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21-2: An Age of Cities.

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1 21-2: An Age of Cities

2 Urban Populations Grow
- the movement of people from farms to cities By 1860 only 1 in 5 Americans lived in a city By in 3 did Jobs drew people into the city Steel mills, meatpacking plants, garment factories, sales clerks, etc.

3 Urban Populations Grow cont…
Cities flooded with , and farmers from the plains who were coming back to the cities African Americans moved to northern cities Chicago, Detroit, NY, Philadelphia grew in AA neighborhoods

4 City Settlement-Lower Class
The poorest people lived in the cities’ center in small apartments called Many had no windows, heat, bathrooms Whole families would fit into one room! Sickness and disease spread rapidly throughout the overcrowded cities





9 City Settlement- Moving outward from the center, lived the middle class Doctors, lawyers, business managers, skilled workers, office workers The conditions in this housing section was much improved from the slums of the poor

10 City Settlement- Lived on the outskirts of the city in mansions
5th Ave in NY city The wealthy lived like European royalty

11 Solving City Problems Cities were filthy
Garbage lay in the streets, plumbing was scarce, crowded, , sickness Crime ran high as law enforcement was still developing

12 Urban Reforms standards for construction and safety
Fire escapes, plumbing, etc. Trash removal, street cleaners Zoning Laws- disallowed companies from building factories in the center of the city Police forces and fire stations Underground sewer systems and clean water

13 Religious Organizations Lend a Hand
Catholic Church helped many Polish, Irish, and Italian immigrants Many Protestant ministers urged middle and upper class citizens to lend a hand as well The offered food and shelter to the poor The Young Men’s Hebrew Association helped many Jewish immigrants

14 Settlement Houses community centers that offered services to the poor
Jane Adams from Chicago- led this movement She started the Chicago Hull House in 1889 These houses helped them “acculturate” and learn American culture and language Also gave them a place to stay

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