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UAA Graduate School Orientation How to Navigate UAAs Resources.

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1 UAA Graduate School Orientation How to Navigate UAAs Resources

2 Welcome! On behalf of the Graduate School administration and staff, welcome to the Graduate School. Welcome to the Graduate School

3 UAA Mission Statement The mission of the University of Alaska Anchorage is to discover and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, engagement, and creative expression.

4 The Graduate School Mission Statement The Graduate School of the University of Alaska Anchorage contributes to the advancement of knowledge through research and instruction. The Graduate School encourages qualified undergraduates to pursue graduate study, seeks to foster in each graduate student a spirit of inquiry and a quality of scholarship or artistic excellence consistent with the highest traditions in graduate work, and prepares graduates who are able to assume the professional and scholarly responsibilities of educated persons in a free society. The Graduate School aspires to be a leading driver of high quality graduate education, dedicated to the embodiment of academic and creative excellence, resulting in scholars, researchers, and practitioners committed to and capable of continually broadening the scope of academic discourse, discovery, and innovation.

5 Contact us: Rules, regulations, and formatting assistance: Elisa Mattison & Dr. Yesner – Elisa Mattison 907-786-1096 – Dr. Yesner 907-786-1098 For help with research compliance, contact Kelly McLain. – 786-1099 For assistance with the website: Shelley Chapman – 907-786-1443 For assistance regarding document processing: Marilyn Bost – 907-786-1095 Administration and Staff Individuals: Dean of the Graduate School: Dr. Helena Wisniewski Executive Assistant to the Dean: Cheryl Spalinger Associate Dean of the Graduate School: Dr. David Yesner Director: Elisa Mattison Compliance Administrator: Kelly McLain Coordinator & Webmaster: Shelley Chapman Administrative Aide: Marilyn Bost

6 Chart Dr. Helena Wisniewski, Vice Provost of the Graduate School and Dean of the Graduate School Dr. David Yesner, Associate Dean of the Graduate School Elisa Mattison, Director of the Graduate School Shelley Chapman, Web Coordinator Marilyn Bost, Administrative Aide Kelly McLain, Compliance Administrator Cheryl Spalinger, Executive Assistant to the Dean Keep this chart in mind when seeking assistance. Submittal of theses, status updates, and general questions are most appropriately handled by the Administrative Assistant, Marilyn. The Graduate School

7 The Graduate School serves current and future UAA Graduate students from the beginning of their career in academia to graduation. It plays an integral role at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 9:00-6:00 Friday 9:00- 5:00 Call 907-786-1095 with questions or to set up an appointment. University of Alaska Anchorage

8 The Anchorage Campus Check out a more detailed version of the UAA campus map UAA Campus Map Library Bookstore & Parking Services Financial Aid & Registrar The Graduate Schools current location. Call beforehand to ensure availability.

9 The Administration and Humanities Building is located on-campus between the Fine Arts Building and The Consortium Library. It houses the administrative offices including the Chancellors office, and all humanities discipline classrooms and faculty offices. Administration & Humanities Building

10 Professional Studies Building The College of Education, Anthropology Department and History Department are all located in PSB. With renovations of the Beatrice McDonald Hall underway, PSB now holds classes that were once housed in BMH.

11 ANSEP The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) Building is a place for students, and University faculty and staff to study and work with one another. The goal of the program is to recruit and retain Alaska Native students into engineering and science degree programs Address: University of Alaska Anchorage Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) 3211 Providence Drive, ANSEP 200D1 Anchorage, AK 99508-4614 Components of the program include: Middle School Academy Middle School Academy Computer Assembly Computer Assembly Acceleration Academy Acceleration Academy Jump Start Summer Bridge Component Summer Bridge Component University Success University Success Graduate Success Graduate Success Statistical Data For a full list of contacts, go to the

12 Eugene Short Hall The Eugene Short Hall holds classrooms. In addition, the University Police Departments office is located in this building (Room 114).

13 Health Sciences Building UAA, considered the University of Alaskas health campus, is home to the WWAMI biomedical programAlaskas medical schooland degree programs in the nursing, physician assistant, medical technology, dental assisting and hygiene, and emergency health fields. The 66,000-square- foot HSB facility will help the university respond the Alaskas growing need for well educated health care professionals. The article featured in October 2011 of the Green and Gold News further details the buildingarticle

14 Allied Health Building Part of the College of Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage, the School of Allied Health is home to training programs and facilities for allied health professionals. Effective May 15, 2013, our offices will be temporarily moved to the PSB building, room 146 for the remodeling of the AHS administrative offices.PSB building, room 146

15 The Fine Arts Building This building contains classrooms and faculty offices. The Recital Hall is also located in the Fine Arts Building. Fine Arts Building

16 Integrated Sciences Building Sometimes called the ConocoPhillips Building, ISB contains classrooms, laboratories, and faculty offices. In addition, the planetarium is located here.

