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Rated one of the Top 10 Books of this decade Beginning discussion What responsibilities do parents have toward their children? What obligations o children.

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1 Rated one of the Top 10 Books of this decade Beginning discussion What responsibilities do parents have toward their children? What obligations o children have in a family? What differences do you see in how families operate? Which things should children NOT have to do in a family?

2 Simon & Shuster Author video: Here (3:00) Here What do you expect from this type of book, given its description?

3 Recent, 1950-today Characteristics: Diversitypeople, places Changing valuestechnology, family, materialism Themes: IdentityJeannette trying to understand herself TruthJeannette trying to understand her dad SuccessWhat makes a person happy? How does success of individuals affect humanity? FamilyWhat is it?

4 In the preface: Dark is a way and light is a place, Heaven that never was Nor will be ever is always true Dylan Thomas, Poem on His Birthday In a reflective essay, examine what this poem means to you in terms of family relationships and functionality. Completion creditgraded on depth of thought ONLY, 20 points

5 The places theyve seen 1. pp. 1-5: Recent past, New York City 2. pp. 9-14: 3 years old, trailer home in southern Arizona 3. pp. 15-16: Days after leaving hospital 4. pp. 17-18: Leaving the trailer park to go Wherever we end up (18) 5. pp. 19-25: In the desert (except p. 20 when they go to Phoenix, AZ to stay with Grandma Smith) 6. Pp. 26-28: On the move, still in the desert 7. pp. 29-31: Jeannette is 4, in a car outside a bar in the Nevada desert 8. Pp. 32-24: Motel room in Las Vegas, then Tenderloin Wharf in S.F. in a flophouse, beach in S.F. 9. pp. 35-38: Mojave Desert to a rental home in Midland 10. Pp. 39-41: Still in Midland, Mojave Desert

6 Struggles with Walls identity in present materialism In her apartment there was…turn-of-the- century bronze-and-silver vases…old books with worn leather spines…Georgian maps…Persian rugs…leather armchair. She turned her apartment into the sort of place where the person [she] wanted to be would live. (4) ashamed of myself for wearing pearls and living on Park Avenue while my parents were busy keeping warm and finding something to eat (4) Mom & values: Mom tells her, Youre way too easily embarrassed. Your father and I are who we are. Accept it. (5)

7 Mom? Constantly optimistic Artistic, not very maternal Dad? Intelligent alcoholic Do they care about their children? Yes? No?

8 How does she develop the satirical tone? Find passages and explain exactly how the words interact to make it satirical. Childlike innocence to her writing quality Ex. What do your lizards eat? I asked. (65) Ex. Mom said it was a cathouse, but I never saw any cats there (62) In moments of discomfort, she finds a redeeming quality in her parents.. Ex. Mom doesnt cook, but when she does, it is a family affair of counting and separating beans (56) Ex. When Dad is finished hanging Mom out the window, theres a moment of calmness with Everythings okay now (72)

9 Though she is pointed in telling us about the moments of neglect, she finds redemption as well Ex. U-Haul incident. Dad looks maybe even more scared than angry (50) Kids are eating margarine, which drives Mom to get a job teaching What comes across as sarcasm to us (b/c were older), is truth to a child Ex. Lori, Brian, Maureen, and I were in for a treat: We got to ride in the back [of the U-Haul]

10 Pp. 42-47: Blythe 48-72: Battle Mountain Kinds of homes… Car LBJ ApartmentsHispanic migrant workers Rental houses, apartments Old, converted train depot

11 Look at Children should not… list. Which of these ideas is violated in the text? What can you determine about Jeannette as an adult based on this? How is Jeannettes relationship with her dad? What information does she give us that allow us to see her dad as she saw him as a child (vs. how the rest of the world might have seen him)?

