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From Recruitment to Retention: A Private Institution Panel Discussion of Best Practices that Foster Transfer Student Success Dr. Eric Gumm – Abilene Christian.

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1 From Recruitment to Retention: A Private Institution Panel Discussion of Best Practices that Foster Transfer Student Success Dr. Eric Gumm – Abilene Christian University Brandon Miller – Baylor University

2 Who is Baylor University? Baylor University Profile: Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas 735-acre campus is located in Central Texas on the banks of the Brazos River Affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (largest Baptist university in the world) and oldest institution in the state Undergraduate enrollment of approximately 12,438 students 151 Baccalaureate degree programs Undergraduate costs for 2010-2011 are $39,868 80% of students come from Texas

3 Who is Baylor University? Students come from every state and approximately 85 foreign countries California, Colorado, Oklahoma are the top three leading states after Texas 2010 First-Time Freshmen Cohort – Mean SAT score of 1218, Mean ACT score of 26.4 71 percent of entering freshmen were in the top 25 percent of their high school graduating class 2010 First-Time Freshmen class size of 3,811 Minority enrollment among First-Time Freshmen rose from 35 percent in fall 2009 to 36 percent for fall 2010 90 percent of Baylor students receive some form of financial assistance

4 Passport Pictures Founded in 1906 250-acre campus is located in West Central Texas 180 miles west of Fort Worth Affiliated with Churches of Christ Undergraduate enrollment of approximately 3,800 students 67 Baccalaureate degree programs, with 125 areas of study Undergraduate costs for 2010-2011 are $30,444 Who is Abilene Christian University? Exceptional Innovative Real

5 Passport Pictures Students come from every state and approximately 50 foreign countries California, Colorado, Tennessee, and Georgia are the top states after Texas for enrolling students 2010 First-Time Freshmen Cohort –Mean ACT score of 24.7 2010 First-Time Freshmen class size of 982 Who is Abilene Christian University?

6 Transfer Profile Fall 2010 Total Enrolled: 417 Males: 196 Females: 221 Between Ages of 19-22: 80.4% Minority: 229 Average Transfer GPA: 3.3 Top 5 States: Texas: 295 California: 13 Illinois: 4 Arizona: 4 New York: 4 Top 3 Countries: China: 42 Korea: 4 India: 3 Arts & Sciences: 210 Business: 105 Education: 38 Eng. & Computer Science: 24 Honors College: 2 Music: 12 Nursing: 19 Social Work: 5

7 Passport Pictures Total Enrolled: 174 Males: 92 Females: 82 Between Ages of 18-22: 87.9% Minority: 66 Non-minority: 108 Top 4 States: Texas: 118 California: 18 Colorado: 3 New Mexico: 3 Top Country: China: 33 Top 5 Fields of Study: Exercise Science: 16 Finance: 13 Nursing: 12 Undeclared: 12 Psychology: 10 ACU Transfer Profile Fall 2009

8 Recruiting Transfer Students Texas Community Colleges 50 Community College Districts 105 Campuses 2008 Statewide Enrollment - 610,495 2007 Statewide Enrollment – 575,634 6.06% increase according to The Association of Texas Community Colleges

9 Top 5 Colleges Five Year Average 1.McLennan Community College, Waco, TX 2.Dallas County Community College District, Dallas, TX 3.Collin County Community College District, northeast of Dallas, TX 4. Lone Star College System, north of Houston, TX 5. Tarrant County College, Ft. Worth, TX area

10 Passport Pictures We do not have a consistent list of transfer schools from year to year. In 2009, the top schools were: 1)Cisco College – Abilene, TX 2)Harding University 3)Tarrant Count College 4)Texas Tech; Hardin-Simmons; Howard College Top 5 Transfer Colleges

11 New Transfer Resources 2008 Statewide Enrollment - 610,495 Baylor Joes Registration Transfer students are required to be advised their first semester in their major department, by the College of Arts & Sciences Advising office (CASA) or by Undergraduate Academic Advising office within the Foster Success Center.

12 Passport Pictures Advising and Registration Transfer students are required to be advised through their academic department, beginning in the summer before their entry to the university. New Transfer Resources

13 Northeastern University University of Vermont University of Utah Transition Programs Welcome Week small group meetings facilitated by former transfer students. These form on the Thursday before the first day of classes and run through the weekend. Transfer groups are encouraged to attend all activities that new Freshmen students attend to acquaint themselves with campus resources. On the evening of the Friday before classes begin on Monday, transfers are invited to a dinner where they have the opportunity to meet other transfers as well as Baylor students, staff and faculty. This dinner has proven to be the most well-attended transfer activity held on campus. Immediately following the dinner, students join other new students for a spirit rally and welcome concert. The spring semester orientation is a scaled-back version of fall since far fewer students matriculate to Baylor at this time.

