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CONFERENCE 2014 (QLD) Alexandra Bose July Council 2013.

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1 CONFERENCE 2014 (QLD) Alexandra Bose July Council 2013

2 Conference 2014 - Brisbane

3 7 – 14 July 2014 (Monday to Monday)

4 Brisbane in 10 seconds..




8 Progress – admin & finance Incorporation paperwork being processed Bank account ready to go pending incorp Signed contract for registration software Payment gateway fees down from 3% to 1%

9 Progress - venues Negotiating with accommodation – the Oaks Towers Negotiating with QUT for rooms – very positive response Negotiating with Gala venues Approached venues for remaining socials

10 Progress - misc Begun writing comps problems well in advance to avoid issues with sponsors, legal professionals Compiling list of Brisbane-based contacts for judges (grads, associates etc) Planning day trips Planning ALEF topics and potential speakers Working on a marketing template 3 viable designs of logo have been produced, digital form being worked up

11 Issues The hotel has capacity for 550 delegates however it is considerably cheaper (ie $27,215 cheaper) to split across two of their towers Charlotte St and Festival Towers [insert map]


13 Between the hotel towers – 2 MINS

14 The Oaks 4 ½ star Fully self contained apartments with balconies, separate lounge, dining, kitchen and laundry facilities Fitness room, gym, lap pool, sauna, spa and BBQ facilities

15 Charlotte St


17 Festival Towers

18 Charlotte Tower to QUT – 9 mins

19 Festival Tower to QUT – 8 mins

20 Issues - minor Payments plan for social venues – requires negotiation (underway)

21 Key Goals: July - Sept Sign accommodation agreement Sign agreement with QUT for facilities Sign agreements with gala venues Confirm our budgeted registration fee at Sept Council (preliminary estimate is $801.56) Progress smaller tasks like day trips, comps transport etc

22 FYI – preliminary venues Socials Competitions ALEFs Accommodation Opening Gala: City Hall Closing Gala: TBC Cocktail Night: Cloudland (TBC) QUT The Oaks – Brisbane CBD

23 FYI – preliminary info ALEF topics Careers More for GDs insert1 Insert 2 Insert 3 Cocktail/Networking event preferred to Careers Expo Daily speakers and forums (still early planning & feasibility stage)

24 Logo (under development)

25 Opening Gala – City Hall


27 Cloudland



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