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Electromobility program ELMO Opening new horizons Heikki Parve Housing and Energy Efficiency Division KredEx.

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1 Electromobility program ELMO Opening new horizons Heikki Parve Housing and Energy Efficiency Division KredEx

2 Agenda KredEx ELMO programm: – Grant scheme – Fast charging network – Car sharing program – Demo centers Energy efficiency measures in housing

3 Founded in 2001 Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications State guarantee limit for: – Business loans, guarantees – Export guarantees – Housing loans, guarantees, grants – ELMO programm Fully accredited for using ERDF and ESF Member of AECM, NEFI, IUHF KredEx: solid foundation


5 Our partner in EV program: Mitsubishi Corporation Global emission trade to support the eco- innovation Estonia sells 10m AAUs of CO2 emission quota to Mitsubishi Corp to finance electromobility program

6 Policy implementation process ImplementationPolicy design Policy framework Ministry of Environment Ministry of Economic Affairs Infrastructure (KredEx) Grants (KredEx) Promotion (KredEx) Ministry of Social Affairs Program of demo cars

7 Fitting the pieces together Program overview Advanced charging infrastructure EV Grants Demo & Awareness raising Car sharing Demo centers

8 EV GRANTS How to bring the EVs to the market?

9 Purchase grants Goal: to speed up the demand for EVs Bring down the upfront cost of EVs Grant period: 2011-2014 (December) Budget: more than 9 MEUR minimum 500EVs

10 Electric vehicle grants Up to -50% from the price for full-EV Max 18 000 EUR per car, + 1000 EUR for home charger Applications (cumulative): number of the EVs purchased with grants

11 Plugin-hybrid grants Since November 2012 From 7%-30% grant from upfront price Depends on battery capacity Grant rates for PHEVs Battery capacities

12 Applications by models Car models Nissan Leaf (74) Mia L/Amore(35) Micro-vett Fiat Fiorino EV (19) Mitsubishi iMiev (14) Peugeot iOn (2) CitroenC-Zero (2) Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid (1)


14 Obligation to use green certificates Every grant receiver is obliged to purchase guarantees of origin (green certificates) based on their cars energy consumption Every January each grant receiver reports their annual mileage to KredEx and we calculate their electricity consumption and calculate how much green certificates is required Grant receivers have to purchase and report the green certificates to KredEx

15 How do we achieve 100% CO2 emission free driving with the EVs? Renewable energy producers Market of guarantees of origins Producer puts GOs to the market EV owner calculates the energy consumption of the car per year and purchases the Guarantees of Origins System operator (Elering) maintains the accounts of renewable energy usage EV owner No matter where you charge its always 100% renewable! Its the origin of the electricity that matters! System operator System operator issues guarantees of origins (GOs) corresponding to the actual production of renewable energy 1 23 4 5

16 CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE The unique large scale EV infrastructure project in Europe

17 Building permits Installation Project scope Q2 2011Q3 2011Q4 2011Q1 2012Q2 2012Q3 2012Q4 2012Q1 2013 Procurement Locations map Guidelines Planning, design, projects Locations, connections Chargers Service and IT Tech. Spec. Negotations Application for connections Agreements Elect. projects Winner: ABB Building of QCs Winner: G4S, NowTraining Development Launch

18 The largest quick charging network in Europe Quick facts Project start: June 2011 Installation start: June 2012 Quick chargers working: 157 Total number: 165 Operated by ABB, G4S and Now! Innovations

19 DC+AC fast charger DC: CHAdeMO AC 22kW Type2/Mode3 Manufacturer: ABB Authentication: – RFID – SMS – Mobile app

20 Private operator, selected by KredEx for 5 years Owned by KredEx Operating model Assets Services Quick chargers Network management system Locations for chargers High power grid connections Intellectual property Charger control and maintenance Business services Customer support Security services Asset management KredEx selected private operator to run the charging network for 5 years. Operator will receive a service fee for the operation. No profit from energy sales during initial 5 years.

21 Statistics over first quarter More than 7000 charging sessions served More than 50MWh of energy delivered to EVs More than 200 customer accounts / many with multiple RFID-cards Average: – Duration of charging session: 21 minutes – Amount of energy charged: 7kWh

22 DEMONSTRATION AND AWARENESS RAISING How to disseminate EV-related information to wider audience

23 Demonstration fleet 507 x FOR SOCIAL WORKERS AROUND ESTONIA

24 Promotion of EVs Create awareness ELMO brand and visual identity Public relations management Advertise Outdoor TV commercials Online advertising Engage the enthusiasts social media EV tours

25 Outdoor advertising

26 EV tours 4 cities: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere Daily events and demodrives with the EVs

27 CAR SHARING Drive the EV without owning one

28 Car sharing in Tallinn and Tartu Hotspots: DC quick chargers + parking areas Self-service short term rent over the mobile phone Pick-up & Drop-off in hotspots Rental sessions added to your monthly bill Charging is free Ca 6 EUR per hour Launch: July 2013 (demo)

29 Cars Mitsubishi iMievNissan Leaf 8x16x If we receive positive feedback from the market we will enlarge the portfolio. We are not fixed to those two models

30 DEMOCENTERS Build the future for the EVs

31 Democenters - what they are? Exibitions to promote EV technology and ELMO program Real-life EV simulator Chargers Technology displays Background information

32 Preview


34 ~95% housing stock is in private ownership: –~60% of the housing stock has been built in 1960-1990 –~30% before 1960 ~75% population living in multi- apartment buildings Low quality and low energy efficiency –Average energy consumption per year in buildings which have not been renovated 200- 220 kWh/m 2 Energy used in buildings ~40% Housing stock

35 Studies about situation in buildings Favorable loan from revolving fund Grants (from state and municipalities): energy audits, project design documents renovation Consultants to help by decision making at GA Awareness raising campaigns Best Practice Projects Partners: Local municipalities Estonian Union of Housing Associations Estonian Union of Facility Managers

36 Revolving fund for renovation Fund 49 mio 1 ERDF to fund equity 17 mio 1 ERDF to fund equity 17 mio 2 CEB loan 28,8 mio 3 Favorable funding to the commercial banks State guarantee 4 EE loan to HOA, Commercial bank takes the risk of lenders

37 15% –fulfill the terms for renovation loan, –energy saving 20 or 30%, according to the size of the building –Energy label E, energy consumption < 250 kWh/m² 25% –roof, facade, windows (U 1,1) heating system, –energy saving at least 40% –Energy label D, energy consumption < 200 kWh/m² 35% –roof, facade, windows (U 1,1) heating system, heat-recovery ventilation system, –energy saving at least 50% –Energy label C, energy consumption < 150 kWh/m² In all the cases it is obligatory to fulfill the criteria for indoor climate! Grant 15, 25 or 35% Do more – get more

38 635 buildings, 23 451 apartments, 54 000 inhabitants Ca 1 550 000 m² (6,7% from total ap. m²) Total 49 mio credit, 20,8 mio grant Investment 87,2 mio, average 137 000 Expected saving 39%, 75 GWh per year Expected saving 20 years 1 500 GWh Changes in behavior: – From single works to complete renovation –Heating costs are measured by apartments Results combined

39 Before After

40 Thank you! Heikki Parve KredEx Hobujaama 4 10151 Tallinn, Estonia Tel: +372 6674 100 Fax: +372 6674 101 E-mail:

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