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Janice Harmon. Chicagos population is 2,896,016 people.

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1 Janice Harmon

2 Chicagos population is 2,896,016 people

3 9.4 percent are unemployed A homeless Chicagoan

4 Illinois is home to seven nuclear power plants making it the state with more nuclear energy than any other in the US.

5 Windmills on Lake Michigan would provide sustainable electricity while minimizing area taken up on land. The lake, along with the Chicago River could also provide hydroelectric mechanical energy.

6 The city currently uses the efficient Chicago Transit Authority commuter trains to get people from the suburbs and around the city. 1.6 million people ride the CTA trains each day. Transportation

7 To decrease the number of drivers in Chicago, we can… Make larger sidewalks Create more separated cycling trails from the main road Add a more efficient bike rental service, similar to those in Montreal and Amsterdam

8 Dealing with Trash The truth: Only 8% of waste in Chicago is recycled. This is partially due to apartments with shared garbage areas that dont have to deal with the cost of throwing things away. This could be fixed by raising the cost of throwing things to landfills. This way, landlords would start enforcing that tenants recycle or pay for their garbage themselves.

9 Urban Gardening and Farming Chicago currently has over 50 community gardens. Almost all of them are for strictly decorative plants. By swapping flowers for vegetables, rooftop patios for rooftop gardens, and even gardens for small farms, Chicagoans would be having healthier lifestyles.


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