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Monthly THP-Plus/THP+FC Conference Call Thursday, July 11 th : 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

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1 Monthly THP-Plus/THP+FC Conference Call Thursday, July 11 th : 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

2 AGENDA Welcome and introductions THP+FC Practice discussion: roommates Beverly Collier, Family Care Network Update on the number of providers Update on the number of youth THP-Plus Upcoming Participant Tracking System deadline: July 15 th Other Items Affordable Care Act & extension of Medi-Cal Upcoming THP-Plus & THP+FC Annual Report Poll: preferred day of week to hold monthly call Next call: date TBD

3 Family Care Network, Inc. (FCNI) Established in 1987 to provide alternatives to group home and institutional care for foster youth 17 distinct programs in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties: Therapeutic foster care Family support services Transitional housing services Prevention and early intervention services Community-linked services THP-Plus provider since 2007 have served 146 youth with 90% success rate THP+FC provider since January 2013 have served 26 youth with 84% success rate Creator of LIFEBOOK, a step-by-step guide to teach youth skills for everyday life – available on FCNI website –

4 Beverly Collier, TAY Services Manager Family Care Network, Inc. FCNIs Approach to Roommates in THP+FC All participants are advised that they may have a roommate exceptions include high-needs participants or participants with high/special needs child single custodial parents often placed together non-parent only placed with custodial parent if no other options and housing is an imminent need (until something else opens up) 2 bedroom furnished apartments: locks on each bedroom bedrooms remain locked between vacancies Upon entrance to program, participants: sign Participant Agreement sign Rental Agreement (no required Shared Living Agreement) During pre-entrance interview participant is asked about lifestyles/beliefs in order to match roommates e.g. wouldnt match someone in sobriety with a smoker/drinker, wouldnt match homophobic youth with homosexual youth, etc. Any gender preferences are considered, females and males are sometimes placed together

5 Beverly Collier, TAY Services Manager Family Care Network, Inc. FCNIs Approach to Roommates in THP+FC, Cont Participants can live with romantic partner even if partner not a dependent/participant FCNI only pays/provides services for participant couple lives in scattered site apartment (not in apt. owned by FCNI) so they can continue to rent on their own once participant completes program No overnight guests exceptions include pre-approved temporary out-of-town guests (e.g. visiting to attend graduation, etc.) Roommates split utilities if participant doesnt pay, their roommate not responsible for covering their half (FCNI covers it if ultimately not paid out of participants savings)

6 Beverly Collier, TAY Services Manager Family Care Network, Inc. Roommate Disputes House meeting Involves roommates & FCNI case manager Sometimes youth development specialist and/or TAY Services Manager attend; sometimes county SW/PO attend Common conflicts: argument over chores – often resolved with chore chart disrespect of person and/or belongings – often resolved with communication and conflict resolution More serious disputes usually a result of one participant breaking program rules (dealt with individually) Participant can be moved temporarily in case where roommate has been asked to leave program

7 Update on the Number of THP+FC Providers as of 7/1 Abode Services* Amador Institute, Inc. Aspiranet* Bill Wilson Center* Krista Foster Homes Children First FFA* Environmental Alternatives* Family Care Network, Inc.* First Place for Youth* Fred Finch Youth Center Mountain Circle Family Services* Olive Crest Treatment Centers Peacock Acres* Redwood Childrens Services* Renaissance Unlimited Homes, Inc.* Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center - Transition Age Youth Program* Sierra Quest Human Services Foundation St. Andrews Residential Star Programs Sunny Hills Services BAYC TLC Child and Family Services* Unity Care Group* Walden Family Services Northern California Youth & Family Programs* Youth for Change* 24 approved providers (*16 are also THP-Plus providers)

8 Update on the Number of THP+FC Youth:

9 Update on the Number of Youth in THP+FC: 4/1/13 161 total youth placed in THP+FC GENDER 61% young women 39% young men ETHNICITY 33% Black 30% White 34% Latino 3% Asian Pacific Islander COURT STATUS 89% dependents 11% juvenile probation

10 What Counties are Placing Youth in THP+FC? Numbers as of 4/1/13

11 Affordable Care Act & Extension of Medi-Cal Extended Medi-Cal to any youth who was in care on their 18 th birthday Effective January 1, 2014 California opted to implement extension for youth who turn 21 between 7/1 and 12/31 California also opted to extend coverage regardless of whether a youth was in foster care in the state 24% of THP-Plus participants report not having health insurance- all will be eligible!

12 THP-Plus & THP+FC Annual Report FY 2012-13 We are gathering data on FY 2012-13 this month If you provide THP-Plus and/or THP+FC, you or someone at your org should have received email with link to survey Report will be released in September Past reports available at

13 Other Items Poll: what day of the week would you prefer to hold these calls? TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY OR KEEP THEM ON THURSDAY? There will no THP-Plus/THP+FC during the month of August Date & time of September call to be determined

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