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EAS: San Francisco’s Enterprise Addressing System

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1 EAS: San Francisco’s Enterprise Addressing System
COIT April 14, 2011 Enterprise Addressing System

2 COIT Funded Initiative (MAD)
Committee on Information Technology Department of Technology San Francisco Enterprise GIS Program Enterprise Addressing System Department of Building Inspection terprise Platform at 200 Paul on vmware Spatial Database and Catalog, Web and Map Services, Data Portal, License Manager (ESRI and FME) Enterprise Software License Agreement (ESRI) Enterprise Data (Pictometry Imagery, Dun & Bradstreet, Demographics, 3D Building Model, et al.) Enterprise Addressing System

3 San Francisco Enterprise GIS Program
Spatial Data for the Enterprise (Imagery, Demographic Data) Enterprise Addressing System San Francisco Enterprise GIS Program Enterprise Platform for Services (VMware, ArcGIS Server) Enterprise License Agreements (Esri, Pictometry)

4 Why does the City need EAS?
Multiple address databases used by City Departments Varying needs and uses Varying formats Varying quality Addresses are critical Current ad hoc situation leads to inefficiencies, confusion, lost time and effort.

5 EAS is … Focused solely on address management
Shared source of address information Available across departments Easy to use To be integrated with DBI’s Address Verification System (AVS) and permitting system

6 An address in San Francisco per Federal, State Law and City Charter
634 Ashbury Street (APN: ) Department of Building Inspection Address Number Public Works Street Name Assessor/Recorder Assessor Parcel Number (APN)

7 Demo

8 Schedule EAS 1.0 ( Production environment on VMWare
Daily data loads Open Source Project ( EAS 1.1 Integration with DBI systems MOU/SLA between DT and DBI EAS 1.2 and beyond Integration with other departments Leverage development work of other municipalities Add imagery, building footprints 1.0 Production ready environment Nightly extract, transform and load of DBI’s Address Verification System (AVS) data Nightly extract, transform and load of parcels and street centerlines from DPW Open Source Project ( 1.1 Address Change Request/Review/Approval Process in place at DBI Address Change Notification web service being consumed by DBI and changes applied to AVS EAS Address Lookup in place in AVS Integration with 311 Call Service Center database Integration with DPW Allow for automated address change request and approval for provisional (service) addresses Leverage development work of other municipalities through the EAS Open Source Project Accurate and standardized addresses for service requests handled by DPW, PUC and others

9 Questions?

10 Supplemental Slides are below

11 Extract - Transform – Load Basemap Changes
Enterprise GIS transform app_db ETL Public Works parcels streets We separated the map data because we want to provide mapping and geospatial services to applications other than the address system. Assessor parcel attributes map_db

12 DBI ↔ EAS Integration change notification DBI EAS Web Services look up

13 Vmware Infrastructure

14 Data Model

15 Feature: Simple, Adequate Data Model
parcel to address (many to many) apartments timeshares multi-story condos tenants in common mailing address status (official, provisional ...)

16 Feature: Address Lineage
Main Street 150 152 154 156 150 change request

17 Feature: Address Point Table street based geo-coding falls short
Main Street 198 100 101 199 Add Constraint: point must be within a polygon

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