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Phase III Presentation Group 7 Thomas Kudej Marko Sutovic Timothy Smith.

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1 Phase III Presentation Group 7 Thomas Kudej Marko Sutovic Timothy Smith

2 Advisor Professor Basu Timothy SmithMarko Sutovic Thomas Kudej

3 Presentation Outline Project Objective Background Phase I-II Phase III CFD Initial Conditions Modeling and Results Experiment Anemometer Program Procedure Results Budget Gantt Chart Nugget Chart Phase IV - Plan of Action Questions?

4 Project Objectives Whisper 200 Wind Turbine I. Find a Suitable Location for The Whisper 200 a) Acquire Wind Velocity and Directional Data II. Prove Current Location is Inadequate III. Satisfy Power Generation Requirements

5 Summary of Phase I Original Problem Objective Examined Wind Turbine Restructure Overall Project Objective Observed Wind Turbine Behavior Whisper 200 Performance Developed Conceptual Designs Several Designs to Fix the Problem

6 Conceptual Designs Proposed A. Stability of the Wind Turbine B. Noise Cancellation Devices C. Use of Isolators to Support The Wind Turbine D. Removal of Aesthetic Lip on Babbio E. Move Turbine to Different Location F. Funnel Air Towards Turbine

7 Summary of Phase II Phase II Objectives Determining the Power Output of a Wind Turbine as a Function of Wind Speed Wind Direction Wind Characteristics Determining Superior Roof-top Location for the Whisper 200

8 Conceptual Designs Wind Fan Power Output Purpose Results

9 Conceptual Design Analysis Analyzing Results From Experiment Obstructions on the Babbio Center Roof-top are Affecting Power Production Building Design and Structure Proposed Solution Relocation of Wind Turbine I. Wind Velocity and Directional Testing I. Plan of Action for Testing Stevens Campus Babbio Center Wind Velocity Testing Wind Direction Testing Howe Center Wind Velocity Testing Wind Direction Testing Castle Point Apartments Wind Velocity Testing Wind Direction Testing River Lot Wind Velocity Testing Wind Direction Testing

10 Computational Fluid Dynamics Air Flow Analysis Using Cosmos Floworks, we were able to simulate the air flow in real world conditions and analyze the effects at each targeted location. External flow parameters were used instead of internal flow. The locations modeled in Solid Works were: Babbio Center Howe Center Castle Point Apartments Each model included their respective rooftop structures to determine the effect they could be having on the directional component of air flow. Initial conditions and Boundary conditions were chosen to define the problem

11 CFD – Initial Conditions Our initial conditions were chosen to simplify the model and decrease solving time as well as give us a fairly accurate portrayal of what is occurring. Air was selected as the working fluid Initial Ambient Conditions Pressure at 101 kPA Temperature at 273.5 K The velocity of the air in the X direction was set as 5m/s Through research, the average wind speed in the NYC area was 4-5 m/s Start up speed of the Whisper 200 is 3.1 m/s

12 CFD – Boundary Conditions Only one boundary condition was defined Walls of each structure The walls were defined as ideal walls which modeled them as adiabatic and frictionless. We chose not to model the walls as real because our analysis centered on the effect of each buildings geometry on the wind flow. Prove why Babbio is currently not sufficient Determine location where wind conditions are suitable Heat transfer coefficient, wall temperature and roughness factor were all negligible in our assumptions.

13 CFD – Babbio Center Model of the Babbio Center roof top

14 CFD – Babbio Center Air flow over the roof

15 CFD – Babbio Center North face of the Babbio Center – Notice the wake region in the upper right.

16 CFD – Babbio Center Wind coming in from the North-West

17 CFD – Howe Center Model of Howe Center

18 CFD – Howe Center Wind flow over Howe

19 CFD – Howe Center

20 CFD – Castle Point Apartments



23 Anemometer Program Anemometer lacked a display device to show analytical data. DAQ from Design II Lab enabled the reading of voltage outputs from the sensors. LabView was utilized to create a user interface and log output feature. Anemometer was calibrated using Fluids Lab wind tunnel. See Appendix slides A&B for full program and interface.

