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Thailand & Hong Kong Term Abroad in January – May 2015.

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1 Thailand & Hong Kong Term Abroad in January – May 2015

2 Term Abroad in Thailand Spend the winter 2015 term abroad in Thailand, and earn full Brock credits Program includes time in residence at Burapha University International College, and extensive field studies throughout the country

3 ideal for TREN majors accessible to other majors for minor or elective credit 2.5 Brock credits delivered in Thailand by BUUIC faculty and a Brock professor in residence

4 Intensive international opportunity Studies occur during the regular Brock academic term -> no impact on summer employment Better value: longer period abroad, lower rates for accommodations and board Experience Thailand as a resident and a student, not just as a tourist Why go on a Term Abroad ? TREN students at the Grand Palace

5 Why go on a Term Abroad? No credit transfer issues – all course credits recognized by Brock University No program completion issues - with proper planning, no need for summer courses or make- up courses Designed for Year 3 students, but open to students in years 1 through 4 as well Exploring Ayutthaya

6 CAREFUL COURSE SELECTION AND PROGRAM PLANNING ARE IMPORTANT! TREN majors: See Tony Ward to plan your program Office – PLZ 439– Other majors: Talk to Dave Brown for further info Office – MC C-425 -

7 TYPICAL YEAR 3 PROGRAM PROFILE (may vary by individual) Autumn term (at Brock University)Winter Term (at BUUIC) 1.5 TREN credits from regular TREN autumn term course offerings TREN 3PXX or 4Pxx – Details forthcoming (0.5 credit) 2 BUUIC Half-credit courses (TBA) (each substitutes for 0.5 Brock TREN credit) Additional 1.0 credit of TREN or other courses, as required for your program of studies TREN 3F94 - International Field Course: Settlements, Tourism and Sustainability in Thailand (1.0 credit)

8 Program Overview When: January through early May 5 Where: Burapha University International College (Bang Saen, Chonburi Province, Thailand) early January – early May Field course excursions throughout Thailand Hong Kong visit prior to Thailand

9 Schedule of Activities (subject to change) Autumn term Pre-departure briefings and course preparation at Brock University Early January Transit to Thailand via Hong Kong Burapha University Campus

10 Schedule of Activities (subject to change) Jan – May BUUIC campus classes 0.5 BUUIC credit: e.g., Marine Tourism* 0.5 BUUIC credit: e.g., Agritourism* (*or similar courses; may differ for non-TREN majors) 0.5 Brock credit: e.g., Environmental Heritage BUUIC Student Residential Hotel

11 Schedule of Activities (subject to change) Concurrently: Field Course TREN 3F94 - Settlements, Tourism and Sustainability in Thailand and Hong Kong 1.0 Brock credit (various destinations throughout Thailand) Tree Planting in Na Haeo, Loei Province

12 Full academic term Open for major, minor, or elective credit Duration: Early January – early May 2015 Led by Prof. Dave Brown Thailand Hong Kong Intensive visit (likely 4 days, 3 nights) Likely en route to Thailand Will provide contrast to Thai cities, and important case studies (urbanization, transport)

13 Depart Toronto early January Hong Kong: 4 days, in transit Thailand: Early January Return to Canada early May Thailand & Hong Kong

14 Thailand Metropolitan Bangkok Central Plains region Isan (Korat / Loei Province) Northern forests and cities (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai) Golden Triangle (Mekong River region bordering Laos and Myanmar) Eastern Seaboard (Chonburi, Pattaya, Rayong, Koh Samet) Southern Thailand (Khao Lak, Andaman Seacoast, Phuket, Phiphi Islands and the out- islands) Hong Kong Hong Kong Island Tsimshatsui district and the fabled Hong Kong waterfront Victoria Peak Kowloon Peninsula districts: Mongkok, Shatin, Lo Wu Chinese border Lantau Island Car-free community of Discovery Bay Urban parks and reserves Vertical villages of Kennedy Town Aberdeen Harbour Two nations Many diverse destinations We plan to visit:

15 Current estimated cost with 15 - 20 participants : $6500 Includes: –BUUIC course credit fees –international return airfare, Toronto – BKK – HK – Toronto –Field course transportation in Thailand –residence on campus and hotel on field trips –all Asian ground transfers –transportation by private a/c coach with driver / guide –entry to attractions on itinerary –sightseeing and admissions on itinerary –local taxes on accommodation and sightseeing Thailand & Hong Kong

16 Current estimated cost with 15 - 20 participants: $6500 Does not include: –Brock University course credit fees (1.5 credits) –Personal items and incidentals –Vaccinations if required –Public transit fares –Meals not listed in detailed itinerary –Passport handling fees / visas for non-Canadians Thailand & Hong Kong

17 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE THE COSTS OF THIS TERM ABROAD PROGRAM ARE OSAP-ELIGIBLE Brock Travel Bursary All full time OSAP-eligible Brock students are also eligible for a $500 per person travel bursary on full term programs recognized by the Brock Internationalization Committee Thailand & Hong Kong

18 Where we will study: The Campus

19 Burapha University, Bang Saen

20 Brock students at Burapha University, Bang Saen

21 Entrance to Burapha University, Bang Saen

22 Laemthong Shopping Mall across from Burapha University, Bang Saen

23 Administration Building, Burapha University, Bang Saen

24 Burapha University, Bang SaenBench and small Buddha shrine, Burapha University, Bang Saen

25 Burapha University, Bang SaenMain Auditorium, Burapha University, Bang Saen

26 Chinese Studies Pavillion, Burapha University, Bang Saen

27 Burapha University, Bang SaenFaculty Accommodation Towers, Burapha University, Bang Saen

28 Student Residence Building, Burapha University, Bang Saen

29 Burapha University, Bang SaenApartments and Coffee Shop, Burapha University, Bang Saen

30 Monk Cup Coffee Shop, Burapha University, Bang Saen

31 Sirindhorn Building, Burapha University, Bang Saen

32 Campus Shuttle Bus, Burapha University, Bang Saen

33 Central Park, Burapha University, Bang Saen

34 Burapha University, Bang SaenFaculty Accommodations across pond, Burapha University, Bang Saen

35 Stadium Entrance, Burapha University, Bang Saen

36 Burapha University, Bang SaenRunning Track and Field, Burapha University Stadium, Bang Saen

37 Covered outdoor courts, Burapha University, Bang Saen

38 Exercise station on jogging track, Burapha University, Bang Saen

39 Basketball courts, Burapha University, Bang Saen

40 Campus pathway, Burapha University, Bang Saen

41 Campus swimming pool, Burapha University, Bang Saen

42 Where we will study: Burapha University International College (BUUIC)

43 Prof. Dr. Suchart Upatham Building, BUUIC

44 Front entrance to BUUIC

45 Picnic salas in front of BUUIC


47 Streetscape in front of BUUIC

48 Typical BUUIC classroom

49 BUUICTypical BUUIC classroom

50 BUUIC Library

51 BUICBUUIC Library

52 BUUIC Cafe

53 Where You will stay: BUUIC INTERNATIONA L Residence (details forthcoming)

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