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Financial Review Overview Board of Directors decision- making process. Questions for clarification.

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2 Financial Review Overview Board of Directors decision- making process. Questions for clarification.

3 Questions for clarification, after each section. One speaker, one question at a time. Please use I statements. Respect others perspectives.

4 It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and senior management to monitor and ensure the financial health of Saint Vincents and to provide the best care and services for residents, utilizing available resources.

5 Since 2005 we have assessed our operational shortfall. We have been working on options to ensure Saint Vincents is sustainable into the future. We have actively implemented efficiencies to decrease the deficit.

6 84% staffing – wages & benefits 16% supplies, food, utilities, etc. Daily rate is set by Dept. of Health & Wellness

7 Is separate from operations. All capital projects, renovations, major equipment are funded by DHW, fundraising, mortgage, etc. The surplus in our audited financial statements adds together the capital and operating funds.

8 Was paid by a mortgage. This mortgage is funded by DHW and is part of the capital fund. Operations DO NOT pay for the mortgage. Our Land

9 2012/2013 operating deficit$71,771 (after adjustments) Accumulated deficit$1,078,189 This accumulated deficit has been decreased from $1.6 million over the last 5 years.

10 We have cut positions over the past 5 years: Housekeeping, nutrition services, management, reception, recreation, pastoral care. We are at the point that further cuts could negatively impact resident care. For example: we are funded $6.40/day/resident for food and we actually spend $6.80/day.

11 All health care organizations are being asked to be efficient given the increasing cost of healthcare along with the fiscally restrained situation in government.

12 LPNs3.0 Clinical Dietitian.3 Physio assistant.75 Maintenance.2 Education.16 Payroll.5 Director Quality & Operations1.0 Total full time equivalent5.91

13 2011/2012 wage deficit$61,662 2012/2013 wage deficit$48,468 2013/2014 wage deficit (projected)$35,911 Decrease is due to reorganization and cuts in positions, especially management and non-union.

14 Operating budget 2013/2014: $11,189,763 Includes: Salary & Benefits$ 9,530,587 Operating Costs$ 1,559,176 Operating costs include: Supplies, food, utilities, laundry, telephone, maintenance of equipment

15 From 2011/2012 to 2013/2014 – funding from DWH for operating costs has increased by $70,444 – 4.43% 2013/2014 budget 1% - actual operating expenditures have increased by $181,567 – 10.81% A short fall of $111,123 (projected) The fastest growing expenses are: Food – Power – Water - Laundry

16 No more cuts to expenses and salaries means having to revenue. Opportunities for generating revenue is very limited. Have applied for federal, provincial & HRM grants.

17 The Fundraising Campaign is ongoing to pay for much needed equipment and renovations – this money does not go into operations.

18 Questions for clarification?


20 Discussion regarding paid parking first occurred in May, 2008. Finance Committee Board of Directors Management was tasked with reviewing parking systems 2008/2009. Fact finding continued through 2010. Parking not pursued 2009/2010 as other deficit management initiatives were being introduced.

21 2011 – management had parking proposals and information updated. November 8, 2011: the Finance Committee (all members were present) decided to take forward a recommendation to the Board of Directors to introduce a paid parking system.

22 November 15, 2011: A motion was presented to the Board of Directors that Saint Vincents Nursing Home charge for parking. The motion was passed unanimously. 12/14 Board members were present.

23 Subsequent discussions were held by the Board of Directors and Finance Committee re: Union negotiation Proposals from parking systems Correspondence received from concerned individuals Planning presentation at AGM

24 Three Board members, Director of Finance & Executive Director met on July 5, 2013 to discuss next steps The result was family meetings – July 31 st and August 7 th.

25 Revenue to be realized will be approximately $40,000 - $80,000 per year depending on charges. Revenue generated will be overseen by the Foundation of the Board.

26 Plowing$ 8,600 Salting$ 3,300 Resurfacing (per year estimate of 25 year life of parking lot) $ 7,500 Equipment e.g. snow blower, painting lines, repairs, etc. $ 2,000 Shoveling (sidewalks, wages, etc.) $ 2,800 TOTAL$ 24,200

27 Negotiate staff rate with CUPE. Review charges at other facilities in area. Address special circumstances Volunteers Palliative Care Overnight parking Families spending daily time with loved one Persons on fixed income

28 Setting the rate will be done in a compassionate and reasonable manner. We are not-for-profit so all revenues will be reinvested in resident care and programs.

29 ArmCo parking garage $55-75/month Centennial Pool 7:15am – 9:30pm - $100/month Overnight - $2/day or $30/month Welsford Apartments $100/month

30 IWK Womens/Charter Place & Childrens parkades - $125/month Public parkade - $105/month Daily parking rate: First hour $3.00 Second to sixth hour $2.00 Daily maximum $13.00 (6am-6pm) Night parking (6pm-6am) First hour $2.00 Second hour $2.00 Nightly maximum $4.00

31 IWK (continued) Patient Weekly Pass Program: $25/week and $20 for any week thereafter Staff Weekly Parking Program: $35/week Volunteer parking No charge

32 Northwood Care Inc. Day shift: Underground lot - $40/month Family parking passes - $15/month Only allowed 1 pass/family – not guaranteed spot Sold each month first come, first serve General parking rate - $1.25/hour Volunteers, pastors & night shift staff: No charge Parking at Forum for staff with shuttle bus transportation to nursing home.

33 QEII Health Sciences Centre and Camp Hill Veterans Unit Daily parking rate (8:30am-4:30pm) First two hours $1.50/half hour Third hour $1.25/half hour Thereafter $1.00/half hour Daily maximum $14.00 Night parking rate: Maximum $4.00

34 QEII Health Sciences Centre (continued) Staff parking: Same rates as general parking Parking pass $100/month Extended patient stays/social workers/palliative care, etc.: Rates are halved Volunteers – no charge

35 Questions for clarification re decision-making process

36 Brainstorm ideas for revenue generation Meeting is from 6:30- 8:00 Hope to see you then

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