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Life in a Totalitarian State Racheal Treadway p. 729-733.

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1 Life in a Totalitarian State Racheal Treadway p. 729-733

2 Stalins Rule Stalin makes the Soviet Union a totalitarian state. Government tries to regulate the lives of the citizens Use censorship and propaganda to control the peoples opinions Those who oppose are killed or sent to torture camps

3 Propaganda Communism constantly promoted Use radio and loudspeaker systems to give messages to villages and factories Posters and billboards encourage workers to exceed production quotas Schools, theaters, and newspaper print about the successes of communism and the hardship of capitalist workers. People encouraged to turn in anyone suspected of being a spy/traitor Statues put up honoring a 14-year old boy for turning his father in

4 Censorship Government keeps tight restraint on media and the arts Only government-approved works can be published Even music is regulated Socialist realism becomes new style Shows the good of life in a communist state Artists pushed to show hope for communism Those who opposed were imprisoned/tortured Others wrote their works in private and were published later

5 Religion Communist party promoted atheism shunned religious groups Seized a lot of religious property and imprisoned many priests Used churches to set up museums disproving religious miracles Only group not heavily restricted are the Muslims Soviet Union wanted support from the Middle East Replaced religion with communist ideals Portraits of Stalin hung in the homes of the people

6 Members of the Communist Party Members of the party were given special privileges Lived in nicer, roomier apartments Had vacation homes Could shop at special stores containing rare supplies

7 Benefits of Communism Provided education, medical care, and day care Housing was kept inexpensive Some families lived in one room apartments Free public transportation and recreation Women given the opportunity to have good jobs Still expected to do domestic duties as well

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