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+ Targeting Opportunities Targeting offline metrics online through two advanced profile offerings: Advanced Profile Segments Mosaic segments Audience Insight.

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1 + Targeting Opportunities Targeting offline metrics online through two advanced profile offerings: Advanced Profile Segments Mosaic segments Audience Insight Enriching Microsoft Advertisings user database with Experians massive offline dataset. Partnership Combining the reach of Microsoft Advertising with the in-depth audience insight of Experian.

2 ADVANCED PROFILE TARGETING FROM EXPERIAN Go beyond standard demographic attributes with insights such as: Life Stage Gross Family Income Education

3 MOSAIC SEGMENTS FROM EXPERIAN A DEEPER DEMOGRAPHIC Dive deeper and sharpen your focus with socio-demographic characteristics. Demographics Behaviours Purchase Choice Lifestyle Choices Recreational Activity Investment Behaviour And more…

4 Use Mosaic profiling to precisely target your core audience TRAVEL – Family Holidays LIFESTAGE – New Families MOSAIC SEGMENT EXAMPLES GROUP G: CAREERS AND KIDS Families with Young Children where both parents are likely to earn solid incomes providing for a comfortable modern home INDEX: 999 GROUP B: PROFESSIONAL REWARDS Experienced professionals in successful careers enjoying financial comfort in suburban or semi- rural homes INDEX: 537 GROUP F: SUBURBAN MINDSETS Maturing families on mid-range incomes living a moderate lifestyle in suburban semis INDEX: 402 TYPE G33: MILITARY DEPENDANTS Servicemen and their families renting quarters from the Ministry of Defence INDEX: 999 TYPE G31: DOMESTIC COMFORT Families with high incomes derived from managerial positions and considerable property wealth in their suburban detached houses INDEX: 407 TYPE J43: STREETWISE KIDS Large young families with many single parents, often unemployed and claiming benefits, living on deprived council estates INDEX: 282

5 Experian securely receives Windows Live data from Microsoft Experian overlays data with its own categories such as Mosaic Categories are securely and anonymously returned to Microsoft How can we provide advanced online targeting while preserving the anonymity of the consumer? HOW THIS WORKS

6 ADVANCED TARGETING DRIVES BRAND AWERENESS CASE STUDY: DIRECT LINE Solution Microsoft Advertising was able to connect Direct Line with the robust audience targeting they were looking for using Experians Addressable Advertising solution – a combination of Experians rich consumer data and analytical expertise and Microsoft Advertisings quality inventory and scale. Results 31% increase in ad recall – this increased to 44% amongst Professional Rewards group 57% increase in positive purchase responses Challenge Focusing on its home insurance offering, Direct Line wanted to identify and target their ideal audience online. The aim of the campaign was to increase their brand awareness, drive positive brand perception, and increase consumer awareness that Direct Line products are not available through price comparison websites. 57% increase in positive purchase responses.

7 DATA PROVIDER: EXPERIAN DATA SOURCE: CONSUMERVIEW 7 ConsumerView delivers a comprehensive database of Dutch consumer marketing information based on 16 million individuals and 7 million households. Provides thousands of additional high-quality data variables that go far beyond standard offerings. High-quality data: Experian is the original source compiler, controlling and validating all data. Create a prospect list with widely used demographic and lifestyle variables and segmentations systems (i.e., Mosaic and TrueTouch). Industry-leading privacy practices and auditing.


9 TARGET AUDIENCES BY LIFE STAGE Target consumers by Life Stage across the Microsoft network of sites. 1 - Single or couple < 35 years 2 - Family with children, eldest child 0-5 years 3 - Family with children, eldest child 6-12 years 4 - Family with children, eldest child years 5 - Family with children, eldest child 20+ years 6 - Single or couple, years 7 - Single or couple, years 8 - Single or couple, >=65 years Background and Sources Based on a comprehensive database of consumer marketing information sourced from Dutch households by Experian.

10 TARGET AUDIENCES BY GROSS FAMILY INCOME 1 - Below modal 2 - Modal times modal times modal 5 - More than 2 times modal Background and Sources Based on a comprehensive database of consumer marketing information sourced from Dutch households by Experian. Target consumers by Gross Family Income scores) across the Microsoft network of sites.

11 TARGET AUDIENCES BY EDUCATION 1 – Low 2 – Medium 3 – High 4 - University Background and Sources Based on a comprehensive database of consumer marketing information sourced from Dutch households by Experian. Target consumers by Education across the Microsoft network of sites.