17 The Social Sciences Building SSB is immediately adjacent to the library. Both are housed within the same main structure. Walk through the main doors, past Kaladi Brothers Coffee and SSB is to the left. Most of the social science classrooms and faculty offices are located in this building. Social Sciences Building

18 The Sciences Building Not to be confused with the Integrated Sciences Building, the Science Building is located immediately following the Library parking lot. Get filtered water on- campus in the Sciences Building!

19 Engineering Building The engineering building is connected to the library and science building via an outdoor crosswalk and an indoor sky bridge. Engineering Building

20 The College of Business and Public Policy is in Rasmuson Hall. In addition, there are ample study areas, vending machines, and early access. The building is available starting around 7:00. Rasmuson Hall

21 Sally Monserud Hall Sally Monserud Hall contains many helpful resources including an open lab for students, silent study area, writing center, and mathematical assistance. The Learning Resources Center (LRC) is located here.

22 Beatrice McDonald Hall Currently closed for renovations. Most classrooms and faculty offices held in PSB. Anthropology collections, research offices, and graduate student studies have been relocated to 707 A St. For more information regarding the renovations, check out the UAA Construction blog. UAA Construction blog

23 The University Center Important stops in the University Center include – Financial Assistance Office – Registrar. For even more information visit the University Center website.University Center website Contact By email: By phone: 907-786-1480 Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Wednesday 10:00 A.M-5:00 P.M In person: University Center, 3901 Old Seward Highway, approximately 1.5 miles west of campus between Tudor and 36th. We have free parking, or take Seawolf Shuttle Route UC. Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M., and Friday 8:00 A.M. -5:00 P.M You are welcome to visit us in person, and you can use our new lobby cameras to see how busy we are: UAA One Stop

24 Schools and Colleges The University of Alaska Anchorage includes: College of Arts and Sciences College of Business and Public Policy College of Health School of Engineering College of Education Community and Technical College The Graduate School

25 Programs: Master Degrees Master Programs Anthropology (MA) Applied Environmental Science & Technology (M, MS) Arctic Engineering (MS) Biological Sciences (MS) Career and Technical Education (MS) Civil Engineering (MCE, MS) Clinical Psychology (MS) Computer Science (MS) – This computer science program is a joint collaborative program with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF); apply for admission through UAF. Counselor Education (MEd) Creative Writing and Literary Arts (MFA) Early Childhood Special Education (MEd) Educational Leadership (MEd) Engineering Management (MS) English (MA) General Management (MBA) Global Supply Chain Management (MS) Interdisciplinary Studies (MA, MS) Nursing Science (MS) Project Management (MS) Public Administration (MPA) Public Health Practice (MPH) Science Management (MS) Special Education (MEd) Social Work (MSW) Teaching (MAT) Teaching and Learning (MEd)

26 Career & Technical Education – This program has two concentrations available: Teaching Endorsement Non-Teaching Endorsement Children's Mental Health Clinical Social Work Practice Counselor Education Dietetic Internship Earthquake Engineering Educational Leadership: Principal Educational Leadership: Superintendent Environmental Regulations & Permitting Human Service Systems, Advanced Family Nurse Practitioner Language Education Nursing Education Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Social Work Management Special Education Graduate Certificates Admission to these programs require that you already have a baccalaureate or master's degree; in some cases a specific degree and major are required. Some programs consider applicants who are within two semesters of graduating with the required preliminary degree. Each program has additional admission requirements; refer to the catalog for complete information.

