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Strategies to Expand Housing Opportunities in Lebanon County.

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1 Strategies to Expand Housing Opportunities in Lebanon County

2 Our Elders 17% - residents 65+ 30% - households include residents 65+ 11% - households are 65+ living alone

3 Personal Impacts of Aging – Reduced hearing & vision – Decreased muscle strength & endurance – Decreased mobility & increased risk of falls – Mental health conditions

4 80% of elders …..want to stay in their own homes and never move.

5 Project Goal: Expand affordable housing – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) – Visitability

6 Accessory Dwelling Units

7 ADU Characteristics Separate living space with kitchen and bathroom facilities that is subordinate to a single family residence. Attached or detached from primary dwelling

8 Other Common Names Conversion Apartments Accessory Apartments In-Laws Quarters Granny Flats Carriage House ECHO (Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity)

9 History of ADUs More common in early 20 th century single-family housing Post WWII suburban growth emphasized single family development and prohibited ADUs Many unpermitted ADUs exist in U.S.

10 ADUs Have Been Utilized Even Longer

11 ADU Types and Designs

12 Interior ADUs Located within primary dwelling Converts existing space attics/basements.

13 Interior ADU

14 ADUs by Addition Living spaces added on to primary dwelling. Located at side or rear of primary structure. Extra bedrooms or attached garage

15 Detached ADUs Structurally separate from primary dwelling. Constructed over existing accessory structures or Built as separate units from accessory and residential structures.

16 ADU Benefits for the Family Keep families together Increase monitoring capacity for caregivers Relieve financial burden of mortgage payments and maintenance expenses

17 ADU Community Benefits Increases housing options Increase affordable housing without public subsidy Dispersal of affordable housing Fosters community Smart growth goals

18 Basic Principles Dont over regulate Provide clear standards

19 Lebanon County Ordinances Conversion apartments 8 municipalities ECHO 3 municipalities Limited zones

20 Approaches for Lebanon County Zoning Permit by right Conversions Detached structures ECHO (Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity) Fewer special exemption/conditional permits Allow in broad range of zones

21 Monitoring Allow for inspections Annual Code compliance Change of use Change of ownership

22 Design Standards Setbacks Meet requirements of primary unit Lot size Conforms with primary SFR requirement Size of ADU Maximum of 800 sq. ft. or no more than 35% of living area Bedrooms 1 bedroom Kitchen & bathroom facility

23 Design Standards Parking One off-street parking space required Height Primary unit should be higher than ADU Appearance Consistent architectural character Entrance ADU primary entrance should not be accessed from main facade

24 Utilities Multiple utility meters allowed for: Water/Sewer Electric Septic System/Well require certificate of capacity

25 Occupancy Owner Lives in either primary unit or ADU Familial relationship with renter None required Renting allowed

26 VisitAbility A movement to change home construction practices so that virtually all new homes offer a few specific features making the home easier for mobility-impaired people to live in and visit. – Concrete

27 Disability Statistics Source: 2009 ACS Pennsylvania Age >5 years: 14.7% with a disability Age > 65 years: 51.4% with a disability Source: JAPA 2008 Nationwide A SF house built in 2000 has a 60% chance of being home to a disabled resident. And a 91% chance of having a disabled visitor.

28 3-Main Elements of VisitAbility Zero-Step Entrance Doors and Hallways: 32 min width At least ½ Bathroom on the Main Floor

29 Zero-Step Entrance Max Slope of the approach 1:12 /2

30 Inaccessible Sites Excessive Slope No Driveway Lack of Rear Access

31 32 Wide Doorways & Hallways

32 First-Floor Bathroom ty/bathroom.php4

33 History of Regulations 1992 Atlanta, GA: City Ordinance for publicly funded homes 2001 Vermont: Comprehensive Mandatory Law 2002 Pima County, AZ: All new Single-Family homes By 2006 11,000 visitable homes constructed 1992-2008 Nationwide: 57 local and State laws enacted 2006 PA: Residential Visitability Design Tax Credit provides up to $2,500 credit to the property owner

34 Pennsylvanias Visitability Requirements- Voluntary No-Step Entrance with a threshold < ¾ Entry Doors min. width 32 Interior circulation 36 min. and Interior doorways 32 min. 1 bathroom with 30 x 48 min. clear floor space

35 VisitAbility Construction Costs 6 builders constructed 13 VisitAble houses in PA Site Work: $ 559.00 Foundation: $ 841.00 Garage: $ 54.00 Framing: $ 184.00 Interior: $ 122.00 Bath: $ 238.00 Total $1,660.00 Average Renovation Costs $6,000 - $8,000

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