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Engineering Discover Engineering. What is engineering?

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1 Engineering Discover Engineering

2 What is engineering?

3 Have you ever crossed a bridge, made a telephone call or flown somewhere in a plane? If so, youve experienced the work of engineers, first-hand.

4 Engineers make things possible! They use math and engineering science to create and build most of the products, buildings and structures we see every day.

5 Are there different kinds of engineers?

6 Environmental Engineers They try to keep our country clean by preventing and controlling pollution. They look for new recycling methods and ways to clean up hazardous dump sites. They also develop equipment to monitor and control pollution.

7 Chemical Engineers Working with anything from cosmetics to explosives to food, they design safe production processes and new products.

8 Biomedical Engineers They design hospital equipment like, X-Ray machines, Scanning Equipment, Heart Machines, Pacemakers, and a whole lot of other medical devices.

9 Electrical Engineers They design Electrical Goods, Electrical Grids that bring electricity to homes, Electrical Gadgets such as Toasters, Cookers, Fridges, Washing Machines, Generators, and so on.

10 Structural/Civil Engineers They design buildings such as Skyscrapers, Bridges, Apartments, and other type of Structures. Engineer Your Life - Civil Engineer

11 Aerospace Engineers These are the "high flyers" of the engineering world. They design, construct and test aircraft and their components.

12 Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers They design things that move such as Rockets, Engines, Satellites, Motorbikes, Cars, Robots, Spacecraft, and so on. Engineer Your Life - Judy Lee

13 10 Great Reasons you will Love Engineering

14 What type of engineering is right for me?

15 What's new in engineering Want to learn more?

16 Your challenge Construct the highest tower that you can using the least amount of materials. Your tower should be able to hold a golf ball for at least 2 minutes.


18 Burj Khalifa Dubai, United Arab Emirates Worlds tallest man-made building 2,716.5 feet (828 meters) The Tower Facts Figures

19 Tallest building in Houston JPMorgan Chase Tower Houston 1,002 ft built in 1982 JPMorgan Chase TowerHouston

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