27 Doctoral Programs Biological Sciences (PhD) – This biological sciences program is a cooperative program with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF); apply for admission through UAF. Clinical-Community Psychology (PhD) – This clinical-community psychology program is a joint program with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). You may apply for admission through UAA or through UAF. Medical School WWAMI (MD) – The WWAMI program is a collaborative medical school operating among campuses in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI). Applications are accepted through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). WWAMI applications are submitted to the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM). Doctoral Programs

28 Social Work Mary Parker Sharie Field (907) 786-6900 Public Health Katie Frost (907) 786-6540 Human Services Pinky Miranda (907) 786-6437 College of Business and Public Policy Janet Burton (907) 786-4171 College of Engineering ESM/PM Megan Poulson Meuy Saechao (907) 786-1924 Civil Engineering AEST/ Arctic Engineering Zlata Lokteva (907) 786-1951 School of Nursing Jessica Salas (907) 786-4550 College of Education Megan Sheehan/ Christine Triplett (907) 786- 4331/(907)786-6317 Community and Technical College Jodi Pohl (907)786642 College of Arts and Sciences Social Sciences Elly Gregory Math and Natural Sciences Sara Kamahele Humanities Brenda Henderson Psychology, PhD Anissa Hauser (907)786-1640 Biological Sciences, PhD Dr. Jennifer Burns Interdisciplinary Elisa Mattison (907)786-1096 Contact Marilyn Bost, Administrative Aide for the Graduate School if you cannot find the appropriate contact. (907)786-1095 Program Contacts

29 Department Specific: There are department specific handbooks including: Anthropology Arctic Engineering Nursing Psychology MS Psychology PhD Social Work Handbooks General: The UAA catalog has information regarding UAA programs: – UAA catalog UAA catalog The following is a guide with general rules and regulations: – UAA Graduate Handbook UAA Graduate Handbook

30 General Tips: Keep in mind that each degree is likely to vary slightly in requirements. Review UAAs programs. Stay current on the latest policies and procedures. – UAA Catalog, Chapter 12 UAA Catalog, Chapter 12 Academics

31 A full list of forms can be found at the UAA website.UAA website Throughout your graduate education, you will make use of several forms including: – Graduate Studies Plans (GSP) Graduate Studies Plans You should fill one out by your second semester. Please type in David R. Yesner, PhD on Graduate School signature line. Associate Dean Yesner has signature authority for all GSP submissions. Annual reports are filled out yearly by your adviser – Graduate Requirement Reports (GRR) Graduate Requirement Reports Thesis and/or Comprehensive Exams – Report on Thesis/ Dissertation Defense Report on Thesis/ Dissertation Defense In addition, you might need to make changes such as – Temporary Leave of Absence Temporary Leave of Absence In extreme circumstances, students are granted a temporary leave of absence. – Change of Major or Emphasis Change of Major or Emphasis This applies to changes between schools/colleges and to different degrees within the same school or college. – Appointment of a New Committee Member Appointment of a New Committee Member – Graduate Academic Petition Graduate Academic Petition These are used to petition deadlines, particular class requirements and transfer credits. Discuss any potential petitions with your adviser and utilize the UAA catalog. All forms must be filled out by the student, circulated in the department and ultimately approved by the Graduate School. – Always allow plenty of time as faculty and staff may be unavailable. Forms

32 Logging on: Registration UA Online: UA ID Number: UA ID Number is a unique number assigned to you (sometimes called a 30 million number) which generally begins with a 3. UA ID Number layout: 3xxxxxxx UA PIN: The PIN is used to log into UAOnline (it is not the password used for accessing your University e-mail, Blackboard, office computer, etc.). For Help: Manage your account; change password. Contact UAA Call Center for any additional issues. 907-786-4646 Note: If you have never logged into UAOnline before, your default PIN is your date of birth in the format MMDDYY. UA Online is the online registration system for the University of Alaska. – Check your registration status – Register for classes – View your student records

33 Continuous Registration acts like a placeholder when you are either taking no coursework or a part-time course load. This process keeps the student active in the UAA system. You must be registered during the summer semester before you graduate. To make Continuous Progress in their graduate program, students have the following options: – Registering for at least one graduate level credit applicable to their graduate degree, or – Paying the continuous registration fee (by registering for Extended Registration CRN) to remain active in the graduate program although not registered for any courses. – Find the extended registration CRNs for 2013-2014 at the Graduate School website under Current Students. Adhere to the continuous registration policy established by the specific college, school or department. – See your program advisor for details. Continuous Registration acts like a placeholder when you are either taking no coursework or a part-time course load. This process keeps the student active in the UAA system. You must be registered during the summer semester before you graduate. To make Continuous Progress in their graduate program, students have the following options: – Registering for at least one graduate level credit applicable to their graduate degree, or – Paying the continuous registration fee (by registering for Extended Registration CRN) to remain active in the graduate program although not registered for any courses. – Find the extended registration CRNs for 2013-2014 at the Graduate School website under Current Students. Adhere to the continuous registration policy established by the specific college, school or department. – See your program advisor for details. Continuous Registration What is Continuous Registration?

