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SGA Club Training Everything you need to know in 60 minutes or less.

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1 SGA Club Training Everything you need to know in 60 minutes or less

2 Club Contacts SGA Wayne Kim – President Cole Yaverbaum – President Lori Ayanian – Treasurer Phil Hussey – Parliamentariam Campus Life Sam Helm – Club Advisor Jed Wartman – Director of Campus Life Jessie Parsons – Administrative Secretary

3 On-Campus Contacts Scheduling Karen Ledger (207-859-4735) Security Jeff Coombs (207-859-5530) Catering Heather Vigue (207-859-5467)

4 Non-Discrimination and Hazing No clubs will haze or discriminate All campus organizations and College-sponsored events are open to the full participation of all members of the Colby community without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, parental or marital status, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, or disability unrelated to job or course of study requirements. In addition members of this club will not take part in any form of hazing in agreement with Maine State Law 26-A, MSRA Section 10004. The law defines hazing as … any action or situation which recklessly endangers the mental or physical health of a student enrolled at an institution in this State. At Colby, hazing is further defined as any action taken or situation created, whether on or off campus, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. The College takes a very strong stance against hazing in any form. Penalties for those who engage in hazing may include, but not be limited to, suspension or expulsion for individuals and the disbanding of violating organizations. At Colby, hazing activities and situations include, but are not limited to: any physical act of violence expected of, or inflicted upon, another; creating excessive fatigue or sleep deprivation; any physical activity expected of, or inflicted upon, another; pressure or coercion of another to consume any legal or illegal substance; making available unlawful substances; kidnapping, quests, road trips, and/or abandonment; engaging in public stunts, humiliating or degrading games or activities; servitude (expecting a new member to do the tasks of an experienced member); costuming and alteration of appearance; line-ups and/or berating; coerced lewd conduct; interference with academic activities; and any such activities that are not consistent with regulations and policies of the College or of civil law. No student may waive protection against hazing (e.g. by consenting to the behavior or activity). Any organization that violates these rules shall lose all rights to conduct any activities or to receive any other benefit of affiliation with the College. Any student or any member of an organization found guilty of hazing will be subject to suspension or expulsion as well as possible civil or criminal prosecution.

5 Advisors Optional resource for clubs Required if there is a significant health and safety risk associated with the club Determined by Campus Life and Director of Safety

6 Procedures All active clubs must be renewed by the end of classes in May for the following academic year, or the end of September if the May deadline is not met Privileges with registration Use of meeting spaces Use of publicity spaces Event registration assistance Eligible to receive SGA funding *NON registered clubs receive none of these

7 Procedures Registration is available online, at in the student resources tab Re-registration after October requires a meeting with Campus Life staff

8 Procedures Budget All recognized clubs can request funding from SGA SGA does not have to approve all/any of the funds requested Allocation is case by case – funding request is available through SGA website All funding requests need to be made minimum two weeks in advance All orders must be made by SGA – SGA is required to manage storage and inventory of all long-term club purchases; bikes, grills, tools, banners, etc.

9 Procedures Funding Request is filled out on-line Treasurer confirms your request Finance Committee will approve, deny, or modify the request Treasurer may aid in securing of funds from alternative sources Club will be informed of decisions

10 Procedures Fundraising Derived from clubs raising money for the sole purpose of club use – Not given from SGA Used for club morale, recognition awards, refreshments, travel, supplies, charity* SGA allocated funds cannot be used to generate income for Fundraising Accounts In the case that a club does not have capital to start-up their fundraiser, a one time $50.00 loan is allowable from campus life that must be repaid – in cases where this doesnt happen, Campus Life will deduct the funds from the new SGA Fiscal Year Budget

11 Procedures Purchasing items Online Order form must be filed with SGA Treasurer SGA Treasurer will order items with the assistance of Campus Life SGA will receive ordered items, mark them as property of SGA and allow club to have access to these items If a club does not return items ordered, said club will receive penalizations in subsequent funding request through the year

12 Procedures Purchasing Items (reimbursement) In the case that personal funds were used to be college materials, SGA will reimburse the individual Reimbursements will only occur with ORIGINAL ITEMIZED RECEIPTS, INVOICES, OR CONTRACTS If these documents are not provided, no reimbursement is possible Materials reimbursed by SGA are also owned by SGA, and must be returned

13 Procedures ColbyCard The ColbyCard reader at the Info Desk is available for collection of funds The reader can be authorized by registering online using the myColby portal under the Campus Life tab Cash Boxes A cash box is money available in all denominations for the purpose of making change – these must be requested 2 weeks prior to the date needed

14 Procedures Deposits All cash collected must be deposited to the SGA Treasurer within one week of event All money must be counted when given to SGA In long-term events when cash is collected, interim deposits should be made as funds come in

