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Scott Miller, ChargePoint

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1 Scott Miller, ChargePoint
ChargePoint and Your EV Fleet: Control and Predictability for EV Fleet Operations Scott Miller, ChargePoint October 25, 2012

2 Why are Organizations Introducing EVs into Fleets?
Lower operations costs Ongoing fuel savings Significant maintenance savings Distinguish organization as: Environmentally conscious, clean Visionary Innovative Great organization to work for or do business with Meet greenhouse gas reduction goals Comply with clean air mandates Take advantage of grant $ Earn LEED points

3 Fleet Vision “This is the latest and largest-ever addition of electric vehicles to the City’s fleet, which is already the largest municipal clean-air vehicle fleet in the nation.” — Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City "The City of Anaheim has committed that 90 percent of our light and medium duty fleet will be alt fuel or electric drive by the year Installing ChargePoint is part of our plan for promoting the use of greener vehicles in our fleets, among our utility customers, and within our city.“ — Spokesperson for Anaheim Public Utilities “We want to get cars in certain locations where the public can try out electric vehicle travel without having to make the commitment to buy.” — Richard Broome, SVP Corp. Affairs & Communications Hertz

4 Fleet Requirements for EV Charging
See at-a-glance that all electric fleet vehicles are charged and ready See remotely that all stations are up and running and healthy Receive alerts when something unexpected happens Access detailed data to understand usage and costs and be able to slice data multiple ways and easily allocate costs Easily track gasoline savings and greenhouse gas emissions prevented Control who gets to use what stations Support drivers who use the stations 24x7 Keep stations up to date

5 ChargePoint: The Solution
Services for Fleet Operators Services for Drivers Mobile apps Customer support ChargePoint-Enabled Stations

6 ChargePoint Across the Country

7 ChargePoint in New England

8 Single Port 220 Volt Wall Mounted Unit

9 Dual Port 220 Volt with Cord Management

10 Ensure Your EVs Are Always Charged and Ready
See at a glance where each vehicle is plugged in: Color coding shows whether charging is in progress or complete for each vehicle A special indication alerts you if any vehicles have a problem with charging Summary table shows number of your EVs that are: Fully charged Currently charging Not plugged in Have a charging fault View charging stats for a specific fleet, or for all of your electric fleet vehicles Click a vehicle on the map to view details, including charging stats, location

11 Receive Daily Summary Reports
See centralized charging stats for your entire EV inventory (i.e., overdue for charging, charging complete) Eliminate the “forgot to plug in” excuse Rest assured that all fleet vehicles will be ready for next business day Receive alerts by or text at the times you specify

12 Never Be Surprised by an Uncharged Vehicle
Receive an and/or text message alert if a charging interruption occurs, with a vehicle that is plugged in Be alerted if charging is suspended: The cord is removed unexpectedly The car terminates charging A ground fault occurs The car tries to draw more power than allowed “We set up notifications in Fleet Manager, and it saved us money as soon as I received an alert that one of our vehicles wasn’t charging. It had lost its connection. Getting alerted to the problem enabled us to fix it quickly and get the vehicle charged and ready for use.” — David Head, Fleet Manager, County of Sonoma

13 Intelligence to Track Usage, Costs and Savings
Monitor energy consumption to track ongoing fuel costs Summarize by department, fleet or vehicle Export by department or fleet for easy accounting / cross-department billing of fuel costs Export by vehicle, combine with other data to manage vehicle lifecycles See gasoline avoided to track fuel cost savings Track by vehicle, fleet, department and entire electric vehicle inventory Track greenhouse gas emissions prevented for Reporting ongoing progress and success of sustainability initiatives Grant reporting Review station utilization by time of day, know when and where you need to add more stations View detailed data on charging sessions, start and stop times, charge duration Pull summary reports by day, week, month and year, or filter reports by any custom time period

14 Simplicity No IT staff required to deploy and maintain
Fleet Management ChargePoint Services Team Simply log in and configure: Access Pricing Reservations Display messages See real-time stations status Monitors real-time station alarms Diagnoses, re-sets and upgrades stations remotely Keeps entire system up-to-date Supports station owners