34 UAA Email/ UAA Blackboard The University communicates exclusively through UAA email. In other words, all financial billing, safety alerts, and updates are sent to the UAA email account. University professors utilize Blackboard to varying degrees. For the most part, you can expect to find syllabi, assignments and grades on Blackboard. Check with individual professors. Note: Blackboard and the UAA email utilize the same login information. Log-in Guides

35 Track your Progress You can easily check your progress toward graduation with Degree Works, our web-based degree audit software. Degree Works tells you how far you've come and how far you need to go to reach your graduation goals. FAQs How to Access: Students can log into their Degree Works records via UAOnline. Under "Student Services & Account Information" select "Degree Works/Electronic Degree Audit." Degree Works will enable you to: – View your progress toward your degree – Run a degree audit on your program – See how all completed courses apply to graduation requirements – See any outstanding degree requirements still needed – Determine how courses may be used toward a different major Degree Works

36 The WOLFcard serves countless purposes. Not only does it act a means of identification, it also is a library card, printing card with $12 added every semester, meal card and bus pass. Go online for more ways to use your Wolfcard and for answers to many questions regarding the Wolfcard.Go online Call 786-HOWL (4695) with any questions. WOLFcard Office - Located at the University Center. Normal office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Wednesday. WOLFCard

37 The Payment Process All tuition, fees and other charges for the semester must be paid at the time of registration or by the payment deadline. Find the payment deadline at Dates and Deadline. There will be no university-initiated drop for non-payment. Dates and Deadline. To view your electronic bill, log in to UAOnline and choose Student Services and Account Information, then Student Account, then Statement and Payment History. An electronic bill will be generated on the 15th of each month and made available via UAOnline. An e-mail reminder will be sent to your UAA-assigned e-mail address each time the bill is generated.UAOnline A paper bill will not be mailed. Payment may be made in cash, by check, or VISA or MasterCard. Students requiring a payment plan may contact Tuition Management Systems (TMS) at or 1-800- 722-4867. For additional tuition assistance options click here. Tuition and fee charges may be audited, corrected and adjusted before the end of the current semester. Students are notified of adjustments by mail. The university reserves the right to change its tuition or fees at any time. Paying for School

38 Financial Aid Assistance File Early for Financial Aid! – It can take up to 8 weeks to process. – Keep in mind that you will not receive financial aid until you are admitted. Check the Financial Aid web site.Financial Aid web site The process includes scholarships, loans, and work study. Some important steps: 1. Fill out FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on-line at the FAFSA website.FAFSA website 2. Check out scholarships at the Office of Student Financial Assistance.Office of Student Financial Assistance. 3. For loan information go to the Federal Student Aid website.Federal Student Aid website. 4. In addition, departments offer limited positions as graduate assistants. Financial Aid

39 Prepare for the move by learning about the climate, cost of living, jobs, and school. –Moving to Alaska OverviewMoving to Alaska Overview, is a moving service that help faculty and students Moving to Anchorage

40 Housing Options Regardless of your preference of on-campus or off-campus, there are many options for housing. To learn more about on campus housing, go to UAA Housing website or contact University Housing.UAA Housing website contact University Housing. Check out the listings for off- campus options. Check out the listings for off- campus options. Living in Anchorage

41 Checklist for finding safe housing Is the complex gated? Is there a perimeter fence? Does the complex have on-site security? Do any police, fire, or safety professionals live in the complex? What is the response time for police or fire? Are maintenance personnel required to show proper ID when showing up on calls? Does the complex have a tenants association? How are disagreements between tenants handled? What is the turnover rate? Do the doors have deadbolts? Do the doors have functional peep holes? Do ground floor apartments have extra safety features? Does the apartment have adequate fire protection? Is there adequate exterior lighting? Does the complex provide transportation to campus or shopping areas? Is the complex on a bus route? Where is the bus stop location? Off Campus Housing Courtesy of Duke University.

