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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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1 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Al-Tayyar Travel Group Kingdom of Saudi Arabia COMPANY PROFILE

2 Saudi Arabia Overview Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Arab World so long as its nominal GDP is expected to be around $465 billion in The nominal GDP, which was $309.9 billion in 2005, is expected to grow to $517.3 billion in 2009. The population of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be over 27 million, including about 5.5 million expatriates. Saudi Arabia has a very young population, which is rapidly growing. Those aged under 14 account for 38.2% of the total population, while those aged between represent 59.4%. Growth in Saudi travel and tourism market is expected to be underpinned by a growing population of Saudi Arabia. 2

3 Saudi Arabia Overview Saudi Arabian Historical Country Data Millions
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Real GDP Growth (%) 4.90 1.20 0.74 6.4 5.3 5.7 6 Total Population (million) 20.85 21.44 22.04 22.67 23.3 24.01 24.70 Pop. Growth (%) 4.82 2.82 2.79 2.85 2.77 2.9 Inflation (%) (0.30) (0.40) -0.4 0.5 0.3 0.4 1 Oil Price (US$ / barrel) Saudi Average 26.81 21.84 23.74 27 45 60 75 3

4 Al-Tayyar Travel Group
Profile Al-Tayyar Travel Group (A Saudi Joint Stock Company) C.R Paid-up Capital – SAR 450 ,000,000 Registered Office & Head Office Al-Tayyar Travel Group Co. Takasussi Street, P.O. Box 52660, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. Tel. : , Fax :

5 Group’s Perspectives Founded in 1979, Al-Tayyar Travel Group (ATG) is one of the largest and most respected travel companies not only in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in the region, the Middle East, and the worldwide. It is now a closed Joint Stock Company with a capital share of SAR Its wide business network is operated through more than 220 branch offices in Saudi Arabia and 10 overseas branch offices. ATG Ranks among the Top 100 Saudi Companies since 1990 ATG is a leading provider of a complete range of travel related products and services for 24 hours.

6 Branch Offices Domestic branch offices
ATG operates more than 220 domestic branch offices spread over KSA provinces& cities; Large Companies; Ministries& Government firms, etc. Several branches are located at Saudi International Airports such as King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh; King Abd Al-Aziz International Airport in Jaddah; King Fahad International Airport in Dharan ; King Muhammad Bin Abd Al-Aziz International Airport in Madinah. Overseas Branch Offices Al-Tayyar Travel Group is the first Saudi Travel Company opening more than 10 International branch offices based in Egypt, UAE, Sudan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and USA. All are authorized to sell airline tickets of any of the airlines affiliated with IATA.

7 ATG Subsidiaries ATG comprises 10 operating subsidiaries in Travel & Tourism business sector as listed below: Al-Tayyar International Air Transport Agency Co. Ltd. Al-Tayyar Travel Tourism & Cargo Co. Ltd. Al-Tayyar Holidays for Travel, Tourism Co. Ltd. Al-Tayyar Shareholder Travel Group. Al-Tayyar Holidays Travel Group – Egypt Al-Tayyar International Co. – Sudan OPS Fortune Company Ltd. – Thailand Belantara holidays –Malaysia Al Sarh Travel & Tourism Co. Ltd. National Travel & Tourism Bureau 7

8 Dr. Nasser Aqeel Al-Tayyar – Deputy Chairman & M.D
The Founder Dr. Nasser Aqeel Al-Tayyar – Deputy Chairman & M.D Doctorate in Business Administration 2002 (Thesis – Tourist Marketing of Saudi Arabia) Master of Business Administration 2000 (Subject – The impact of Tourism on the Economy of the Kingdom) BSC. degree in Administrative and Political Science 1982 Member – Saudi Arabian Chamber of Commerce Advanced Diploma in Transportation Management System & Marketing Sales Member of the General Sales Agent Advisory Board, Saudi Arabian Airlines. Three decades of experience in Airlines Industry with CX, PR and SV.

9 Board Of Directors NAME TITLE
HRH. Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Chairman Dr. Nasser Aqeel Al-Tayyar Deputy Chairman & M.D Mr. Ammar A. Faleh Alkhudairy Member Eng. Nasser Mohammed Al-Motawwa Member Mr. Omer Ali Balsharaf Member Mr. Ahmed Samer Al-Zaeem Member Mr. Hassan Ali Sairafi Member

10 Management & Work Force
Al-Tayyar Travel Group is managed and run by the board directors. Employees of the Group range from highly qualified and experienced senior managers to junior but dedicated professional staff. The employees working for the Group have obtained degrees and received training programs form the world's renowned tourism institutes. The qualified managers and staff, who have experiences of 5 to 20 years in Travel, Tourism, and Cargo trade sector, have been entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the over all activities of the Group. Having strong educational background and long experience, the staff has been showing better performance in terms of provided services to the valued clients. Al-Tayyar family of companies shares a set of six core values: integrity, understanding, cooperation, excellence, unity, and responsibility. These values which have been a part of the Group's believe and convictions from its earliest days, continues to guide and drive the business decisions of Al-Tayyar Travel Group. The Group and its enterprises which have been stead fast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate earned the Group the trust of a great number of shareholders.

11 Consultants: Morgan Stanley – Saudi Arabia.
Consultants & External Auditors Consultants: Morgan Stanley – Saudi Arabia. Deloitte Accounting Advisor “ IPO” External Auditors: KPMG, Al Fozan & Al Sadhan

12 Al Tayyar Current Investments
Al Tayyar Travel Group (ATG) Acquires: 30% of Felix Airlines - Yemen 30% of Alshamel International - Kuwait. 40% of Grand Travel and Tours INC – USA 75% of Lena Tours and Travel - Lebanon Al SARH Travel Company since 2005. National Travel and Tourism Bureau (NTTB) since 2005.