13 GROUP A YOUNG DIGITALS Young Digitals are free spirits with free time and great affinity for the digital world This Group studies, works part-time, is in training or unemployed, living in small apartments in the large cities Types A01–Student Freedom Under 25, without cars or cares, other than preparing for their future A02–Online Starters Mid-20s, still in school or unemployed, they focus on shopping and playing A03–Digital Singles Most are 25-30, living alone in their first apartment. Obsessed with media A04–Older Youth Many are 35+, with below-average income, connecting with friends online

14 GROUP B URBAN BALANCERS Urban Balancers are under 40, with lower income and education, living in the middle of cities in Western Netherlands This Group often has roots outside the country Types B05–Young Multicultural Tenants Students under 25, living close to their school or university B06–Multicultural Starters Most are 25-40, living close to many friends from their place of origin B07–Struggling Urbanites Jobless or barely making ends meet, they average 25-45

15 GROUP C STARTING TOGETHER Starting Together works blue-collar jobs and lives in terraced homes in mid-sized municipalities They often have 1-2 children and live simply, entertained mostly by TV and radio Types C08–Terraced Starters Late-20s to early 30s, happy to have a small home in a safe area C09–Managing Together Largely made up of immigrants, 25-45, with 1-2 children C10–Basic Village Tenants Native Dutch, renting a house in a village, with average income

16 GROUP D GOOD LIFE CITY Good Life City is highly educated with a solid career or advanced studies, and is living the free life before the arrival of children They go on adventurous vacations in far-flung places like South Africa Types D11–Digital Apartment Owners 25-40, mostly entertained by the computer (including gaming) D12–Urban Singles Under 40 and without kids, enjoying sports and the cinema D13–Inner City Private Tenants 25-35, mostly carless students with below-average income D14–Characteristic City Dwellers 25-35, among the highest social class in the country D15–Urban Professionals Ranging from 30-60, often with a full-time government job

17 GROUP E AVERAGE FAMILY HOMEOWNERS Average Family Homeowners are at the heart of solidly middle-class family life, living in their own homes with growing children under 12 Their fun is practical and focused on the family, and their kids are busy with activities like martial arts Types E16–Young Family Dynamics 25-40, married or partnered with young kids in a quiet neighborhood E17–Working Class Homeowners Social people, 30-45; comfortably living on modest incomes E18–Commuter Families 35-55, commuting long distances to family-friendly neighborhoods

18 GROUP F KIDS AND CAREER Kids and Career is a group in a constant tug-of-war between work and home. They live for the weekend, when they can relax They are ambitious, earn good incomes and have solid credit histories Types F19–Prosperous Families 25-40, highly educated, and just starting a family (or trying to do so) F20–New Homemakers 30s-40s with two children, and recently purchased a new home F21–Progressing Families 35-50, with kids 6-12; parents work desk jobs, often as managers F22–Suburban Adolescent Families 40-55, with kids 6-19, and higher incomes allowing two cars

19 GROUP G SOCIAL TENANTS Social Tenants are middle-aged with older children, renting a simple apartment in a less expensive suburb They are often poorly educated, with low income and simple lives Types G23–Urban Medium 45-60, often single and childless, with part-time jobs and limited income G24–Modest Workers 45-60, hard-working families in rural areas G25–Needy Pre-Retirees 55-60, and often single, living frugally on low incomes

20 GROUP H MIDDLE CLASS CONTENTMENT Middle Class Contentment is a group approaching retirement, with a tidy home and close ties to extended family and friends They live mainly in small-scale communities and live carefully, without excess Types H26–Average Provincials 45-75, in rural villages, with grown children and often grandchildren H27–Suburban Single Tenants 55-75, working part-time or retired, renting, with few obligations H28–Village Seniors 55-75, active but slow-moving; many work part-time, enjoying crafts H29–Traditional Seniors 55-75, middle-income senior citizens living quietly in their own homes

21 GROUP I FREEDOM AND SPACE Freedom and Space consists of families with young children living in spacious suburbs They have average to good incomes, and often work in construction, or in managerial roles Types I30–Large Family Villagers 35-55, with 2-3 children, and very good incomes I31–Space Loving Families 40-60, with 2-3 kids, living in big homes on very large plots I32–Semi-Detached Locals 45-65, with at least one child, moderate incomes, leading a quiet life I33–Country Loving Households 40-65, with at least one child, hard-working and often upper-class

22 GROUP J GOLDEN EDGE Golden Edge is affluent and lives in spacious homes in expensive neighborhoods They love golf and foreign travel, and typically have a passion for finance and investing Types J34–Detached Prosperity 45-65, they are successful entrepreneurs or managers with kids J35–Wealthy Terrace Owners 45-65, kids 6-18, living in beautiful homes on quiet lanes J36–Comfortable Couples 45-75, living the good life thanks to high incomes and investments

