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TC Ford Plant, Saint Paul, MN Opened in 1924 Longest continuously running Ford plant In 2006 Ford declared: TCAP closure by 2009 Positive Ranger sales.

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2 TC Ford Plant, Saint Paul, MN Opened in 1924 Longest continuously running Ford plant In 2006 Ford declared: TCAP closure by 2009 Positive Ranger sales extended closing date Ford officially close s plant on Dec 22, 2011 Phases of demolition - Fall of 2012 Redevelopment that is now "an opportunity of a lifetime" Everyone in Saint Paul, the TC region and the country is involved for the jobs and the planet.

3 Vision of ARISE An Alliance of Labor, Community, Environmental, and Youth Organizations working together fo r sustainable development benefiting Saint Paul, the region and all new cities Re-Invigorate the Ford Site with high-value jobs Mixed-Use R ed evelopment with Three Core Values De-carbonize Equalize Re-Invigorate ARISE values are well aligned with Saint Pauls Sustainability Report and the Port Authority Re i ndustrialization Study

4 Similar Projects Dockside Green: V ictoria, BC SoMo: Sonoma, CA 15 acres of Victorias Inner Harbour Converted manufacturing site Residential, office, retail, & commercial Mixed income (Not as much as ARISE plan would be) Trying for LEED Platinum 200 acres site converted to mixed use, solar-powered, zero waste community with clean tech production at its core Leed Platinum High performance and replicable

5 Similar Projects WĀV: Ventura, California Place Working Artists Ventura (WĀV) First Sustainable Artist Community Mixed incomelive/work community Provides mixed land use for art and community LEED Certified Nonprofit which focuses on building sustainable, affordable communities that blend arts with Green Manufacturing Partners Projects Philadelphia, AZ, and WĀV Main office in Minneapolis Potential partner

6 ARISE Moving Forward Our vision has grown to include: High-value Jobs Increased Tax Base Efficient Transit ARISE encourages collaboration as the redevelopment process continues and asks supporters of the ARISE plan to be engaged and active in the planning process. Localized Economy On-site Clean Energy Open Space & Urban Agriculture

7 High Value Jobs Family Sustaining Increases Diversity Values the Whole Person AVERAGE SCENERIO 1-5 ARISE Median Wage/Year$38,074$41,908 Number of Jobs5,5698,964 Aggregate Earnings/Year $85,252,400$131,309,876* *Higher Density Jobs Higher Wages=More Community Jobs High Job Multiplier De-carbonizes: Product/Process Permanent University of Minnesota, ARCH 851 students

8 Study for Saint Paul Port Authority – May 2012 Land Use and Urban Development Loss of valuable industrial land in cities Creative re-use of sites and buildings Progressive American urban development Local Resource Production Clean tech production needed for valuable products Producing goods locally Decrease in transit

9 Study for Saint Paul Port Authority – May 2012 Job Creation Industrial jobs have higher job creation rates Opportunities for sustainable, high- value jobs for employees of varying backgrounds Economic Growth Improved fiscal health in Saint Paul: good balance of residential growth and job creation Expand production for food processing, medical devices, and clean energy technologies, like solar modules

10 Study for Saint Paul Port Authority – May 2012

11 Ford Site Sustainable Redevelopment Report Aligned with ARISE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC "live-work-shop-recreate" energy conservation renewable energy waste reduction central location easy transport of goods and people collaboration stakeholders involved in planning process locally/regionally sourced materials long term investments in infrastructure VALUES COMMUNITY DIVERSITY multi-modal travel public transit, biking, walking adds a significant tax base

12 Ford Site Sustainable Redevelopment Report the redeveloped Ford Site will balance economic, social and environmental sustainability in a way that conserves and improves the qualities and characteristics of the Highland Park neighborhood and Mississippi River Valley corridor in which it sits, while advancing the Citys economic wealth and community goals, resulting in a forward-thinking 21st century development.

13 Choices of High Efficiency Housing Full Range of Housing Choices Single family units Medium density apartments/condos Hi-Rise garden apartments/condos Benefits of Higher Density Housin g Supports Street Car/Rapid Bus Options Increases tax base Improves Energy Efficiency Increases open space Envision 20 % affordable on-site housing University of Minnesota, ARCH 851 students

14 Transit Opportunities Reduce auto-dependency on-site Expand bus and rail options Support walk and bike-ability Reduce commute time Potential for 2.4 million lb reduction of carbon annually University of Minnesota, ARCH 851 students

15 On-Site Clean Energy Hydropower Active Solar Passive Solar Estimate 253 million kWh of electricity consumed annually Estimate 140.5 – 255.5 million or more kWh of electricity produced annually Anaerobic Digestion Ground-source Heating University of Minnesota, ARCH 851 students

16 Community Open Space Active recreation space: Baseball fields, Greenways Hidden Falls Stream restoration Natural stream thru the center of the new community Abundant Planned Open Space 69 Acres (51% of site) of open space University of Minnesota, ARCH 851 students

17 Re-Connecting to the River Hidden Falls Stream Restored (How it may look) The key ARISE aesthetic and storm water feature Bike/ Walkways connect to the River, Highland and inside a new Bike/Walk neighborhood. Courtesy: Perkins+Will Dockside Green

18 Localized Agriculture Community Gardens for residents and surrounding neighborhood. On-Site Crops for On/Off Site Co- ops and Sustainable Restaurants On-Site Production for Processing Raspberry preserves, Pesto, Salsa, etc Jobs to sustain the community

19 Old Paint Line: Anticipated VOCs, Lead (Heavy Metals), PCBs Rail Yard: Anticipated – Coal Tars, Hydrocarbons (diesel fuels, possible chemical spillage from tank) Hot Spots - Gas Fill, Wheel Paint Spray Booth, Frame Spray Booth, etc Anticipated VOCs, Lead (Heavy Metals) PCBs Existing Concrete Slab / Capped Contaminated Landfill: VOCs, Lead (Heavy Metals) and Paint Sludge (Capped 1990s). No Evidence of Leaking (Considered Permanent). Existing Factory Concrete Slab ARISE Lower Cost / Faster Reuse Plan Bluff Line: No indications of Seepage + the Landfill on the river is stable.

20 ARISE Concept

21 ARISE Concept

22 ARISE Concept

23 ARISE De-carbonize Equalize Re-invigorate University of Minnesota, ARCH 851 students

24 Equalize Provides diverse community access to: Economic Opportunity Open Space Distributed effect of development throughout the region De-carbonize Low GHG Emission Practices guide every plan element Contributing to reduction of environmental effects Community Experience Clean tech production

25 Re-Invigorate Saint Paul/Region Fuel Increased Tax Base Expand Local Economy Foster Job Market Stimulate Higher Levels of Education Reinforce Community Culture and Identity

26 Ford Site Redevelopment Timeline Key Dates and Processes to Impact for ARISE 20122013 Task Jan-MarApril-June July- Sept Oct-DecJan-MarApril-JuneJuly-SeptOct-Dec Preliminary Phase II Environmental Assessment Follow up Environmental Assessment Environmental Remediation Fiscal Analysis Sustainability Planning Green Manufacturing Study Open Space Work Group Equipment Removal Structural Demolition and Site Restoration Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) Master Developer Sought by Ford City and Community Set Zoning & Redevelopment Framework Zoning Amendments to Planning Commission & City Council


28 ARISE Site Plan University of Minnesota, ARCH 8561 student Work Clean Tech | Clean Manufacturing Housing and Retail

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