12 What does Jeannette think about school? If she were a student here, how would she be perceived by other students? By teachers? Evaluative questionDo you think a student like Jeannette would have the same ability and opportunities to go to college as other students? Make an argumentDoes Jeannette receive a good education from her parents? Is she a well-rounded student? Evaluative questionDo you think homeschooling in contemporary America is a good alternative to public schools?

13 Moms parenting styleWhat is it? Expects kids to use common sense Evaluative questiondo you think this is a good way to raise children? Why or why not? Describe the train depot where they live in Battle Mountain. Do you think this is an appropriate home for children? How does Jeannette relay to us that her house was out of the ordinary even for her area?

14 What were you thinking as you read the account about the kids eating margarine? How did you feel for them? Why would Jeannette choose to tell us this memory? We have all seen our parents fight…what makes the fight between Jeannettes mom and dad at the end of the reading different than the fights we have seen? Why does she choose to tell us this?

15 Memoir = person reflecting on lessons learned to develop as a person Lessons Jeannette has learned & how she has learned them Things she wants to do/be as adult Things she does not want to do/be Intellectual Lessons shes learned through her own failures/mistakes American values (different types) Contemporary America

16 Jeannettes most impressionable years (Teenager) Change in tone in Welch, West Virginia Cant find redeeming qualities (Fishing in The Tug, Only sees the negatives in Welch, Special Ed classes, Erma, 93 Little Hobart, her own dad & the Glass Castle) Noticing her poverty more (lack of buttons on her coat, We were also always dirty p. 140 Theyve always been dirty, 93 Little Hobart & trying to paint it, dumping trash in Glass Castle foundation)

17 Increasing materialism (missing home in Phoenix, painting the house we now had a weird- looking half-finished patch jobone that announced to the world that the people inside the house wanted to fix it up but lacked the gumption to get the work done p. 158) Paying more attention to how others view them and the way they are perceived Relationship with father is changingfilling in the GC hole with trash is symbolic, growing up and seeing her father for who he is Children begin by loving their parents. After a time they judge them. Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them. Oscar Wilde

18 Ginnie Sue Pastor 160 Id long since figured out what they did [at the Green Lantern] reminds us of age Judgmental? But now Id get an up-close look at a genuine prostitute (161) I made the days we had spent there seem like years, and the showgirls Id seen from a distance seem like close friends and neighbors (162) What is she (adult Jeannette) implying about her memoir? Change in tone by end? What does Jeannette want us to think about prostitutes?

19 Her dad… maybe I wasnt a complete fool for believing in mine. Or trying to believe in him. It was getting harder. (169) Thoughts? What should she do? What would you do? What do you recommend? For the daughter of the town drunk, you sure got big plans…I meant it as a compliment (183) What might this mean for Jeannettes relationship with him? Ermas death (180)Why do you think it affects him? Jeannettes Psyche… Staying in the bathroom during lunch (173) How do you feel for/about her? Can you relate? If the other kids knew, what would they do? What should they do?

20 Jeannettes Mom Stealing chocolate (174) What do you think? Should the kids forgive her like they do their father? If they dont, what does that imply? Why would Rose Mary use this as her excuse? Just remember…what doesnt kill you will make you stronger (179) to Lori What do you think? Ok…. Homes like this exist. Families like this exist. What can children in homes like this do??? What can people who knows homes like this exist do…?

21 Defining moments What are some of the life-altering defining moments for Jeannette in this section? Childrens Services (193) She cant just leave her family The summer she becomes mom Learns what her mom has dealt with Being totally responsible for the welfare of siblings Her dad gives her a lot of credit (dealing w/drunk man) No sympathy for mom Jeannette Bivens Instills a love of journalism Gives Jeannette a way to connect to others

22 Defining moments, continued Bivens, continued Finding out the whole story for the first time Her mom Standing up to her for not working (219) Telling her shes a bad mom Defiance Says dad needed a strong woman, Mom is not strong woman…true? Her dad Spanks her…breaks her faith in him. Why? Steals the escape money. Result?

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