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A Bible Study. What we cover - Briefly Foundation of the Sanctuary Service The Furniture of the Sanctuary Object Lessons in the Sanctuary Objects A latter-day.

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1 A Bible Study

2 What we cover - Briefly Foundation of the Sanctuary Service The Furniture of the Sanctuary Object Lessons in the Sanctuary Objects A latter-day counterfeit sanctuary service

3 Quotable The Sanctuary Service was the most wonderful object lesson ever given to mankind S.N. Haskell In the sanctuary, the cross of Christ is the great centre of the whole scheme of human redemption. Around it clusters every truth of the Bible. (Ibid)

4 Quotable In every sacrifice Christ's death was shown. In every cloud of incense His righteousness ascended. By every jubilee trumpet His name was sounded. In the awful mystery of the holy of holies His glory dwelt. {DA 211.5}

5 Foundations The sacrificial system Use of object lessons (type vs antitype: miniature version vs the real thing) The Temple concept

6 Foundations – Sacrifices Rev 13:8 – Christ (the Lamb) slain from the foundation of the world Why: Gen 2:17; Rom 6:23 – Death the due punishment for sin Gen 3:15 – Promise of the Seed c.f. Heb 2:14 Gen 3:21 – Understood as 1 st animal sacrifice

7 Foundations - Sacrifices Lev 1:2-6 – Regarding sin offerings Burning typified that through death of Christ all sin would finally be destroyed in the fires of the last day: Malachi 4:1-3

8 Foundations: Type & Antitype Heb 8:5 – served unto the example and shadow of heavenly things Jer 17:12 - Jeremiah Psa 102:19 - David Rev 11:19 Others; Ps 103:19,20 & Dan 9:21-23

9 Quote The heavenly sanctuary is the great power- house of Jehovah, whence all the help necessary to overcome every temptation of Satan is sent to each one who is connected to it by faith. S.N. Haskell

10 Foundations – Dwelling Place The three temples Heavenly – Christ ministers on our behalf The Human Body – Gods Spirit rules and reigns Earthly temple – Typical services Exo 25:8 KJV And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them.

11 Notes: The Earthly Sanctuary The Tabernacle Built by Moses in the wilderness: Ex 40:1-38 Stored in Solomons Temple: 1 Kings 8:4, 1 Chr 22:19 The Temple Built by Solomon: 2 Chron 2-5 Destroyed by Babylonians: 2 Chron 36:17-19 Rebuilt by Zerubbabel: Ezra 6:13-15 Repaired by Herod: John 2:20 Forsaken by the Lord: Matt 23:37,39 Destroyed by the Romans: Mtt 24:2 (A.D. 70)

12 Implications: Sanctuaries Dan 8:14 KJV And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. Which sanctuary? The body temple? No The earthly sanctuary? No The heavenly sanctuary?

13 The Furniture – Outside Ex 27:9 - 18 – Outer Fence enclosing the Outer Court. Ex 38:1 – Altar of burnt offering Daily continual offering: morning & evening sacrifices Altar of continual atonement Ex 30:18 – Brass Laver

14 The Furniture – Holy Place Golden Candlestick – Ex 25:31-37 Table of Showbread – Ex 25:23-30; 40:22 Altar of Incense – Ex 30:1-6,8 Renewed twice daily at same time as morning & evening sacrifices: Ex 29:38-42 Altar of continual intercession Fire for incense taken from the altar

15 The Furniture – Most Holy The Ark of the Covenant: Ex 25:10, 21,22; 31:18; 34:5-7 Central figure of the sanctuary Overlaid with pure gold Cover of the ark referred to as the mercy-seat Cherubim on beaten gold on either side of the mercy-seat, with wings stretched over the ark and faces reverently looking toward the law contained inside Gods glory rested above the mercy seat

16 Object Lessons: Sanctuary Type (Earthly sanctuary) A shadow of the heavenly: Heb 8:1-5 Had two apartments: Heb 9:1-3 Antitype (The heavenly) There is a temple in heaven: Rev 11:19 The heavenly sanctuary also has two apartments: Heb 9:24

17 Object Lessons: The Ark Type Placed in the most holy place: Ex. 26:33 Gods visible presence manifested above the mercy-seat: Ex. 25:21,22 Antitype Ark seen in the heavenly sanctuary: Rev 11:19 The Lord gives His name as Merciful & Gracious & Longsuffering: Ex 34:5-7

18 The Golden Candlestick Type In 1 st apartment: Ex 40:24 7 lamps: Ex. 25:37; 40:25 High priest trimmed & lighted the lamps: Ex 30:7,8 Lamps burned/lit continually: Lev 24:2 Antitype 7 golden candlesticks seen in heaven: Rev 1:2 7 lamps of fire before the throne: Rev. 4:2,5 Christ, our High Priest, in the midst: Rev 1:12-18 Holy Spirit lightens every soul: John 1:9

19 The Table of Showbread Type: Showbread always before the Lord: Ex 25:30 12 cakes = # of tribes of Israel: Lev 24:5 Antitype Christ said, I am that Bread of Life.: John 6:48 In speaking of the church, Paul says, 1Co 10:17 KJV For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread.

20 Altar of Incense Type Before the veil: Ex 30:1-3; 40:26 Incense burned by high priest a.m. & eve: 30:7,8 One who should burn incense with strange fire was to be destroyed: Ex 30:9, Lev 10:1-9 Antitype Golden altar in heaven before the throne: Rev 8:3 Much incense added to prayers of all saints, & they then ascend before God: Rev 8:3,4 One clothed with his own righteousness destroyed/not accepted: Isa 64:6; Php 3:9

21 Altar of Burnt Offering Type Outside the actual sanctuary but within the borders/court: Ex 40:6 Parts of sin offering laid upon it to be burnt: Lev 9:7; the rest burnt outside the camp: Heb 13:11, Lev 4:12-13 Anointed with blood of the sacrifice: Lev 1:5;4:7,18,34 Antitype Christ sacrificed on earth, suffered outside the gate; blood spilled for our sins (Heb 13:12)

22 A Latter Day Counterfeit Evidence of establishment of a false religious system in last days, with elements similar to Gods appointed plan, and having both religious and civil authority. Eventually destroyed at the second coming: Daniel 8:11-14;11:31 2 Thes. 2:3,4; Rev 13:3.18;14:8-11; 16:2-14; 17; 18

23 Credits/Useful Resources Image from: Wikipedia The Holy Bible SDA Bible Commentary The Cross and Its Shadow: S.N. Haskell His Way is in the Sanctuary, Stephen Bohr (

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