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Changing Lives & Impacting Futures. What Does P.A.C.E. stand for? Partners for Advancing College Education What does this mean for you?

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1 Changing Lives & Impacting Futures

2 What Does P.A.C.E. stand for? Partners for Advancing College Education What does this mean for you?

3 Goals of the PACE Promise Encourage parents and students to begin focusing on college at an earlier stage. Raise academic expectations and ensure that ALL students not only QUALIFY for college admission but THRIVE when they get there. To increase students' options upon graduation. Guaranteed admission to CSUSM with priority registration. Closing the Financial Gap

4 Who can participate in the P.A.C.E. Promise? The P.A.C.E. Promise was developed to give every motivated SMUSD student the opportunity to pursue higher education regardless of their financial means or background beginning with the graduating Class of 2009.

5 Program Requirements Students must be continually enrolled in the San Marcos Unified School District beginning in 9 th grade and graduate from a San Marcos high school. Students must complete all A-G coursework with grades of C or better. Students must meet CSU eligibility index and admission requirements. Students must participate in the EAP test in English and math during the 11 th grade (taken during the STAR tests). Students must take the SAT Reasoning or ACT Exam. Students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


7 Take a Look at the CSUSM Students in 2006… Fall Enrollment: Males- 3,256 Females- 5,478 Most Represented Ethnicities: Caucasian- 50% Latino/as- 21.1% Asian- 11.2% 46.5% of students come from North County

8 And at CSUSM in 2007... Number of Applications: 14,000 applications were received for only 3,500 spots! Number of Entering Freshmen: Only 1,400 students out of the 3,500 spots are first time entering freshmen! With hard work you could be one of these freshmen, guaranteed!

9 UNIVERSITY VILLAGE APARTMENTS Apply early! Process opens October 1, 2007 ( Housing is not guaranteed 620 bed spaces - 2 & 4 bedroom apartments Fully furnished, high speed internet air conditioning, utilities included, cable TV, pool San Marcos Experience first year learning community Additional on-campus housing under development Student Life & Leadership Office offers off-campus housing assistance CAMPUS HOUSING

10 COUGAR STUDENT LIFE More than 80 student organizations Active student government Five Greek organizations On campus child development center Study abroad in more than 70 countries Leadership development programs Intramural sports and campus recreation College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Educational Opportunity Program Intercollegiate Athletics Baseball Cross Country (M) Cross Country (W) Golf (M) Golf (W) Softball Track & Field (M) Track & Field (W) Soccer (M) Soccer (W)

11 CSUSM's Top Ten Majors 1)Business Administration 2)Liberal Studies (Teaching) 3)Communication 4)Psychology 5)Human Development 6)Criminology and Justice Studies (Police) 7)Pre-nursing 8)Biology 9)Sociology 10)Literature & Writing Studies

12 What if I don't want to go to CSUSM? What if I want to go to USC, UCLA, Stanford, or Palomar? PACE Promise provides a step- by-step plan for any college! In meeting the CSUSM requirements students also will be prepared for admission to the majority of public and private universities and colleges throughout the country.

13 Its Your Turn!

14 Question: How much more money does a college graduate make over a lifetime than a high school graduate? A. A. $115,000 B. B. $500,000 C. C. $750,000 D. D. $1,000,000

15 Answer:D A college graduate will earn nearly $1 million $1 million more over a lifetime than a high school graduate.

16 Question: How many students at CSUSM received financial aid for the 2005-2006 school year? A. 3,907 B. 5,639 C. 1,253 D. 780

17 Answer:A Approximately 3,907 students received financial aid for the 2005-2006 school year, including scholarships, grants, and student loans.

18 Question: Of those who received financial aid, what is the average amount they received? A. $250 B. $1,750 C. $3,725 D. $7,400

19 Answer:D The average amount of financial aid each student received was $7,400.00!

20 Seven LAME Excuses Not to Go to College...

21 1) 1)I can't go to college-nobody in my family has ever gone. 2) 2)I've been in school for 12 years. That's enough! I just want a good job. 3) 3)I can't go to college because I can't afford it. 4) 4)I can't go because I don't know how to apply or where I want to go. 5) 5)I can't go to college-I don't know what I want to do with my life 6) 6)I can't go to college, because I just won't fit in. 7) 7)College is too hard for me.

22 4 Things You Can Do To Prepare for College Be a PAIN... Push yourself... Find the right fit... CA$H Put your hands on some CA$H! College Doesn't Just Happen!

23 Remember... Attend College Parent Night/Financial Aid Night Attend Campus Visit to CSUSM Attend College Expo Night Stay up to date on your A-G Requirements Take the ELM and EPT Tests during STAR Testing Stay involved in extracurricular activities! Sports, band, choir, drama, and clubs like AVID, Key, etc. Keep up the P.A.C.E. !

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