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January 9, 2014 Fire Incident, Drew Apartment Complex Ruston, Louisiana.

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1 January 9, 2014 Fire Incident, Drew Apartment Complex Ruston, Louisiana





6 Investigations by the Ruston Fire Department, along with the State Fire Marshals Office determined that the initial cause of fire was a result of multiple faulty utility issues Vent pipes associated with Central Heating Units and Hot Water Heaters along with wiring problems was determined to have caused this fire There were no smoke detectors present due to building code requirements in early 1980s


8 January 23, 2014 State Fire Marshal Cease & Desist Order leads to Evacuation of Louisiana Tech Students

9 Issues Leading to Evacuation SFM requires management to hire fire watch personnel RFD & GFD personnel discontinued fire watch duties after management failed to provide reimbursement Contractors hired to bring equipment up to code standards discontinued services after management failed to provide payment Non-compliance with SFM requirements to upgrade apartments with smoke detectors

10 Sequence of Events February 23, 2014 1100: Received call from SFM Butch Browning with request to open shelter for occupants 1130: Trinity Methodist Church agreed to provide shelter for student/occupants 1300: SFM Cease & Desist Order issued to apartment manager - evacuation begins 1300: Began corresponding with Louisiana Tech staff regarding student/occupants –Approximately 100 + occupants, 70% of whom are foreign students from multiple nationalities

11 Planning Issues Encountered No accurate numbers of evacuees for shelter manager to prepare for –Set up initially for 50 Situation warrants no assistance from ARC for feeding purposes (if needed) Various foreign nationalities and cultures led to issues including language and religious barriers as well as food/eating habits of foreign students Severe winter weather, cold & snowing Many students still in classes, no knowledge of evacuation, would not be allowed to stay home

12 Summary Most of the student occupants found shelter with fellow students while some had family members that could take them in Five ended up staying at the Trinity shelter the one night and found other shelter means the next day Apartment Owner failed in responsibilities and ended up filing bankruptcy Remember this could happen any time or anywhere

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