14 Passport Pictures We have specific Welcome Week groups for new transfer students. Each of these groups is lead by a Transfer Peer Leader. These groups meet Tuesday through Saturday before classes begin. We have other special activities for transfer students during Welcome Week, including a dinner for all of our new transfer students. We also have a smaller orientation in January, called Welcome Weekend for our new students beginning then. Welcome Week for Transfer Students

15 New Transfer Resources After classes begin… BU 1000. All new students are encouraged to register for Chapel, a university requirement for earning an undergraduate degree. For the fall semester, Chapel students are arranged in small groups for a Friday meeting facilitated by a faculty or staff member. The transfer component is called BU 1000. It is a series of six meetings during which students discuss university policies, academic expectations, campus resources, and Baylor history and traditions.

16 New Transfer Resources Baylor Transfer Council. The BTC holds a weekend retreat soon after fall classes begin, and numerous events throughout the year. This student-led organization is sponsored by the New Students Programs office in the Student Activities department. Tau Sigma Honor Society. The university inducted its first group of Tau Sigma members, Spring 2010. This honor society has helped transfer students become more visible as productive academic members of the community.

17 Communications The Successful Transfer Bear. This blog was created to help transfer students learn about the Baylor culture and have a forum for discussing transfer or other issues. Baylor Transfer Council website and Facebook - College of Arts & Sciences The School of Engineering & Computer Science Louise Herrington School of Nursing

18 Housing The university encourages transfers to live on-campus in traditional student housing arrangements or in university-managed apartments off campus. The university recently purchased an off-campus apartment complex that will be converted to a Transfer Living - Learning model. Here is the website describing those accommodations: d=40292 d=40292 The Spiritual Life office assigns chaplains to both on and off campus housing accommodations to specifically support transfer students.

19 Passport Pictures Transfer Peer Leaders have on-going contact with our new transfer student throughout the year. Beginning in the Fall 2011 semester, new transfer students will be enrolled in a CORE 120 – Human Person and Identity class with special sections just for transfer students. After Classes begin…

20 Passport Pictures Fall to Fall Four Year Retention '04-'05 '05-'06 '06-'07 07-'08 New Transfer Students 70.2% 69.5% 68.3% 71.7% First-Time Freshmen 72.8% 75.2% 74.0% 74.8%

21 Transfer Retention Fall to Fall Five Year Retention '03-'04 '04-'05 '05-'06 '06-'07 07-'08 08-'09 New Transfer Students 76.30% 76.70% 77.70% 76.10% 77.90% 76.70% First-Time Freshmen 82.20% 83.20% 84.20% 85.60% 85.60% 83.90%

22 Transfer Retention SAVE THE DATE! ovember 6 th Begins at 9:15 Advising and Registration begins at 10:00 '04-'05'05-'06'06-'07'07-'08'08-'09'09-'10* New Transfer Students89.40%89.80%87.60%90.00%89.90%90.00% First-Time Freshmen94.30%95.10%95.00%95.00%94.50%94.60% *Unofficial Data (prior to Census Date) Fall to Spring Retention

23 Transfer Retention ply early Of the 422 Total Transfers for Fall 2009 – 78% Retained to Fall 2010 Male Retention Rate – 76.6% Female – 78.9% Minority – 70.0% Non-Minority – 82.8% African American/Black – 64.7% Asian – 83.9% Hispanic – 69.4% White – 82.6% First Generation – 63.8% Not First Generation – 81.3%

24 Transfer Retention ply early Mean GPA not enrolled in BU 1000 – 2.544 ( 73 total ) Mean GPA enrolled in BU 1000 – 2.726 (322 total) 2-Year Transfer – 80.2% 4-Year Transfer – 74.5%

25 Discussion Questions What is unique about work with transfer students at a private university? What are the opportunities with transfer students at your institution? What strategies are you using effectively on your campus? What challenges are you seeing in working with the transfer students on your campus?

26 Contact Information Mr. Brandon Miller Assistant Vice President of Student Success Paul L. Foster Success Center Baylor University One Bear Place #97021 Waco, TX 76798-7021 254-710-8728 Ms. Mary Reinhardt Associate Director of Transfer Admissions, Admission Services Baylor University One Bear Place #97056 Waco, TX 76798-7056 254-710-8278

27 Passport Pictures Dr. Eric Gumm Director of the First-Year Program and Academic Development Abilene Christian University ACU Box 29104 Abilene, TX 79699-9104 325-674-2212 Contact Information

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