13 Market Share ATG Total Sales in 2007 ($684.000.000)
ATG Forecasted Sales in 2008 ($ ) ATG Market Share approx % In KSA

14 Financial Strength Al-Tayyar Travel Group Co Ltd
ATG firmly holds a solid financial position, and strategically develops excellent relations with all Saudi banks. ATG respectfully and trustfully deals with the following banks: Saudi Fransi Ban Saudi Investment Bank Al-Rajhi Investment Bank Gulf International Bank Arab National Bank 14

15 Locations & Work Hours 95 112 24 Al-Tayyar Travel Group Co Ltd
IATA Locations in Saudi Arabia… GSA Locations in Saudi Arabia… Hours round the clock services including holidays… 112 24 15

16 Alshamel International Locations
Kuwait Dubai Abu Dhabi Qatar Bahrain Jordan

17 Core Power ATG is the highest sales contributor to Saudia Airlines.
ATG is a Certified cargo agent approved by PCA for Scanning and Warehousing. ATG has been awarded as the top agent in KSA for the largest segment on Galileo since 1995. ATG has accomplished high revenues with various carriers such as EK, GF, AI, GA, CX, and QR. ATG has integrated a “Centralized Database System” running on Oracle. ATG owns Al Tayyar Academy: a Special Certified Training Center for Ticketing, Reservation and all other travel Related courses. ATG is approved as Hajj & Umrah Operator by Ministry of Hajj - Saudi Arabia, and licensed to carry out Hajj & Umrah services.

18 Reservation Systems ATG is equipped with the Largest Galileo Focal Point installation in the Middle East and Gulf region. ATG operates multi GDS systems: Amadeus, World Span, Saber, etc. ATG has been Awarded as the Top Agent for Largest Galileo Segment since 1995. ATG is the only member from Saudi Arabia representing WTO (World Tourism Organization)

19 Corporate Accounts ATG has More Than 600 Corporate Accounts :
Hospitals Banks Universities Ministry of High Education World wide Ministry of Interior Government institutions Royal Families King Abdullah Palace Embassies.

20 General Sales Agent Since the earliest stages, Al-Tayyar Travel Group has been considered as the best leading provider of products and services related to travel and tourism in terms of generating corporate sales of online operators in KSA. Al-Tayyar Travel Group is the General Sales Agent (GSA) for several national and international airlines, hotels, car rentals' and for other related operators world wide: Saudi Arabian Airlines for both Passengers and Cargo bmi (Cargo) – Saudi Arabia South African Airlines Oman Air (KSA) Egypt Air – Al-Kharj Kingfisher (India) Kingdom wide cash collection agent for NAS AIR and SAMA Etihad Airline ( Cargo ) PSA for Air Arabia, Cathay Pacific ,Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines PSA for Al-Khayala Airlines

21 Alshamel GSA’s General Sales Agent Delta Air Lines (Kuwait & Qatar)
Jet Airways (Kuwait) United Airlines (Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Jordan) bmi (Jordan)

22 Tourist Services Outbound and Inbound Hotels, Villas and Apartments reservation. Full package arrangements including meet & assists, Tourist guide speaking Arabic language, Sightseeing and entertainments. Honeymoon Packages. Medical and Health SPA packages. Organizing Conferences, recreational and incentive Tours. Cruises. Safaris Packages Languages and Educational programs Travel by Train Tickets Car Rental (with/without driver). Private airplanes, Yachts and Islands booking arrangements. Sports and Events tickets booking Travel Insurance Issuing Visas. Discover Saudi Arabia Programs. Hajj and Umrah. 22

23 Alshamel Holidays Tourist Services
Alshamel Holidays, (a subsidiary of Alshamel International), specializes in providing wholesale hotel services, and directs dedicated offices in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE. Alshamel Holidays is a leading provider of hotels and services in travel industry with over 20,000 hotels and products at unbeatable prices. Group Incentive Holidays Cruises Sight Seeing Safaris Conference Private Air Charters Travel Insurance Meet and Assist Service Serviced Apartments & Villas, …etc.

24 Cargo Services WACO FIATA Certified Cargo Agent Associate Member of:
International Freight Forwarding Transportation Business By Air, Sea, and Land. Customs Clearance Packing & Crating Warehouse Facilities Associate Member of: WACO WORLD AIR CARGO ORGANIZATION FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION FIATA

25 Business Projects-Egypt
Nile Air – ATG Airlines Nile Air is approved as a Second National Carrier of Egypt with 09 A Aircrafts. Flights have been scheduled since January first, 2008 Al Tayyar Rent a Car - Egypt 25

26 Electronic Trade Due to the remarkable progress occurred on technology and techniques utilized in travel industry production in terms of E-Tickets & Internet-Sales points; ATG has set a deep study on this electronic growth in order to get some useful methods and modes to make it applicable. This technological facility has been utilized in reservation systems operated by ATG on the first quarter of 2006 where every single client can view all rates of Al-Tayyar services and products, and use them any where and at any time. With such a facility, the client can also be able to book airline, route, and hotel, etc. and pay either through their account maintained with ATG or through their credit card.

27 Travel Journal Al-Mousafer is a monthly Arabic magazine covering issues related to Travel & Tourism, and marketed in Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, Middle East & UK. 27

28 Al Tayyar Travel Group Al Tayyar Furnished Apartments Hotel Olaya Street – Riyadh

29 Al-Tayyar Travel Group
END 29

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