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I believe her!. Picture of the new royal hotel under construction on 15 th street Sinkor.

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1 I believe her!

2 Picture of the new royal hotel under construction on 15 th street Sinkor

3 The IAF Corporate Office and Showroom on Tubman Blvd. This building was completed in 2008

4 This building is next to the IAF Building on Tubman Blvd.

5 Newly constructed housing units in Firestone

6 Thinker Village Hotel

7 Thinker Village Hotel and beach



10 The Rose Garden Building on Capitol By-Pass




14 Ecobank, Sinkor Branch


16 New LBDI Bank building on 9 th St. in Sinkor is completed and open for business


18 Guaranty Trust Bank Opening Ceremony at their Head Office in Clara Town, Monrovia Liberia, May 28, 2009

19 Apartment Building on Payne Avenue, in Sinkor

20 Apartment Building on Cheeseman Avenue in Sinkor

21 Another beautiful building, recently built in Sinkor

22 An apartment building in Sinkor, freshly painted for President Bush visit


24 Apartment Building on the beach in Sinkor 16 th St.

25 PAS (Precious Andrews Stakehouse) Larkpazee Sinkor

26 Inside PAS


28 Garden Cafe, 14th Street Sinkor

29 Not sure what this building is. It is newly constructed and it's in Sinkor right next to the old Relda Cinema

30 The Cape Hotel in Mamba Point


32 The Cape Hotel Mamba Point, Monrovia

33 Mamba Point, looking down at the Atlantic Ocean. That's Krystal Oceanview hotel on the right with the flags.

34 Over looking the Atlantic Ocean, from Ducor Hill

35 Another view from Ducor Hill

36 Embassy, a new spot on Tubman Blvd, near Old Road Junction (Dec. 2007)









45 Moko's Bed and Breakfast

46 Moko's Bed and Breakfast kitchen

47 La Noche Bar and Restaurant on Center Street, next to Justice Ministry, Monrovia, Liberia, October 2009


49 Pan African Plaza (UNMIL Headquarters) Palm African Plaza

50 Renovation,Construction and repairs of Government buildings Ministry of finance

51 Post and Telecommunications building on Carey and McDonald Street has also undergone some renovations.

52 Nancy Doe Market in Sinkor after Renovation


54 Temple of Justice is currently under renovation. (January 2008)

55 After renovation. In the bright African sun, the cream color paint on the building looks gold.

56 The Capitol Building really looks good after renovation.

57 The new court houses and administrative buildings to the left and Temple of Justice in the background to the right,

58 The blue and white building to the right is the Police Headquarters

59 Ongoing construction works of the National Election Commission Building on Tubman Blvd 9 th and 10 th streets

60 Tubman Blvd. and 10th Street Intersection

61 Newly constructed fence around center and Gurley streets commentary

62 ROADS AND DRAINAGES CONSTRUCTION AND/OR REHABILITATION section of Tubman Blvd, between 3rd and 12th Streets

63 Road Construction on Tubman Blvd


65 The first section of Tubman Blvd, that was renovated was between 12 Street and 18 Street. The renovated section was opened to the public on Christmas day. The road is smooth, and great to drive on.

66 Check the road out now! The potatoes are gone. It's not finish yet, but the Chinese are making progress.

67 Check out our new smooth road

68 Road work has begun in central Monrovia

69 Old pavement on Broad Street was removed for new pavement




73 Work is ongoing at the intersection of broad and center streets

74 LEC is also at work

75 The first layer of pavement has been made on this section of Broad Street

76 Kids making use of the new pavement and cleared street to play a game of soccer

77 Road Construction equipment in the downtown area. Broad Street, Benson Street and some of the side streets are being repaired

78 Looking up Gurley Street towards Commerce. The first layer of pavement is complete

79 Broad and Gurley Street. First layer of pavement is completed

80 Drainage system being installed on the Jallah Town Road, near 9th Street

81 Sidewalk and drainage system being built on the Jallah Town Road near 9th Street

82 Reconstruction on the Bensonville - Barnersville Road This 8-mile road project when completed will connect Mount Barclay to Barnersville


84 Drainage system running up Gardnersville Road.


86 Drainage being installed on Johnsonville Road. The road has been raised, and small bridges installed over low points. (January 2008)

87 The University of Liberia Campus at Fendall Under the administration of President Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf, many wonderful things have been occurring in Liberia, one of which is the construction work going on at the University of Liberia Fendall Campus. The construction is underway and the Chinese contractors have Liberians amazed. A sneak preview of what is to come









96 Pictures of a National Housing Authority Project: New housing development underway on Robertsfield Highway in Liberia, October 2009 sign board of what is to come: New Housing Development, Century Investment (Africa) Co., LTD, Working with N.H.A.

97 These models are of the new housing development project on Robertsfield Highway in Margibi County Liberia.

98 This model is made out of compressed bricks

99 This model is made out of wood. It looks like a wood cabin

100 JFK Hospital in Monrovia is currently under reconstruction. These are pictures of the hospital and it's grounds


102 Thank you America, from the Liberian People

103 The newly renovated TNIMA building at the JFK complex in Monrovia



106 The opening of the newly renovated West Wing at J.F.K. Memorial Hospital Sunday, January 3, 2010, Monrovia, Liberia



109 Patients computerize registration area

110 Inside one of the two new elevators

111 The 2nd Floor West Wing, J.F.K, Memorial Hospital













124 3rd Floor West Wing




128 4th Floor Surgical Floor, West Wing

129 Christmas Decoration in the compound of the J.F.K Memorial Hospital


131 Welcome to the Oil Palm Fair. SKD Stadium Monrovia, Liberia Male (left) and Female (right) Palm Nuts

132 The top nut and the bottom nut were crossed to get the bigger nut on the right. Agriculture must be interesting!

133 These are the results and they are suppose to bear 3 to 5 times more oil palms a year.

134 This machine squeezes the oil from the palm nut

135 Making Palm Oil

136 Freedom Mill Oil Palm Machine. These are about $800.00

137 This machine crushes palm nuts to make Palm Kernel Oil

138 The ingredients for making soap

139 Palm Kernal Nuts, Crush Palm Kernal Nuts, Palm Kernal Oil

140 Different kinds of Palm Oil

141 February 2008 Demolition Day (Airfield Road Repairs) There are many illegal structures in Monrovia. Structures placed on sidewalks, government land, other people property, etc. Structures that are marked for removal have XMPW painted on them like the container in the picture above.

142 Structures in Wroto Town "Airfield" that were marked and not remove by the owners, were demolished on Saturday, February 9th, 2008 by the Ministry of Public Works. Some of the comments I heard were "So, the old ma was serious ehn". "We didn't move it, because we thought the government didn't have money to fix the road."

143 These folks are taking down the shade to their shop that was partly built on the sidewalk. Because they and others have built on the sidewalk, or place large objects like containers and booths on the sidewalk, people are forced to walk on the road.


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