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Combined Summer 2013 Goals and Objectives Survey Results.

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1 Combined Summer 2013 Goals and Objectives Survey Results

2 Goals and Objectives Survey Total of 393 Surveys Responses collected at – Two July workshops – Jefferson County Fair – Online survey

3 What would like to see more of in Jefferson County in the next 20 years? (Please select no more than two choices) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Open space and farmland 41.5%39.3%30.9% Parks and recreational facilities 31.0%8.9%18.4% A greater variety of home choices 2.5%5.4%10.3% New shops and restaurants 21.5%8.9%28.7% Revitalization of downtowns 23.0%39.3%30.1% Walkable/bikeable communities 15.5%23.2%20.6% More transportation options 8.5%21.4%13.2% Higher quality employment opportunities 32.0%32.1%37.5% Other (please specify) 7.5%8.9%7.4% N =200 56 136

4 Question 2: If new development is to occur, should it: County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Be, whenever possible, integrated into the existing communities 45.5%55.4%48.9% Be constructed as part of a mixed-use community 25.5%19.6%27.7% Be constructed in a manner similar to commercial and industrial development that has taken place outside of the incorporated communities 17.5%5.4%9.5% Other (please specify) 11.5%19.6%13.9% N = 20056137

5 In the next 20 years, Jefferson County is expected to grow by between 15,000 and 30,000 residents. As a result, there will be an additional need for housing, businesses, infrastructure, and public facilities. Where would you like to see the majority of this growth? (Please select one) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey In existing cities, towns, and villages 42.7%60.7%39.7% Within or adjacent to existing cities or towns 26.6%55.4%48.5% In or adjacent to villages 5.5%10.7%2.9% Mainly in rural areas 2.5%0.0% Spread throughout Jefferson County 34.7%3.6%28.7% Along major roadways 20.1%19.6%22.1% Other (please specify) 3.0%7.1%8.1% N =19956137

6 If some of this growth were to occur along and/or adjacent to major roadways, what areas should new development occur? (Please select no more than two)) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey WV 9 between US 340 South and the Shenandoah River 23.7%17.9%18.5% WV 9 between US 340/WV 51 intersection and the Berkeley County line 41.9%58.9%31.9% US 340 between Charles Town and Harpers Ferry 27.4%30.4% US 340 South between Charles Town and VA/WV state line 21.0%25.0%28.9% WV 51 between Charles Town and Berkeley County Line 18.3%8.9%14.8% WV 45 between Shepherdstown and Berkeley County line 9.1%5.4%17.0% WV 480/CR 1 between Shepherdstown and Kearneysville/WV 9 7.0%5.4%14.8% Other Areas 6.5%7.1%14.1% N =18656137

7 Question 5: As a result of the population growth mentioned in question 3, it is projected that an additional 6,000 to 12,000 new residences will need to be constructed. While some of this can be accommodated on unbuilt lots in approved developments, additional housing may be required. What types of new housing should be constructed in Jefferson County to accommodate new residents? (Please select no more than two) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Almost all single family detached homes27.7%21.4%14.8% A mixture of single family homes and townhomes 27.7%26.8%21.5% A mixture of single family homes, townhomes, and apartments 42.1%53.6%51.9% A mix of single family homes and mobile homes 2.1%3.6%2.2% Mostly townhomes and apartments5.6%3.6%11.9% Senior oriented housing (such as active adult communities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities) 34.9%53.6%53.3% Other (please specify)6.2%7.1%7.4% N =19556135

8 Question 6: With an increasing number of residents, it is expected that additional non-residential development will take place within Jefferson County. If this development occurs, how should it look? (please select one) County FairJuly WorkshopOnline Survey It should take into account the historic architecture and rural character of Jefferson County 67.5%82.1%65.7% It should look like something you would see in a larger city 6.0%0.0%7.3% It should look like the buildings that exist along Jefferson County's highway corridors at present 5.5%3.6%7.3% It should look like what current exists in the area immediately surrounding the proposed development 10.5%7.1%12.4% Other (please specify) 10.5%7.1%7.3% N =20056137

9 Question 7: Should the majority of new development take place in areas currently served by public sewer and water providers (such as the Jefferson County Public Service District, Charles Town Utilities Incorporated, or by the Corporation of Shepherdstown?) County FairJuly Workshops Online Survey Yes 60.5%71.4%70.1% No 11.0%7.1%8.8% Not Sure 26.5%21.4%21.2% N =19656137

