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Principals Overview Presented by: Mrs. Myra L. Martinez.

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1 Principals Overview Presented by: Mrs. Myra L. Martinez

2 Founded in 1965. Fairview Elementary, originally named for its location within the Espanola Valley. Renamed Eutimio "Tim" Salazar III Fairview Elementary, more commonly known as ETS Fairview Elementary in 1997. 3rd largest elementary school in the district Enrolls approximately 350 students in kindergarten through 6th Grade.

3 Students in the Fairview area of the city of Espanola are served, including the areas of: North and South McCurdy Road El Llano Road and Area Santa Cruz Historic Plaza area West and East side of Riverside Drive from SR 76 through El Llano Rd. North SR 76 from Riverside to S. McCurdy

4 TypeCommunities Established Subdivisions & Housing Areas Yates Subdivision McCurdy Circle E. PuebloGodfrey/Tesuque Lane Valley EstatesChacoma Vistas S. OrchardLos Arboles Shadowood LaneVista del Rio Calle RedondaStarlighter Apartment ComplexLa Joya Duplex (14)La Joya Duplex (6) Ash Loop Duplex Trailer ParksChacoma Vista Trailer ParkCooks Trailer Park Monteray Lane Trailer ParkEl Milagro Trailer Park Vista del Valle Starligher Loop Subsidized Housing AreasCamino Quintana (Duplex)Villa del Norte (Duplex) Santa Clara (Apartments) Duran Street (Duplex) Zia Estates (Trailer Park) La Vista del Rio (Apartments)

5 Enrollment Data 2011/122012/132013/14Difference K654461-4 1556239-16 24853 5 35244564 4 3748-8 5704341-29 6525740-12 Total 398340338-60 Ethnicity & Gender Data 2011/122012/132013/14 FEMALEMALEFEMALEMALEFEMALEMALE Asian050500 Black000100 Caucasian127 3 Pacific Islander000000 Native American424363 Hispanic192176164148162144 Sub Total 208190180160180159 Total 398340339 Special Education Data 2011/122012/132013/14Difference LEVEL A14152612 LEVEL B1411140 LEVEL C0122 LEVEL D897 Total 36 4913

6 Enrollment 339 Students 180 Girls (53 %) 159 Boys (47 %) Ethnicity 90% Hispanic 7% Caucasian 3% Native American Income 87% low income 100% Universal Free Lunch Program Language Program 88 ELL Students (26%) 2 hour BEP 333 Heritage Language (98%) 1 hour BEP 6 opt out of the BEP (2%) 0 hour BEP Special Education Program A Level = 26 ( 7.67 %) B Level = 14 ( 4.13 %) C Level = 2 ( 0.59 %) D Level = 7 ( 2.06 %) Total = 49 (14.45 %)

7 Diverse region known as the "Heart of Northern New Mexico Long standing Norteno Culture – distinguished by feelings of Self, Family, Faith, Culture, Perseverance and Commitment; all of which are molded, shaped, and influenced by the area, the place, the home, the family, and the strong Norteño heritage that has evolved throughout the years in the Española Valley. Española is an area rich in culture and diversity which serves as a strength in the area.

8 ETS Fairview Elementary serves students from the Española area within the county of Rio Arriba. Challenges facing the community and school system include: Poverty Drug use Single parent households Non-traditional families (grandparents or other family members raising children) Limited economic opportunities High influx of undocumented immigrants and limited English proficient students and families High mobility rate (in and out of district mobility) Limited community activities and resources for school aged children and families

9 Certified Staff 28 Certified & Support staff 17 Kinder – Sixth Grade 11 Support Staff 9Level 3 Staff 13Level 2 Staff 6 Level 1 Staff Classified Staff 10 Educational Assistants (Level 3) 1 Office Manager 4 Custodial 4 Cook Ancillary Staff OT PT RT SLP SW Psychology Audiology Visual Support Staff Administrator(1.0) Instructional Coach (0.6) Counselor(1.0) Nurse(1.0) Library Media (0.8) Physical Education (1.0) Title I Interventionist(1.0) Spanish Language Arts(1.0) Special Education (2.0) Music (0.4)

10 Our mission is to promote positive attitudes and nourish a love for learning. Our vision is everyday we do our best.

11 Student learning is the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of our school. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school's mission. Students are successful when they have appropriate learning opportunities and are actively engaged in the learning process. A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.

12 Curriculum should incorporate a variety of learning approaches to accommodate differences in needs, interests, and learning styles. Challenging expectations increase individual student performance. Curriculum should include the technological advances of an ever-changing world. The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if a school is to enable students to become confident, self- directed, life-long learners. Students will make the transition to becoming productive citizens by respecting individual rights and by recognizing their responsibilities in promoting a democratic society.

13 1. Meeting students social and emotional needs Partnerships with local Counseling agencies Partnerships with local emergency response agencies School based counseling, social work and psychological services. 2. Meeting our students Spanish/English language needs ETS hired a Spanish Resource Instructor (2013/2014 SY) Servicing 97% of our students in a 1 and 2 hour Bilingual Education Program (BEP) Piloting the ____ Curriculum in grades K-4. 3. Providing Consistent Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction Partnerships with Math and Science Academy (MSA) and Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2) Strengthen our mathematics curriculum Provide professional development Assisted in monitor student growth and achievement Supported the implementation of Common Core State Standards and Mathematical Practices.

14 4. Providing Consistent Reading Curriculum & Instruction ETS hired a shared Literacy Coach (Spring 2013) ETS Fairview began their Read to Lead initiative, Enacted the K-3 DIBELS Formative Assessment (Fall 2013) Structured Professional Development for literacy. 5. Providing Consistent Science Curriculum & Instruction Partnerships with LANL Foundation and launched the Northern New Mexico Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC) Goal – to improve performance of high-need students in grades K-6. Five-year commitment towards providing inquiry science instruction Ongoing professional development Ongoing replenishment of inquiry science kit materials ISEC trained Science Literacy Coaches (SLCs)

15 6. Supporting our Special Education students' needs ETS hired a new, level 3 resource teacher Dual license as a special education teacher and speech language pathologist Extensive experience with American Sign Language Experience & training in servicing and providing intervention to students with dyslexia and reading disabilities 7. 6 th Grade – Close Up Program 18 years outreach program sponsored by teacher Jeanette Martinez Designed to give students hands-on opportunities to interact with government and history in Washington, DC. Interactive approach to help students explore the links between history and the rights and responsibilities of citizens today 8. 6 th Grade – Northern New Mexico College S.T.E.M. Initiative Targeted college readiness experience for middle school age students Students participate in arranged college visits, and experience campus life Students attend actual college S.T.E.M. classes (lessons are adapted for their age group)









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