42 Transportation Getting Around Seawolf Shuttle Service – Intercampus bus service Seawolf Shuttle Service Bike Trails – There are bike lockers for rental. Public Bus Routes – People MoverPeople Mover – The Municipality of Anchorage offers a public bus system called the People Mover. The buses typically run every hour between 6am and 10pm during weekdays and between 10am and 5pm on weekends. There are 14 bus routes, serving more than 1,100 bus stops in Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, and Peters Creek. – Riding the People Mover is FREE for UAA students with a valid Wolfcard (Student ID Card). – For more information about how to ride the bus and how to get to the mall and other common places, go to the Public Bus Information Handout. Automobile Information – If you drive your car to campus, you will need a parking permit. Parking Services is on the bottom floor of the Bookstore.Parking Services – For those living on campus, it is necessary to have two passes: one for housing and one for all other lots. – Tip: You can charge your parking permit to your student account by selecting Student Account when prompted for payment. The account number is your student ID.

43 Employment Opportunities Research Teaching Assistantships Service Assistantships Teaching Assistantships Regardless of the type: Students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Assistantships include tuition scholarships, stipend, and health insurance benefit. See the Graduate School website for more for more details. Assistantships

44 Apply for jobs at – Make an account with the site. – Graduate Assistantships are posted in the category, Student. – Most positions require a resume, cover letter, and at least three references The Career Services Center can help perfect your materials.Career Services Center – Complete the entire application. Upon completion you should receive an email in the UAA email account. Once hired, you will need your social security card and various forms of identification including birth certificate, and drivers license. Graduate Assistants qualify for health insurance. Talk to your adviser for more information. Each semester, you must bring a copy of your contract to the Graduate School and fill out an enrollment form. The Graduate Assistant Handbook has more details. Important Contacts – Human Resources Human Resources – Payroll Payroll Working at UAA

45 Get your Textbooks Textbooks become available generally one to two weeks before classes begin. The UAA Bookstore's regular hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Friday 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. You can also reserve your textbooks online Textbooks can also be purchased online at various sites. Do a thorough check to find the best deals. You can call the UAA Bookstore at 786- 1151 during business hours for personal assistance. Buying Books

46 The Consortium Library Graduate students are allowed to check out 50 items for the entire semester. Free Interlibrary Loan access. The library also has countless online databases which Graduate students are privy. For library hours, to reserve a study room, or to consult a librarian, call 907-786-1828. Study rooms are available on a group or individual basis. You can even book online. Academic Resources

47 On-Campus Assistance Centers Information Technology Services UAA Campus Computer Labs Reading/Writing Center Additional Academic Resources

48 Thesis Assistance Go to the UAA Graduate School website for help with thesis formatting. Go to the UAA Graduate School website for help with thesis formatting Graduate School Handbook Formatting and Electronic Submission Workshops are help each semester. See the Graduate School website under Workshops for date and location. To set up a thesis formatting appointment, contact Elisa Mattison at 907-786-1096 or – The Office of the Graduate School is available for thesis formatting advising on a walk-in basis. Please stop by on Friday's between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Always check the Graduate School Calendar for office closures. Preparing the Thesis Thesis & Dissertation Editors: The editors listed below will work with Graduate Students on theses or dissertations for a fee. Please contact the editor directly regarding your requirements and their rate. Rachel V. Boschma- Wynn – rvboschmawy nn@alaska.ed u rvboschmawy nn@alaska.ed u Annie Derthick – 770-295-8271 – aoderthick@al aoderthick@al Colleen Moore Ace Writing Services, LLC – 239-601-7908 – www.acewriti m www.acewriti m Robin K. Cerwonka – 907-230-8481 – rcerwonka@h rcerwonka@h

49 Institutional Review Board (IRB) If your research involves human participants, then you might fall under the jurisdiction of IRB regulations Contact Information: Dr. Robert Boekman – – 907-786-1793 Kelly McLain, Research Compliance Officer – – 907-786-1099 – /index.cfm /index.cfm Research Compliance Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) If your research involves animals, you might require IACUC review. Contact Information: Dr. Jane Shelby, IACUC Chair – – 907-786-4772 Kelly McLain, Research Compliance Officer – – 907-786-1099 – c/index.cfm c/index.cfm

