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Elements of the Model for a National Data Network by Vincent O. Akinyosoye.

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1 Elements of the Model for a National Data Network by Vincent O. Akinyosoye

2 1. Data Nodes exist for official statistics at the national and sub- national levels in a National Statistical System(NSS). The NSO is the national Data Hub.

3 2. 2. A Virtual Cloud to serve as an umbrella for all data suppliers, producers and users within a country with connection to the outside world through the web. This is analogous to creating a National Data Nervous System (NDNS).

4 3. A National Data Centre (NDC) in the NSO to serve as the hub or platform for the National Data Network (NDN) with complementary Data Centers at the nodes, that is, other data producing organizations such as all Federal or National MDAs, Regional or State Statistical Offices, Regional or State MDAs, Local Government Statistical Units and lower level administrative units.

5 4. Physical and logical connections of all data centers through available technologies such as satellites, asymmetric digital subscriber lines (broadband), fiber optics, wireless and internet.

6 5. On-site and/or remote Data Recovery Sites (DRSs) for the National Data Centre and other data centers as a Data Back-up System (DBS).

7 6. A system for content development that will entail the identification of the operational micro and macro level statistical information that will be collected through censuses, surveys and routine administrative methods, transformed and integrated into a data pool in the data centers at the Data Nodes and at the Hub,that is, at the National Data Center.

8 7. Configuration of the Database Management Systems for managing all the micro and macro level statistical information that will be stored or warehoused in the data centers.

9 8. A Metadata System that will provide information about the methodologies for collecting the statistical information in the data centers including the concepts behind and definition and types of the data stored for use.

10 9. Construction of User Decision Support System (DSS) applications to generate information from the data pool, that is, a Business Intelligence Support System for information dissemination and decision making.

11 10. A communication system to move or transmit data and information within each organization in NSS or across organizations within the same location or town, in different location or towns and globally through the internet.

12 11. Preparation of the Data Network for Cloud Computing.

13 12. For NSOs with out-stations, establishment of a communication system to connect all out stations to the National Data Centre at the NSO head office.

14 Traditional Government Enterprise Statistical Information System

15 Electronic Government Enterprise Statistical Information System

16 The VPN Cloud of the Nigerian Data Nervous System (NDNS)

17 The National Data Centre showing the Communication, Server & Power Back-up Apartments Communication Apartment Server Apartment Power Back-Up & Fire Protection Apartment

18 Physical Connectivity within NBS Headquarters

19 Schematic Diagram showing the Connectivity within NBS Headquarters and between NBS and Outside Clients

20 Generic Connectivity between NBS Data Centre and Client Sites

21 NBS VPN Design for the Zonal Offices and Schools of Statistics

22 Logical Connections between NBS HQ, Zonal Offices to the Disaster Recovery Site

23 Data Management Infrastructure at Computer Room of Training School

24 Virtual Presentation of the Connectivity between NBS Data Centre and Federal MDAs

25 Connectivity between FMF and its Parastatals

26 Layout of the Data Centre in FMF

27 Layout of the Local Area Network (LAN) in FMF

28 Virtual Storage Links between FMF Data Centre and Servers at its Parastatals

29 Link between Ministry of Finance Data Centre and its Parastatals

30 Federal Ministry of Finance Data Storage System and Disaster Recovery Site

31 Pictures of Ministry of Petroleum Connection with NBS

32 Pictures of Connection between the Nigeria Custom and NBS

33 NBS & 36 SSAs and FCT Virtual Private Network (VPN)

34 Sample Design of the Connectivity between State Data Centre, State MDAs & Local Government Areas

35 Sample of State Data Centre Proposed Design

36 Link between State Data Centre and State Ministries

37 Typical State Ministry Internal Connectivity

38 Pictorial Representation of the Connectivity between Niger State Data Centre and National Data Centre, NBS

39 VSAT Connectivity between NBS and all SSAs and between Niger State and NBS Headquarters, Abuja

40 Link between State Data Centre and Local Government Statistical Units (LGSUs)

41 Connection between Ondo West LGA and its Wards

42 Link between Ondo State Data Centre, Ondo West LGA Data Centre and its Wards Data and Information Centres

43 Organising for User Needs under GESIS

44 Connection between NBS Data Centre and NPC Data Centre

45 Connection between NPC Data Centre and its Departments

46 Web Portal platform for Data Dissemination

47 Dissemination through Data Portal

48 University Education Statistics


50 Using GIS and Google Technology

51 Hand held, GIS – GPS Devices for Data Collection

52 E -form

53 Thank You!

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