10 Question 8: Should the majority of new Parks and Recreational areas in Jefferson County be: County FairJuly Workshops Online Survey Located within neighborhoods within walking or biking distance of homes 33.0%28.6%31.4% Located in areas primarily accessible by driving 3.0%3.6%1.5% Co-located with schools, public libraries, senior centers, or other community facilities 22.0%37.5%22.6% Located at the edges of towns, cities, or villages 6.0%8.9%2.9% Spread throughout the county 32.5%21.4%37.2% N = 19356131

11 Question 9: Where do you think that new trails in Jefferson County should be located (these could be walking trails, bicycle trails, trails for horseback riding, or a mixture of the above?) (Please select no more than two) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Between Harpers Ferry/Bolivar and Charles Town along US 340 38.1%25.0%31.6% Between Shepherdstown and Charles Town (Flowing Springs Rd.) 23.3%32.1%31.6% Along US 340 South 7.9%7.1%9.8% From Charles Town to Middleway along WV 51 15.9%5.4%9.0% Along the Potomac and/or Shenandoah rivers 37.6%28.6%39.8% Between Shepherdstown and Harpers Ferry/Bolivar 21.2%25.0%31.6% Other (please specify) 6.9%28.6%13.5% N = 18956133

12 Question 10: What types of Park and Recreational facilities should be constructed in Jefferson County over the next two decades? (Please select no more than two) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Active recreation; such as playing fields, tennis or basketball courts, or skate parks 33.5%45.5%41.8% Passive recreation, such as open space, hiking trails, or picnic areas 50.3%49.1%61.9% Swimming or aquatic facilities (this could range from one or more swimming pools to a water park) 40.0%25.5%42.5% Pet friendly recreation (such as a dog park) 19.5%7.3%12.7% Agricultural based recreation (such as a community or childrens garden) 21.1%23.6%15.7% Other (please specify) 5.4%14.5%10.4% N = 184 55134

13 Question 11: What types of Natural Resources should the County focus on protecting? (Please select no more than two) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Watersheds and waterways 38.5%61.8%71.2% Farmlands and agricultural areas 42.3%32.7%52.3% Forests and woodlands 23.6%7.3%41.7% Highlands and steep slopes 5.5%1.8%12.1% Other (please specify) 10.4%10.9%6.8% N =18255132

14 Question 12: While there is a desire for the protection of Jefferson County's historic resources, limited funding is available to do so. Based on this, what two types of Historic Resources should the County prioritize for protection? (Please select no more than two) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Historic structures 68.1%61.1%68.4% Battlefields 36.2%25.9%38.3% Military corridors 7.0%0.0%3.0% Rail/river corridors 27.0%37.0%30.1% High impact viewsheds 23.2%38.9%39.1% Other (please specify) 3.2%7.4%5.3% N = 185 54133

15 Question 13: It is projected that approximately 10,000 new jobs will be created within Jefferson County between 2013 and 2035. What types of businesses should Economic Development efforts be focused on in Jefferson County? (Please select no more than three) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Technology jobs 57.2%70.4%68.4% Warehouses 10.2%3.7%5.1% Hospitality and tourism (may include Arts and Culture, Sports and Gaming, or Outdoor Recreation) 34.2%46.3%34.6% Educational and training facilities 40.6%44.4%37.5% Small, locally owned businesses 41.1%33.3%50.7% Call centers and back office facilities 3.2%7.4%6.6% Medical facilities 20.9%13.0%26.5% Agriculture and farming 25.6%40.7%22.8% Other (please specify) 4.3%1.9%5.1% N =18754136

16 Question 14: Based on future growth projections, both within Jefferson County and within the Eastern Panhandle, there will be additional demands on the Countys transportation network. With that in mind, what should local, state, and federal agencies be focused on in serving the transportation needs of the County and the region? (Please select no more than two) County FairJuly WorkshopsOnline Survey Widen major roadways within Jefferson County 27.3%35.2%32.4% Provide public transit connections between areas within Jefferson County and to Martinsburg via PanTran 30.5%14.8%16.2% Increase frequency and length of PanTran services (including weekend and/or evening service) 17.1%11.1%16.2% Add additional service via MARC to the Washington, DC area (including mid-day and/or weekend service) 48.1%61.1%54.4% Commuter Bus Service to Northern Virginia 20.3%18.5%25.7% Provide bicycle and walking trail connections between the cities/towns and villages of Jefferson County. 26.7%33.3%32.4% Other (please specify) 5.9%9.3%13.2% N = 18654 136

17 Online Survey Assessment of Goals Based on Respondents interested in specific goal Graded on a 1 to 5 scale (1 being not interested and 5 being very interested) 122 Respondents Divided into Five Elements

18 Land Use and Growth Management Element

19 Economic Development, Employment, and Infrastructure Element

20 Cultural, Historic, and Natural Resources, and Recreation Element

21 Education Element

22 Finance, Public Safety, and Governance Element

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