50 NSF and NIH Funding Do you have research funded by NSF? Are there undergraduates, graduates, or post-docs working on the research? Do you have an NOH training grant? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please read the following notice: – The RCR training course is required by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for all those working on an NSF grant as of January 4, 2010. This requirement only includes undergraduates, graduates, and post-docs working on research funded by NSF. – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) requires that all trainees, fellows, participants, and scholars receiving support through any NIH training, career development award (individual or institutional), research education grant, and dissertation research grant must receive instruction in responsible conduct of research. This policy will effect all new and renewal applications submitted on or after January 25, 2010. – Find more information at NSF and NIH Training Requirements – The CITI course fulfills the NSF requirement for RCR training. However, receipt of online RCR training alone may not be sufficient to meet NIH RCR training requirements, which depends upon the type of person being trained and whether other training options (e.g., mentoring, classroom training, lectures) should be utilized. Access to CITI – CITI can be accessed here: – Go to the CITI home page (the link above) and log in (remember your login information so you can re-enter to complete this course or to choose another option). – Find the link "add a course or update your learner group" and click. Then click on "update groups". Then read and follow the directions checking the option(s) you want to complete. – Click to continue and click on "Go Back to Learner's Main Menu". The course you chose will be listed there and you can begin the course you selected. It will come up whenever you log in again. – A certificate is available to print/save upon completion. NSF and NIH Funded Research

51 Basic Information University Police Department Help Phones-Blue Lighted Phones for Emergencies Reporting Crimes-call 911 for the Anchorage Police Department Dispatch or 786-1120 for UPD. You can also use the Emergency Phone in an elevator. The Incident Management Team makes safety announcements and reminders to the University community throughout the year. When the Incident Management Team needs to inform the campus community about school closures due to snow or other safety issues, notifications will be made using the following forms of communication: – UAA webpage – Campus Switchboard at 786-1800 and Press 2 – UAA Advancement page on Facebook – UAA Twitter alerts – Local TV channels 2, 11, and 13 – Radio stations KSKA 91.1 and KRUA 88.1 – Clear Channel Communications – Your UAA-assigned e-mail inbox – Text messages using Blackboard Connect For more information including the latest safety information go to UAA Safety website.UAA Safety website. Security

52 Resources for Help Alcohol and Drug Information – Drug Free Schools Notification Drug Free Schools Notification – Fact Finder (Student Handbook, including Student Code of Conduct) Fact Finder (Student Handbook, including Student Code of Conduct) Sexual Offense Information – Sexual Assault Sexual Assault – Reporting a Sexual Assault Reporting a Sexual Assault – Sexual Assault Advice and Assistance Sexual Assault Advice and Assistance – Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment – Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act Report a Sexual Assault – Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) Local: 276-7273 24 hr. Crisis Line: 276-7273 Toll Free: 1-800-478-8999 Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) Suicide Prevention – Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative provides crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative – Resources on campus including free or cost counseling Resources on campus – Suicide Prevention trainings are also held on campus throughout the semester. Check Green & Gold News for upcoming sessions. Report Accidents – Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management Support. – Incident Form Incident Form – Policies and Procedures Policies and Procedures – Contact Information Contact Information Health & Safety

53 Healthcare Services Healthcare & Assistance Student Health & Counseling Center – Students can purchase health insurance though United Healthcare at the Student Health & Counseling Center. Rates can be found on their website. Psychological Services Center Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services Disability Support Services Dental Clinic

54 Check out UAAs Family Matters page for more resources.Family Matters Pet Care (near campus) Pet Emergency Treatment Inc – 2320 E Dowling Rd Anchorage (907) 274-5636 College Village Animal Clinic – 2036 E Northern Lights Blvd Anchorage (907) 274-5623 Child Care (on campus) The Tanaina Child Development Center The center provides childcare for Toddlers and Preschool & School Age individuals. Currently, there is a waitlist of 18 months or longer. Waitlist Application- Application has information regarding tuition, holiday schedule and specifics regarding the program. Waitlist Application- Contact Information – Mailing Address Tanaina Child Development Center 3211 Providence Dr., Suite 142 Anchorage, AK 99508 – Physical Address Wells Fargo Sports Complex 2801 Spirit Way, Suite 142 University of Alaska Anchorage – Phone and Fax Office: 907-786-1340 Center Floor Line: 907-786-1929 Fax: 907-786-7788 Family Services

55 UAA Welcomes Diversity! The Office of Campus Diversity and Compliance primary function is to: – promote, support, measure, and celebrate diversity. This mission also includes support for the Diversity Action Council and other programming events and activities that promote diversity on campus. – manage and coordinate University policies, procedures, and programs regarding equal opportunity and affirmative action. – The Office of Campus Diversity and Compliance (OCDC) handles complaints on discrimination and harassment based on race, color, gender, sexual-orientation, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, disability or status as a Vietnam-era or disabled veteran. – Find more details at the Contact Marva Watson – Director – – (907) 786-1424 Jerry Trew – Title IX Investigator – – (907) 786-1535 Diversity

