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Program Evaluation Results Prepared for Annual Faculty Retreat 4/06 by D. Detzel (who wishes she could be there!)

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1 Program Evaluation Results Prepared for Annual Faculty Retreat 4/06 by D. Detzel (who wishes she could be there!)

2 Rating System of Evaluation 1 = excellent 2 = good 3 = average 4 = fair 5 = poor The lower the score, the better!

3 Academics Teaching at the ELI For Session III, the average was 1.82 89.8% (141/157) of the students rated ELI teaching in the excellent/good categories. Teaching has scored a 1.9 average across the three sessions we have used this evaluation.

4 Tutoring ELI tutoring was rated at 2.02 in Session III. 77% of the students gave an excellent/good rating for their tutoring experience. 104 of 135 students claimed this a good experience. 17 students (23%) thought the tutoring was about average, and 8 (5.9%) rated the experience as fair/poor. Average over 3 sessions = 1.96

5 SALC The SALC earned a 1.92 33% say it is excellent 47% say its good 12.77% rank it as average 9% gave it a fair One student thought it was poor. Average over 3 sessions = 1.96

6 Staff and Administrative Help The help given by administrators and office staff received an overall average of 2.05 for session III06. The average over three sessions was 2.17.

7 Admissions process The survey asks about the admission process – the information and help received before arriving here. average = 2.36 58.6% (89 of 152 students) rate the process as excellent/good. 33.5% (51 students) said it was average 8% (12 of the 152) wish they had had a better admissions experience Average over 3 sessions = 2.45

8 New student orientation The evaluation led 151 students to rank the orientation they received as a new ELI student – from help with housing, learning about how the program works, to introduction to the campus and community- a pretty broad question: 62.9% rated orientation as excellent/good 31.8% said it was average 7% (10 students) did not get the orientation they expected Score given to orientation for Session III=2.29 Score over 3 sessions = 2.43

9 Academic advising from teachers, administrators and staff This question addresses the help students received in choosing classes or other academic advice: 61% (71 of the 116 students) said the help they received was excellent/good. 34.4% (40 students) said it was average. 5 students that session thought the help was only fair No one received poor advice or reported being poorly advised. Whew! Average over 3 sessions = 2.48

10 Orientation: ELI activities and trips In session III, orientation activities received a 2.34. 86% rated excellent/good (19 and 67 students respectively) 12.23% gave a fair/poor (10 and 5 students, respectively) Average given for orientation trips and activities over 3 session = 2.48 ELI students want more activities!

11 Housing of ELI students In answer to where our students lived for Session III, 142 of the 163 students who did the survey didnt mind sharing the info: 35 of 142 said they lived in the dorm 55 lived in homestays 40 lived in apartments 11 lived with family members 1 student lived somewhere not listed above 21 didnt like such a personal question (presumably :)

12 Comparing the homestay and dorm experience in Session III06 DormsHomestay 2.38 average2.0 average The percentages: 58% excellent/good 79.65% 36%average16.95% 6%fair/poor3.38% Averages over 3 sessions: 2.452.31

13 Opportunity to speak English in dorm vs. homestay DormHomestay 2.77 average2.11 average 47% excellent/good 69.5% 24.5%average25.4% 28.3%fair/poor5.08% Averages over 3 sessions: 2.762.23 ENGLISH

14 Miscellaneous tidbits of statistical information from the III06 evaluation Host Families earned 1.92! ELI facilities earned a 2.41 rating (Plans for improvement are underway.) Language Partner ranked 2.95 (Weve got to do better at this!)

15 Our overall rating Session III average was 2.09 17 of 143 (12%) students rank their experience here as excellent 99 of 143 (69%) had a good experience 26 students (17.5%) felt it was average 1 student (.7%) had a fair time And 1 (.7%) rated his/her experience as poor. Average over 3 sessions = 2.18

16 Numbers top to bottom over last three ELI sessions (III06 compared to average of 3 prior sessions) 1. Teaching1.901.82 2. Tutoring and SALC1.962.02/1.92 3. Staff/administration 2.052.17 4. Host Families2.171.92 5. Overall ELI experience2.182.09 6. English in homestays2.232.11 7. Homestay living2.312.0 8. ELI facilities2.412.41 9. New student Orient.2.432.29 10. Admissions Process2.452.36 11. Dorm Living2.452.38 12. Orientation Activities2.482.34 13. Academic Advising2.482.29 14. Language Partners3.462.95

17 Recommendations/goals 1. Expand and improve Language Partner Program 2. Make advising a planned, integrated activity 3. Involve students in orientation planning? 4. Discern from students what would improve dorm experience 5. Evaluate admissions process end of week one 6. Evaluate new student orientation end of week one 7. Upgrade existing facilities, request the construction of a new annex

18 Goal for 2007 Improve ratings in all areas by 10% Improve overall rating (average of all categories, currently at 2.2) by 10% to 2.0

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