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2013-04-18 Emma Ahlén Bergman & Agata Korecka. The Medical Students' Association in Stockholm MF MD Nursing PhD Biomedicine Biomedical analysis Public.

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1 2013-04-18 Emma Ahlén Bergman & Agata Korecka

2 The Medical Students' Association in Stockholm MF MD Nursing PhD Biomedicine Biomedical analysis Public Health Physiotherapy Logotherapy Psychology Sections – Undergraduate study programs DSA – doktorandsektionen – approx 1/3 of MFs members 195 SEK/semester

3 What do I get for 195 kr/semester? -Stand in queue and rent student korridor and apartments from SSSB (Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder). -Get help from doktorandsombudsman (John) when something is not going as you have hoped. -A channel to affect policy decisions at KI – studentinflytande. -Participate in all the activities arranged by DSA and other sections of MF, for example Friday pub, PhD party, PhD Forum and seminars. -Get student discount with SL (Stockholms lokaltrafik). Student price 560 kr/month, normal adult price 790 kr/month. And lot of other discounts! -Rent kårhuset or our nice cabin in Solvik.

4 Solvik Weekday, Sunday 1000 kr/24 hours Friday, Saturday, day before holiday 2000 kr/24 hours Summer (week 24-34) Weekly Sunday-Sunday 7500 kr/week


6 The Doctoral Students Association – DSA 11 members of the board Board meetings every month 17:30-19:30 at Nobelsväg 10, Kårexpeditionen in Solna Meeting times in spring 2013: Tuesday, February 19th Tuesday, March 19th Thursday, April 18th Thursday, May 30th Annual General meeting in November - Election of new board members!


8 DSA Board of 2013 Arash Hellysaz (chairperson), Neuro Hugo Zeberg (vice chairperson), Neuro Ranjita Dutta-Roy (secretary), MedS Yuan Xu (treasurer), CLINTEC Jayesh Pandya, MedS Sonal Pendharkar, LABMED Yulan Lin, MMK Agata Korecka, MTC Håkan Nero, NVS Emma Ahlen Bergman, MedS Arnika Wagner, MTC

9 Our mission

10 DSA activity plan 2013 1.Working group for Intellectual and scientific environment (Hugo) 2. Working group for Information (Yuan) 3. Working group for International affairs (Jayesh) 4. Working group for Social activities (Sonal) 5. Working group for Future careers (Agata) 6. Working group for Coordinating doctoral students representatives (Emma) 7. Discussion groups (Ranjita)

11 Discussion groups Meeting 1 (6 p.m. April 29 2013) Testing foundations and lab skills: an objective way of fitting students and supervisors expectations? Meeting 2 (6 p.m. May 27 2013) Scientific confidence: an important factor for staying alive in research? Location: MF house, Solna Campus

12 DSA Representation within KI The Senate Management group Board of Doctoral Education (FUS) Board of Research (FS) Strategic Research Committee (KI-SLL) Recruitment board Docent board Dissertation committee Post-graduate research schools Departments and so on … SFS (Sveriges förenade studentkårer) Doctoral committee (national organization) EURODOC (European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers)

13 Different ways to finance your PhD Scholarship (stipend) UBB (utbildningsbidrag) PhD salary (doktorandstjänst) Fixed working hours NO No YES Paid vacationVacation but no extra payment Insurance for work injuries No Reimbursement when unemployed (A-kassa) No Paid sick leaveProlongation Paid parental leaveProlongation Oldage pension (governmental) No General PensionYes

14 Your top 10 rights as a Doctoral student You have the right to: 1.Supervision and guidance. 2. At least UBB (15 500 SEK/month at present before taxes) as a monthly salary, i.e. Internal scholarships/stipends are not allowed after registration! 3.PhD-position (doktorandtjänst) after halft-time but latest 2,5 year after registration. 4. Prolongation of your research education if particular reasons exist. 5.Change supervisor if applicable.

15 § 7.1.4 Changing supervisors A doctoral student who so wishes has the right to change supervisors. An application to change supervisors gives reason to revise the individual study plan, and shall take place using the special form provided by the departments director of doctoral education. A change of supervisor shall be approved by the Head of Department, after which the change shall be registered in Ladok. Rules for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet Ref: 1992/09-500

16 Your top 10 rights as a Doctoral student 6.An individual study plan that is well-organised and updated with regards to current projects, courses and additional elements. 7.Be first author on publications if you have done the main part of the work. 8.Do half-time control after 2 years (or equivalent) of study. 9.A good study and working environment without discrimination or harassment. 10. To turn to the Doctoral Students Ombudsman if you need any kind of support or help with problems concerning your PhD education.

17 § 11.4 Doctoral students ombudsman The doctoral students ombudsman at Karolinska Institutet is an independent expert employed by the students' union with the task of supporting doctoral students who need help during their education. The doctoral students ombudsman also operates as a representative for doctoral students in conflict with the department. Cases handled by the doctoral students ombudsman are treated confidentially. Rules for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet Ref: 1992/09-500

18 Other people that you can contact: Study director (studierektor) at your department Central study director (Michael Fored et al.) PhD representative at your department or DSA

19 Doctors, psychologist and counsellors. Reception Opening hours: Monday to Friday daily. Tel: 08-524 835 60 Occupational health nurses at Previa (drop in hours): Monday at Campus Huddinge 12.30-14.30 Wednesday at Campus Solna 12.30-14.30 Tel: 08-524 835 64/66 Address Campus Huddinge: Blickagången 7, 5th floor Campus Solna: Berzelius väg 1, 5th floor Student Health Centre

20 Take-home message 29 th April 18:00 –discussion group at MF Solna Register to (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) - Doctoral Students and Postdocs Ombudsman John Steen: Tel: 08-524 830 72

21 Please like our facebook page!

22 Questions?

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