56 UAA Advocates Sustainability UAAs Office of Sustainability is part of the student-run recycling program. The following links provide more information regarding: – Pick-up times and locations Pick-up times and locations – Policies and procedures Policies and procedures – Contact the Recycling Crew. Contact the Recycling Crew. Check out the latest copy of the newsletter, The Green Wolf.The Green Wolf Sustainability

57 Resources For answers to all your questions regarding International Student Services, go to the UAA website.UAA website – New students should visit the website as soon as possible to get an overview of important information. The Office of International Student Services also put together a helpful presentation specifically for International students.presentation The Office of International Student Services is located at the University Center at the UAA One Stop Services Center. – The UAA One Stop is open for walk-ins Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM and Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. – While walk-ins are welcome, students are encouraged to set an appointment to ensure the availability of the ISS Staff. International Students

58 Resources for Military and Veteran Students UAAs Military & Veteran Community Resources provides information for Military and Veteran students and their families. UAAs Military & Veteran Community Resources Vet Success Contact John Johnson with questions.John Johnson Military Thank you for your service!

59 Graduate Student Life Graduate Student Association Student Life and Leadership offers graduate students many opportunities to get involved on campus. Student Life and Leadership GLBT Student Services Safe Zone is a program designed to increase the awareness of issues faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, allies and other marginalized persons. GLBT Student Services Safe Zone Native Student Services provides quality support services to Native and rural students. Native Student Services AHAINA Student Programs seeks to improve the life for students of color on campus by developing and implementing educational, cultural and social programs that will assist students in reaching self- determined academic goals. AHAINA Commuter Student Services University Resources These are just a few! In all, UAA has over 80 clubs!

60 Recreational Options If you have the time… Fun Activities Physical Activities Outdoor Gear Rental – Students can rent mountain bikes, kayaks, and camping equipment. Rates can be found online. Intramural Sports – Sports include basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, broomball, innertube waterpolo. For more details, check out the website. Wells Fargo Sports Complex – UAA has a sports facility with cardio equipment, a running track and weights. In addition, students also have pool access. The website has information regarding hours of operation. Shopping Enjoying shopping with exclusive student discounts at participating businesses UAA Ceramics Spring Sale is full of interesting pieces.. Keep an eye out for next years sale! UAA Ceramics Spring Sale Ticketed Events UAA Athletics/Tickets free for students taking six or more credits with a valid Wolfcard ID. Wells Fargo Sport Complex Room 220. Companion ticket for $5.00. UAA Athletics/Tickets – Hockey – Basketball (mens and womens teams) Enjoy theatre and dance productions at Wendy Williamson Auditorium and the Fine Arts. Check out the link for more information. Enjoy theatre and dance productions

61 UAA Deals Look out for freebies. UAA advertises Free Food! on their Twitter account.Free Food! Student Life and Leadership advertises free events held during the semester. Student Life and Leadership During Finals Week, there are various free giveaways. Students in Spring 2013 received massages and food. Students ride free on the PeopleMover with a valid WOLFcard. Your WOLFcard is loaded with $12 of printing money every semester. In the past, the UAA Community and Technical College offered free motor inspections. Check out their website for upcoming

62 Stay up-to- date on the latest news! Sources of Information Internet – The UAA Web site at is – Detailed information about emergencies is posted on the Green & Gold News site at – Facebook Facebook – Twitter Twitter – YouTube YouTube – Blogs Master Plan Innovate Field Notes UAA Construction Newspapers – The Northern Light The Northern Light – Anchorage Daily News Anchorage Daily News Radio – 1610 AM Wolf-Radio: UAA has a parking/emergency radio transmitter which operates on 1610 AM. – 88.1 FM KRUA Radio: For University Closures. – Emergency Communication - In the event of an emergency, UAA telephones act as speakers to broadcast emergency announcements. Call (907) 786-1800 for emergency information. Stay Informed

63 Save yourself the stress. Contact the Graduate School with any questions. Meet with your graduate advisor often; at least once each semester. Complete your Graduate Study Plan early in your studies. Schedule additional appointments, as needed. Stay in Touch!

64 Good luck! A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated. -Horace Mann A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated. -Horace Mann UAA Graduate School welcomes you to Fall 2013!

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