15 Insight See the status of all your stations, all the time
See at-a-glance which of your stations are: In use Available Experiencing a fault Ensure all your stations are healthy Color-coding alerts you to any problems Status is real-time and up to date Fleet drivers can also see availability Using ChargePoint mobile app Or in-car/mobile navigation systems

16 Driver/Station Owner Support
ChargePoint 24x7 station-side services Driver support number on every charging station Driver support number on ChargePoint card Support phone number on driver web site Driver alerted if ever charging is interrupted Driver support phone # appears in alerts Driver support address prominent in mobile apps Ensures a good driver experience

17 Share Stations with the Public to Offset Costs
Reserve a station at set hours for fleet vehicles, while allowing public pay-for-use access at other hours Structure pay-for-use fees exactly as you want Structure by time, charging session, or kWh Set different fees by time of day Define minimum or maximum payments (maximize revenues) Set different fees by time of day to take advantage of time-of-use electricity pricing, or to optimize revenues Optionally set fees differently by station Create preferential pricing for any driver or group Allow ChargePoint to process all payments, and transfer funds into your account monthly

18 Drivers Can Fuel Up Wherever They Go
Thousands of public charging spots up and running on ChargePoint Drivers can use their ChargePoint card to access stations outside the fleet depot All usage tracked to ChargePoint account, regardless of stations used Drivers can find ChargePoint stations with: ChargePoint mobile apps ChargePoint web site A variety of navigation systems Drivers see station availability from these apps Drivers can view charging stats as car charges

19 ChargePoint: Open Charging Network Leader
Top Company in Electric Vehicle Supply Market #1 in Strategy #1 in Execution #1 Overall 20 Small Businesses of the Future Top Private Companies in Clean Technology Industry The 50 Best Inventions of 2010

20 The Largest Network of Independently Owned Charging Stations in the World
70%+ of the public charging station market 1,200+ companies providing charging via ChargePoint 9,600+ charging spots 706+ Megawatt hours (MWh) dispensed each month 1,770,000 gallons of gas avoided (annual equivalent) of 27 million lbs. of Co2 emissions prevented 4,100 times every day drivers plug into a ChargePoint station 41,500+ mobile app downloads 14 countries ChargePoint Did you know? In the last 12 months 1.3 billion dollars worth of plug in vehicles have been sold. Up 244% from the previous year.

21 Thank You For further information, please contact: Scott Miller

22 Market Forces are Driving EV Adoption
Battery Technology Roadmap Consumers Support for clean energy Better driving experience 10:1 Long-term cost advantage Auto Manufacturers Must average 54.5 MPG across the fleet by 2025 Delivering 40+ new EV models in next few years 3,000+ EVs on New England roads today. 25,000+ by 2015. Government Providing purchase incentives $2 billion in grants issued Energy independence Cost Declines Supply chain improvements narrowing the initial cost gap Battery cost declining significantly Battery weight expected to plummet 22 Projected EV Installed Base (millions) Wall Street Research ABI Research 22

23 Fleets Create Buzz with EV Charging
New NYPD Vehicles to Be 'Charged and Released' (Hint: They Are EVs) City of Anaheim Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Station Hertz plugs its new electric car fleet Google loves its electric vehicle fleet New York City Adding 70 EVs to Fleet

24 Turn Key Solution for EV Charging
Charging Stations Billing Services Reservations Smartphone Apps Advertising Authentication Asset Management Energy Management 24/7 Driver Care Station Owner Care Monitoring & Reporting Remote Maintenance

25 ChargePoint Service Plan for Fleet Management
ChargePoint’s cloud-based fleet management solution provides maximum predictability and control, allowing tracking and allocating costs and savings and lower on-going operational costs of managing your EV fleets: Turn-key software solution for managing electric vehicle charging services and stations Cloud-based: effortless to deploy and maintain Handles all payment processing Includes 24x7 station-side driver support Provides the flexibility to set up your EV charging operations exactly how you need them Has the intelligence to monitor, report and manage program success Works with any ChargePoint-ready charging stations 25

26 ChargePoint Customers
Municipal Parking Apartments Parking Services Hospitality Companies and Retailers EV Service Providers & Utilities Workplace Fleets

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