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Community Land Trust in Brussels. Brussels Capital of Belgium, capital of Europe 1.200.000 residents.

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1 Community Land Trust in Brussels

2 Brussels Capital of Belgium, capital of Europe 1.200.000 residents

3 Housing crisis - 60 % tenants - 39.000 social houses (7,7% of the park) - More than ¼ under poverty line - By 2020: demografical boom (120.000 new residents) - Housing prices more than doubled in 10 years - 50.000 families waiting for a social house - Housing plan: 5000 new social dwellings


5 Origins of CLT movement in Brussels -Actions against housing crisis -Solidarity saving groups -Lespoir -Looking for new homeownership models -Looking for new ways to the right to housing and right to the city

6 2008: Conference on housing cooperatives in France 2009: Visit to Burlington 2009: Introduction of the CLT model in Belgium 2010: Charter for CLT in Brussels 2011: Création of CLT Platform 2011: Feasability study for regional gouvernement 2012: Subsidies for the creation of a CLT 2013: First property Steps to a CLT in Brussels

7 Building a CLT-movement


9 Why is there so many interest in CLTs? Housing crisis Thread of gentrification Lack of effective answer from the classical housing organisations Political goodwill and funding for new affordable housing Receptive for innovation Available tools for promoting homeownership: cheap loans,… Neighbourghbood contrats: free acces to land Broad support from local groups and families in housing need Partnerships with devellopement partners

10 Organisational structure 1 central CLT for Brussels Support from the Regional Gouvernment Double structure: 1/3 owners 1/3 regional authority 1/3 community Non profit organisation Foundation

11 Community involvement in close collaboration with existing housing organisations, local organisations and grassroots movements Membership through saving fund saving group Participation of futur houseowners and neighbours in design and planning of houses


13 The first operations Vandenpeereboom Molenbeek -32 units and community space on empty plot -Saving group -Builder: Social housing coorporation -Neighbourhood Contract

14 The first operations Verheyden Anderlecht -Renovation of empty parish center (church) -7 apartments and community space -Community garden

15 Outside Brussels Flandres: first experiment in the city of Ghent Wallonie: Platform


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