24 Procedure Readings were taken with the Anemometer at 8 locations. Babbio, CPA, Howe, and River Lot All readings were taken within a two hour time period, as to reduce the effect of changing weather conditions. Experiment was repeated on multiple days. Results were analyzed to determine the best placement location for the Whisper 200.

25 Measurements and Results Sample was taken at Babbio Location A (original location) on Day 1 between 1:35pm and 1:45pm. Average Wind Velocity was measured to be 3.6875m/s. Wind Direction was very sporadic. Each location was analyzed in this way on three separate days. (See Appendix slides for data)

26 Measurements and Results Sample was taken at CPA Location B (optimal location) on Day 1 between 3:00pm and 3:10pm. Average Wind Velocity was measured to be 4.0408m/s. Wind Direction was conclusively consistent. After analysis, this location was chosen as the most optimal for the Whisper 200, due to its constant wind direction and reliable wind velocity.

27 Budget ExpensesTotal CostReasonSources Whisper 200 Nose Cone $32.00 Current nose cone on Whisper 200 is damaged and needs replacement. https://www.renewabl s/Whisper/whisper_m aster_price_list_3- 07.pdf Wind Turbine Data Logger $333.50 Collects and records the power generated by a Wind Turbine http://www.altestore.c om/store/Meters- Communications-Site- Analysis/Data- Communications/Out back-FlexNet- DC/p6002/ Total $365.50

28 Looking at the Future Phase IV Determine the power output of the wind turbine at new location Install data logger to see how much is being produced. How much money is saved? Monitor the wind turbine and see if any noise or vibration issues arise Use gathered data to tweak the design and improve energy production. Restrict the turning mechanism Develop channels to funnel the air

29 Gantt Chart

30 Title: Whisper 200 Analysis and Remediation Team Members: Marko Sutovic, Timothy Smith, Thomas Kudej Advisor: Dr Basu, Dr Prasad Project #: 7 Date:12/15/09 Project Objectives Determine the temporal power output of a wind turbine as a function of average wind speed, time dependent wind direction, laminar and turbulent air flow. Determine a roof-top location for the given wind turbine where the power output is predicted to be relatively high in comparison with the current location of the Whisper 200 turbine atop the Babbio Center Results Obtained at This Point CPA Location B Average Wind Velocity 4.0408m/s Preliminary Design Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis over proposed roof tops. Babbio Test Results Wind measurement study Howe Center Results Wind measurement study Castle Point Apartments Results Wind measurement study River Parking Lot Results Wind measurement study Drawing and Illustration (Air Flow over Babbio) Detailed Design Castle Point Apartments is the best area for relocation of the Whisper 200 Contains greatest constant directional flow out of all the areas tested Has little to no obstructions in the coming wind direction which is predominately North, North-West. ME 423 Phase III Nugget Chart – Engineering Design

31 Thank you, Questions?

32 Appendix A: Full LabView Program

33 Appendix B: User Interface

34 Appendix C: Babbio Location A Wind Direction Day 1Day 2Day 3

35 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Appendix D: Babbio Location A Wind Speed

36 Appendix E: Babbio Location B Wind Direction Day 1Day 2Day 3

37 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Appendix F: Babbio Location B Wind Speed

38 Appendix G: Babbio Location C Wind Direction Day 1Day 2Day 3

39 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Appendix H: Babbio Location C Wind Speed

40 Appendix I: CPA Location A Wind Direction Day 1Day 2Day 3

41 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Appendix J: CPA Location A Wind Speed

42 Appendix K: CPA Location B Wind Direction Day 1Day 2Day 3

43 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Appendix L: CPA Location B Wind Speed

44 Appendix M: Howe Location A Wind Direction Day 1Day 2Day 3

45 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Appendix N: Howe Location A Wind Speed

46 Appendix O: Howe Location B Wind Direction Day 1Day 2Day 3

47 Day 1Day 2Day 3 Appendix P: Howe Location B Wind Speed

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