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Construction Financial Energy/Alternative Energy,

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1 Construction Financial Energy/Alternative Energy,
Services, LLC Energy/Alternative Energy, Commercial Real Estate, In-Ground and Financial Asset Financing around the world

2 Private Finance Companies.
Clearing House CFS acts as a Clearing House for a select number of Global Capital Investment Groups, Private Equity Funds and Private Finance Companies.

3 CFS Responsibilities CFS is charged with the responsibility of collecting, reviewing and fully understanding all transaction documentation. If we believe that a project is worthy of further consideration, CFS repackages that material in a manner that makes it easy for our underwriters to quickly grasp.

4 No CFS Upfront Fees CFS does not charge any upfront fees,
as we receive our compensation through our funders, for successfully completed deals.

5 Capital Source Fees Due to changes in the commercial finance industry, a number of CFS Capital Sources do charge Due Diligence, Site Visit, Underwriting, Legal and other 3rd Party Fees.

6 Capital Source Fees These capital source upfront fees could range from $2,500 - $50,000 depending on the capital source, location and transaction size. They would only be payable after it has been concluded that there is a good chance a transaction could fund and likely funding terms are issued and agreed.

7 Energy/Alternative Energy Financing

8 Energy/Alternative Energy Financing
Oil/Gas/Coal Geo Thermal Wind Bio Energy/Fuel Solar Hydro Electric and more…

9 Commercial Real Estate Financing

10 Commercial Real Estate Financing
Hospitality Resort Apartments Shopping Malls Office Buildings Senior/Assisted Living and more…

11 In-Ground Asset Monetization Financing

12 In-Ground Asset Monetization Financing
Oil Gas Coal Aluminum Copper Nickel Gem Stones Misc. Minerals Precious Metals and more…

13 Financial Asset Monetization Financing

14 Financial Asset Monetization Financing
Commercial Bank Checks MTNs Certificates of Deposit Bank Guarantees Standby Letters of Credit and more…

15 Funding Parameters

16 Debt/Equity Combination
Funding Structures Debt Equity Debt/Equity Combination

17 Funding Minimums Domestic US Project - $5.0 million
International Project - $10.0 million In-Ground + Asset Monetization - $50mil

18 General Funding Requirements
Financially Strong Borrower Reasonable Cash Equity Proformas which evidence repayment within 3-5 years

19 Initial Funding Submissions Commercial Real Estate Projects
Business Plan Proformas Project Costs Management CVs Sources and Uses of Funds

20 Initial Funding Submissions Energy/Alternative Energy Projects
Business Plan Proformas Project Costs Management CVs Sources and Uses of Funds Output/PPA Contracts or LOIs

21 Initial Funding Submissions Financial Asset Monetization
Proof of Funds signed by two bank officers Ability to MT760 into Lender’s account Complete CIS package Board Resolution (if corporate) Copy of signatory’s passport

22 Initial Funding Submissions In-Ground Asset Monetization
Executive Summary Sources and Uses of Funds Proformas Ability to place a fully returnable $750,000 security deposit into escrow until closing takes place or the funding request is declined.

23 Construction Financial Services, LLC
Robert J. Axel, President 164 Spring Street, South Salem, NY USA 10590 Tel: +US Skype: rjaxel

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