Up to ….. …………… 0% tax rate …… 20% tax rate % tax rate over …………..….. 30% tax rate Deducted monthly STARTING WORK (cont.)

13 General earnings related Social Insurance Scheme, covering compulsorily every employed or self employed person (Social Insurance Department) For employed: 6,3% paid by employee 6,3 paid by employer 4% by State For self employed: 11,6% paid by self employed 4% by State SOCIAL SECURITY

14 Transferring your social insurance benefits Reg. EC 1408/71 governs the retention and transfer of social security entitlements when moving from one member state to another Reciprocal arrangements on social security with 4 non-EU countries Social Security (cont.)

15 Kinds of benefits Marriage Maternity allowance Sickness, etc Free medical treatment to victims of industrial accidents and occupational diseases and to invalidity pensioners Social Security (cont.)

16 Sickness benefit Payable for 156 days. Waiting period of 3 days/6 days. Unemployment benefit Payable for max. 156 days. Waiting period of 3 days/30 days. Website: Social Security (cont.)

17 Government provision of health care is funded out of general taxation Three systems of health services: 1. Government (public) health sector 2. Private health sector 3. Special schemes HEALTH SYSTEM

18 Government (public) health sector Free of charge (through government facilities, according to earnings or disability criteria) At reduced fees Paying patients HEALTH SYSTEM (cont.)

19 2. Private health sector 3. Special schemes Issue of medical card: Application form from public hospitals Ministry of Health HEALTH SYSTEM (cont.)

20 Relocating from another country - Pets Owner identity Vaccinated European Pet Passport EU origin LIVING IN CYPRUS

21 - Car Temporary importation, not obliged to register if accompanied by proper certificates of registration and valid circulation licenses A European citizen holding a valid driving license of his country can drive on the roads of Cyprus. Third party insurance cover Inspection before registration Relocating from another country (cont.)

22 - Accommodation Apartments, houses, villas Rent depending on area Advertisements in all newspapers/real estate agents -Education system Compulsory education until 15 Ministry of Education and Culture

23 - Shops Winter period Summer period Summer afternoon recess (siesta) Tourist areas - Cultural and social life

24 - Transport Private car Public transportation network Inter-city Service Taxi Driving on left-hand side CHEKLIST (Before moving to take up employment) EURES CYPRUS account:

25 Thanks for your attention!


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