23 GROUP K UPPER CLASS ELITE Upper Class Elite is typically among the highest social class in the country. Well educated and wealthy, they enjoy the best of life They buy keep champagne in the fridge, holiday in Italy in the summer and ski in Switzerland in the winter Types K37–Urban Elite 60+, most without children, they prefer a beautiful townhome in Amsterdam K38–Booming Families Under 45 and married, working hard and giving the best to their children K39–Wealthy Sophisticates 50-75, married with grown kids, they travel widely and support charities K40–Stately Exclusivity 45+, often Directors, usually married with grown kids and 2+ luxury cars

24 GROUP L COUNTRY LIFE Country Life is usually native Dutch, and enjoys life in pleasant homes in the open countryside They enjoy traditional life, while reveling in the peace of their natural surroundings Types L41–Contemporary Farmers farmers, with kids , working long days L42–Rural Teenage Families 45-75, with children 12+, working on their farm L43–Rural Freedom Seekers farmers, with children 12+, who are very self-sufficient L44–Contented Countryside 60+, with grown children, highly educated, they chose a gentle rural life

25 GROUP M WELL-EARNED COMFORT Well-Earned Comfort is a group enjoying an easy retirement from highly trained careers thanks to substantial savings They are married, and with their work life behind them, they relax, indulge in hobbies and visit their grandchildren Types M45–Active Empty Nesters 55+ and married, they are healthy, busy, and enjoy financial freedom M46–Happy Baby Boomers 60+ and married, they had a good working life and now happily relax M47–Elderly Apartment Owners Averaging 65 and upper- class, often retired professors or doctors

26 GROUP N GREYING SIMPLICITY Greying Simplicity is a group of retirees are living simply and soberly, enjoying quiet activities They have below average income and low education levels, and often live alone Types N48–Retired Singles 65-75, living alone in a rented apartment, often with a cat N49–Seniors Together 65-75, active, long-married couples, who love playing with grandchildren N50–Struggling Elders 75+, living quietly alone in a rented apartment with low resources


28 PROFILE SEGMENTS FROM EXPERIANNETHERLANDS SegmentDescription Life Stage 1 – Single or couple < 35 years 2 – Family with children, eldest child 0-5 years 3 – Family with children, eldest child 6-12 years 4 – Family with children, eldest child years 5 – Family with children, eldest child 20+ years 6 – Single or couple years 7 – Single or couple years 8 – Single or couple >=65 years Gross Family Income 1 – Below modal 2 – Modal 3 – 1.5 times modal 4 – 2 times modal 5 – More than 2 times modal Education 1 – Low 2 – Medium 3 – High 4 – University


30 EXPERIAN MOSAICSNETHERLANDS GroupGroup Description TypeType Description A Young Digitals A01Student Freedom A02Online Starters A03Digital Singles A04Older Youth B Urban Balancers B05Young Multicultural Tenants B06Multicultural Starters B07Struggling Urbanites C Starting Together C08Terraced Starters C09Managing Together C10Basic Village Tenants D Good Life City D11Digital Apartment Owners D12Urban Singles D13Inner City Private Tenants D14Characteristic City Dwellers D15Urban Professionals E Average Family Homeowners E16Young Family Dynamics E17Working-Class Homeowners E18Commuter Families

31 EXPERIAN MOSAICSNETHERLANDS GroupGroup Description TypeType Description F Kids and Career F19Prosperous Futures F20New Homemakers F21Progressing Families F22Suburban Adolescent Families G Social Tenants G23Urban Medium G24Modest Workers G25Scanty Early Retirement H Comfortable Retirement 27Well-Off Retired People 28Low-Comfort Retirement 29Being a Senior Citizen Inland I Freedom and Space I30Large Family Villagers I31Space Loving Families I32Semi-detached Locals I33Country-loving Households J Golden Edge J34Detached Prosperity J35Wealthy Terrace Owners J36Comfortable Couples

32 EXPERIAN MOSAICSNETHERLANDS GroupGroup Description TypeType Description K Upper-Class Elite K37Urban Elite K38Booming Families K39Wealthy Sophisticates K40Stately Exclusivity L Country Life L41Contemporary Farmers L42Rural Teenage Families L43Rural Freedom Seekers L44Contented Countryside M Well-Earned Comfort M45Active Empty Nesters M46Happy Baby Boomers M47Elderly Apartment Owners N Greying Simplicity N48Retired Singles N49Seniors Together N50Struggling Elders

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