15 Event Planning 1.) Request SGA Funding 2.) Request a space through scheduling 3.) Contact Campus Life to organize any contracts for performers/artists 4.) Contact PPD and Dining Services to schedule set-up and catering 5.) Meet with SGA/Campus Life to go over the logistics of your event 6.) Manage your event 7.) Evaluate your event

16 Event Planning Scheduling Spaces must be approved by Karen Ledger Spaces: Heights Lounge*, Dana Lounge*, AMS Basement*, Dining Halls*, Page Commons, LoPo, Cotter Heart, Pugh Center*, Classrooms, Lawns* * These spaces require additional communications with physical plant, dining services, or the residents of the building

17 Event Planning Alcohol All club events that request to have alcohol must begin planning three weeks in advance A Registered Event Host is necessary – certain spaces require multiple hosts, determined at the discretion of Campus Life – all hosts must be sober for the duration of their shift at the event Hosts must have copy of completed event form Students must check IDs to make sure they are of age, with wristbands provided by Campus Life to distinguish 21+ from minors – only 21+ are allowed to have alcohol Hosts will not provide to blatantly intoxicated persons and are to ensure no alcohol leaves the venue

18 Event Planning Alcohol Public advertising of the event cannot acknowledge alcohol or any mention of alcohol Hosts are responsible for set-up and clean-up Hosts are responsible for damages that occur in the residence halls Events in residence halls require that one host be an occupant of the building In suites, all room occupants must approve of the event

19 Event Planning Alcohol Drinking games are prohibited from public areas – student apartments included Hosts must provide alternative food and beverage – 6 pounds of food and 8 liters of alternative beverage per 1 keg (15.5 gal)/20 standard bottles of wine All alcohol service must end at 1:00 a.m. Registered alcohol cannot be moved from one location to another No hard alcohol permitted unless provided by dining services in the pub

20 Event Planning Alcohol Schedule Spaces Designated to host alcohol Lo-Po (when purchased through the pub) Page (requires meeting with security) Alfond Lounge (Capacity = 98) AMS Basement (capacity = 105) Dana Common Room (capacity = 45) Heights Lounge (capacity = 106) * Must have approval of residents Suites/Apartments do not require reservation through the scheduling office, but must still be registered with Campus Life Maine State Liquor Laws prevent payment for any public distribution of alcohol without proper licensing

21 Event Planning Security, Campus Life, and the Dean on Call reserve the right to shut down any event that they deem appropriate Events will not be scheduled before the first or after the last day of scheduled events, during vacations, reading or exam periods, or any weekday without authorization of Campus Life

22 Event Planning Food If you intend to serve food in a public venue (read program spaces in Cotter Union), orders must be done through Sodexo Events within residence halls or outdoors can solicit from outside vendors Catering charges require an account number, available from SGA

23 Event Planning Rider vs. Contract A rider is the list of technical and hospitality requirements from an artist, and a list of behaviors and stipulations from the college A contract is a binding agreement that dictates the nature of the relationship, including but not limited to: payment, travel, publicity, profit sharing, etc.

24 Event Planning Contracts At no point should any student ever REQUEST or SIGN a contract Only agents of the College (read as full time employees) may request contracts Contracts can only be signed by Jed Wartman, Ruben Rivera, and Richard Nale All responsibility for contract action taken by an individual within a club, without approval of Campus Life, lies solely with the individual – the College will not be involved

25 Event Planning Contract Request Contact an agent of the College (Campus Life or Pugh Center Staff) Campus Life will review your request Campus Life will reach out to agent and cc you on all interactions Payment will be scheduled for the act one week in advance

26 Event Planning Video Use Clubs, organizations, and individuals who wish to exhibit copyrighted motion pictures must purchase the rights to do so – no exceptions Unauthorized performances can lead to a potential $10,000 fine and legal action To show a movie, please contact Campus Life

27 Procedures Publicity On-Campus: Posters, banners, tabling, chalking, mailings Posters can only go on designated bulletin boards in residence halls, the street, dining halls, and Cotter – no windows, doorways, etc. Banners – can be requested online through Campus Life; banners must be no wider than 3 ft; NO SHEETS Chalking can only take place in front of Cotter entrances; Campus Life must be notified 48 hrs in advance Organizations must clean up the area by the following Sunday - $100 fine if not removed, $250 fine if done without permission Mailings are permitted be inserted into campus boxes – however club must provide all the materials and be willing to stuff the mailboxes

28 Procedures Publicity All posters that include the College name must be appropriate – should include College reference, date, title, time, and location, along with sponsoring group and club contact information No alcohol, drug, sexual innuendoes, etc. may be referenced on the poster Hate speech and threats will not be permitted Off-Campus positing must adhere to the same standards as on- campus posting

29 Procedures Publicity Electronic The College recommends creating a robust social media identity to ensure the most effective advertising – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The Student digests are also available for blanket advertisements to the Colby Community

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