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WELCOME TO NACKA CITY. 14 000 apartments, 10 000 workplaces and an extended metro line. Welcome to a creative inner city development projekt in stocholm.

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2 14 000 apartments, 10 000 workplaces and an extended metro line. Welcome to a creative inner city development projekt in stocholm.

3 CENTRAL NACKA In central Nacka the municipality is planning to build 6,000 homes and 4,000 workplaces.

4 Central Nacka 6,000 new homes, 4,000 workplaces and a new metro line to central Nacka makes the area a natural intersection for trade and transport links, a mere 50 km from Stockholms city centre. Central Nacka will be characterised by attractive locations and thoroughfares, plus a mix of homes, retail, culture, schools, sporting facilities, etc. Nacka municipality is the largest land ownerin the area. For central Nacka to be seen as a coherent entity, there are plans to cover over the motorway.

5 CENTRAL NACKA To link central Nacka with Nacka strand the municipality will cover over the motorway (road 222).

6 HENRIKSDAL/FINNBODA The density in Henriksdal will be increased to create a more urban environment with 1,300 new homes.

7 HENRIKSDAL/FINNBODA The built-up areas between Nacka and Stockholms inner city are growing and merging. In Henriksdal, where Nacka meets Södermalm, 1,300 new homes, plus workplaces, services and meeting places are being planned. The former industrial area Finnboda Varv, a stones throw from Henriksdal, is already well on the way to being transformed into a new major housing area with approximately 700 new homes being built. New residents will be moving in up until 2018.

8 HENRIKSDAL/FINNBODA Example of a public square in Henriksdal

9 HENRIKSDAL/FINNBODA Terraced housing in Finnboda hamn

10 KVARNHOLMEN Kvarnholmen. A peninsula located between Stockholm city centre and the archipelago.

11 KVARNHOLMEN An industrial area is being transformed into a completely new urban district on the Kvarnholmen peninsula. Once complete, the development will feature 3,000 homes and the same number of workplaces in a unique archipelago setting just 3.5 kilometres from Slussen. A comprehensive school for 700 pupils, walks along the shoreline, venues for culture and events, quays and marinas are all planned.

12 KVARNHOLMEN Stockholm Lighthouse will provide new, modernist, housing with panoramic views over the approach to Stockholm by water.

13 KVARNHOLMEN 700 apartments will be built in the southern quayside area, where there will also be space for a guest harbour and marina.

14 KVARNHOLMEN BRIDGE AND TUNNEL The Kvarnholmen Link will join Kvarnholmen to central Nacka.

15 KVARNHOLMEN BRIDGE AND TUNNEL To join the growing district of Kvarnholmen with central Nacka, Nacka municipality is building a bridge across the Svindersviken inlet and a tunnel through Ryssbergen. The link will make life easier for many Nacka residents and is crucial to continued development on Kvarnholmen. Despite being a major investment in infrastructure, the project is being run by the municipality. The first soil was dug in spring 2013 and it is anticipated that the bridge/tunnel will be open to traffic in 2015.

16 KVARNHOLMEN BRIDGE Bridge span, with Kvarnholmen left of the picture.

17 NACKA STRAND Examples of construction east and west of the tunnel to Nacka strand.

18 NACKA STRAND Its location in the immediate vicinity of Stockholm city centre, the sense of being in the archipelago and its waterfront position on the approach to Stockholm makes Nacka strand unique. With 1,500 new homes, more flexible workplaces and a number of desirable meeting places, Nacka strand will be a uniquely attractive district with a strong identity. A vibrant urban environment, sustainable in the long term, where people want to live, work and be.

19 NACKA STRAND Example of the design of JV Svenssons square, Nacka strand.

20 NACKA STRAND 3D-view of the whole area.

21 PLANIA Close to the Sickla shopping district, just a couple of kilometres from Södermalm, Nacka is planning to build approximately 1,200 new homes. Its wealth of restaurants, shopping and culture makes this an attractive location, with swimming and beautiful walks on the doorstep. The new metro line and the extension of the light rail line (Tvärbanan) to Sickla make this an important transport hub.

22 PLANIA Example of a public square in the Plania area

23 PLANIA Walk along the shoreline at Kyrkviken, Plania area


25 OTHER PROJECTS I NACKA MUNICIPALITY Orminge centre In Boo, approximately 13 kilometres from Stockholm city centre, Nacka municipality is planning to build a district centre with around 1,000 new homes and 30,000 square metres of space for retail, offices, culture, schools and a swimming pool. Orminge centre will be developed into a public transport hub with a new bus terminal, new car parks and ultimately a metro station.

26 ORMINGE CENTRE 1,000 new houses and 30,000 square metres for businesses and facilities in the new Orminge centre.

27 ORMINGE CENTRE Example of a public square in Orminge centre.

28 OTHER PROJECTS IN NACKA MUNICIPALITY Skuru bridge To improve traffic flow and safety on the motorway Värmdöleden, a new bridge will be built over Skurusundet. The new bridge will be sited 15–20 metres south of the existing bridges and will have three lanes in each direction, one of which will be designated for public transport. The bridges currently in use will be renovated and rebuilt to form a pedestrian and cycle bridge and a bridge for local traffic. Construction is planned to start in 2016.

29 SKURU BRIDGE Existing Skurubro with pedestrian and bicycle paths.

30 SKURU BRIDGE Walking Port under the motorway

31 SKURU BRIDGE Design of the new bridg

32 OTHER PROJECTS IN NACKA MUNICIPALITY Älta center Älta centre and the area surrounding it will be developed into an attractive urban district in a beautiful natural setting. A new centre will boost commerce and services. Älta will feature a large number of new homes, schools, and sporting and cultural facilities. Älta will be an attractive small town designed with natural places for people to meet and enjoy sport, the outdoors, culture, services and shopping. Ensuring that residents have what they need to lead happy, healthy lives is at the heart of the Älta development.

33 ÄLTA CENTRE Example of a public square in Älta centre.

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