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Giacomo Crucil Forest and Environmental Sciences University of Padua Pre-case study: Holiday Farm House Ai Casali.

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1 Giacomo Crucil Forest and Environmental Sciences University of Padua Pre-case study: Holiday Farm House Ai Casali

2 The Holiday Farm House Ai Casali is located in the valley of the river Natisone, about 3 km far from the town and historical centre of Cividale del Friuli.

3 It is located in a small rural area in strict contanct with a hilly region covered by forests.

4 Holiday Farm House Ai Casali Cividale del Friuli

5 In its legal form the Holiday Farm House Ai Casali is a Simple Partnership and it is a family managed business.

6 The national law 96/2006 provided the definition for Holiday Farm as: an activity managed by a farmer that provide hospitality by the use of his own firm, in a strict connection with the managment of the land, of the forest and of the animals.

7 Ai Casali is not properly a holiday farm as defined by the national law but a holiday farm house since it not provide meals with home-made products but only accomodations and breakfast. (This status prevent from gaining some incentives)

8 Founded in 2002 by Iuri Giuseppe, then enlarged and finished in 2004. The enterprise is managed by Iuri Elisa with the help of the other three family members (father, mother and brother).

9 Propietor is Iuri Giuseppe. Manager is his son Iuri Elisa. They are going to assume an amployee as manager of the business.

10 The contest In Italy financing for Holiday Farms are regulated by the regions. In Friuli VG: last regional law 17-10-2007, n.25 More than 20 holiday farm houses in the town territory of Cividale del Friuli

11 What Ai Casali offers: 12 rooms and 3 apartments (30 beds) garden with barbeque swimming pool no restrictions for pets mountain bikes gym and sauna taxi service from/to the train station farm with animals (didactic farm) A beautiful rural and natural environment breakfast

12 Main PROS The biggest accomodation capability for a holiday farm in the town territory and neighbouring zones; Fortunate location: in a wide natural, calm space but not far from the services of the city;

13 Main PROS Family managed business, well appreciated by visitors ; The swimming pool: the first holiday farm to have one. Today only 2 in the whole town territory and neighbouring zones;

14 Main CON They do not provide meals with local home-made products (to become properly a holiday farm and receive the incentives they should provide meals with at least the 70% of home-made products); Lots of holiday farm competitors born in the last years (is it a CON?).

15 The economical world crisis Quite low effects on Ai Casali: since 2002 an increasing number of visitors every year in 2009/2010 a temporary stop in this increment today visitors are increasing again

16 The contest Quite strict national and regional laws for the definition of Holiday Farm status… …mainly with the aim of the conservation of the local traditions Tendency to adopt a sustaining innovation strategy And gain the incentives for determined services

17 Some elements of radical innovation by Ai Casali: The enlargement of the accomodation capability from 5 to 30 beds in 2 years; The construction of the private swimming pool, the first in the town territory. A succesfull strategy, the number of guests slowly grows every year

18 What to do now with: A lot of rooms and a big structure? Land, space for crops and forests? Receipts from a growing number of guests?

19 The idea is: Manage the land an the forest for the production of quality farm products and… …open the restaurant!

20 Why: Possibility for incentives with the status of Holiday Farm; The surrounding territory can be source for a lot of products: agricultural and non-wood forest products; Visitors are much interested in traditional cuisine; The farm can become an attraction, also for didactic purposes (schools, childrens).

21 Non-wood forest products

22 Main PROS The family managed business can be the optimal form to manage this kind of activity; Not a particulary and huge investment. The family already posses the land and the infrastructures; Much more visibility in the market and incentives, both by the help of the regional administration;

23 Main CONS It will take time and strength of will: it could be a burden for the family; It will require to hire one or more external employees (more investments) The young components of the family may choose not to follow the activity (i.e. other kinds of studies)

24 Holiday Farm House Ai Casali Via Guspergo 17 33043 Cividale del Friuli, UDINE, Italy Tel and fax +39 0432701498 Email


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