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Orchard Park Redevelopment. The Chancellors Professional & Graduate Student Advisory board (CGPSA) Market Survey: Danter Report LLC Highlights The Challenge.

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1 Orchard Park Redevelopment

2 The Chancellors Professional & Graduate Student Advisory board (CGPSA) Market Survey: Danter Report LLC Highlights The Challenge CGPSA Housing Survey of graduate, professional students and postdocs

3 The Chancellors Graduate & Professional Student Advisory board has: 2 Representatives on the redevelopment committee Conducted an independent survey of graduate students Attended town hall meetings Advocated, represented and responded to graduate student concerns

4 UC Davis is currently replacing affordable housing complexes (Solano and Orchard Parks) Proposed rents are significantly different from what students can afford or currently pay Proposed project will not meet low-income needs Does the proposed project fit into UC Davis Vision 2020 for graduate student education? Excerpt from HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) Families who pay more than 30 percent of their income for housing are considered cost burdened and may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation and medical care.

5 Surveyed Davis apartment housing (61 complexes surveyed, did not include exclusive housing such as university housing or low-income housing) Provided statistical analysis regarding pricing per square foot and amenities Rent proposals are inclusive of utilities Unit typePrice ($)footage Studio (single couples)$1,050417 One bedroom (single/couples)$1,275561 Two bedroom (single/couples)$1,750975 Two bedroom family$1,400~930 Three bedroom family$1,9001175

6 Complex NameBuiltUnitsOccupancy Student Population Affordable Units Sharps and Flats 199413099.20%40%34 Allegré 200115293.40%UNKNOWN17 Sorrento 1982121100.00%45% The Edge 1988176100.00%60%-70% The Seville at Mace Ranch 200181100.00%UNKNOWN Casitas 198989100.00%70% Adobe at Evergreen 2000120100.00%95%30 Lakeshore 1982112100.00%80% Orchard Park (SUBJECT SITE) 2016522 *Less than half of the apartments used to determine market rates were apartments included on the affordable housing list. In fact, Lakeshore was included and it is responsible for some of the highest if not the highest rental rates in the city of Davis.


8 526 respondents: 459 Graduate/Professional Students 67 Postdocs 99 International students 481 domestic students The most common living situation was with a family/partner, followed by living with roommates

9 Answer ChoicesResponses Davis74.90% 394 West Sacramento1.14% 6 Woodland3.80% 20 Sacramento11.03% 58 Bay Area3.99% 21 Other5.13% 27 Total526 Answer ChoicesResponses Cheaper Accommodation 53.03% 70 Couldnt find any housing in Davis 8.33% 11 More friendly housing outside Davis 11.36% 15 Spouse/Partner works outside of Davis 31.06% 41 Kids go to school outside of Davis 4.55% 6 Other39.39% 52 Total respondents: 132

10 Students with roommates had on average 2 roommates Students with families/partners typical reported 2 adults in the household, with an average of 1 child per family N=80 N=60 N=33 N=21 N=9 N=32 N=60 N=4 N=57 N=13

11 Individual students had multiple sources of funding with teaching Assistantships as the most common form of financial support More than half of respondents have an annual household income less than $40,000/year, with 44% reporting less than $30,000/year AnswerResponses Scholarship113: 24.6% Departmental Grant121: 26.36% Teaching Assistantship215: 46.8% Graduate Student Researcher193: 42.04% Student Loan65: 14.16% Family Support6: 0.01% Fellowship16: 0.033% Grants15: 0.032% Self Sponsored15: 0.032% Total Responses459

12 Employee TitleFee RemissionAnnual Salary*Monthly Salary* Teaching AssistantPartial$17,655.00$1,961.67 Graduate Student Researcher Step I Full$17,034.00$1,419.50 Step IIIFull$20,358.00$1,696.50 Step VFull$23,454.00$1,954.00 Step VIIFull$26,509.50$2,209.00 *Salaries reflect a maximum allowable 50% appointment, and are before taxes

13 Income Category Number of Persons in Household 12345678 Extremely Low $14,900$17,050$19,150$21,300$23,000$24,700$26,400$28,100 Very Low Income $24,850$28,400$31,950$35,500$38,350$41,200$44,000$46,850 Lower Income $39,750$45,450$51,100$46,800$61,350$65,900$70,450$75,000 Median Income $49,700$56,800$63,900$71,000$76,700$82,400$88,000$93,700 Moderate Income $59,600$68,200$76,700$85,200$92,000$98,800$105,600$112,500 Respondents with roommates: 63.5% report less than $30,000 a year Respondents with families: 34.7% report less than $30,000 a year Respondents living alone: 74.7% report less than $30,000 a year

14 Non-University Housing Expense TypeYearlyMonthly Tuition and Fees (1) *$16,110----- Books & Supplies$1,160----- Housing$8,859$738.25 Food$3,581$298.42 Personal$2,283$190.25 Transportation **$1,727$143.92 TOTAL$33,720$1370.28


16 Reported Average Monthly Rent (Including Utilities) Singles (living alone) $1050.03 Total with 1 housemate $1,234.32 Families (per family) *$1,190.83 Total with 2 housemates $1,851.48 Suggested Monthly Rent for New Complex (Including Utilities) Singles/Couples: Studio$1,050.00 Singles/Couples: 1- bedroom $1,275.00 Singles/Couples: 2- bedroom $1,750.00 Family: 2-bedroom$1,400.00 Family: 3-bedroom$1,900.00 * For families reporting income of less than $61,000 a year. For all respondents with families, average was $1,401.56 Danter Company Survey CGPSA Housing Survey

17 Income BracketAverage Number of Housemates Average Rent per Housemate Average Utilities per Housemate <$20,000 (48)1-2$538.07$51.81 $21,000 - $30,000 (60)2$567.10$55.97 $31,000 - $40,000 (21)2$537.97$47.61 $41,000 - $50,000 (15)1-2$623.33$71.33 $51,000 – $60,000 (11)2$629.09$65 $61,000 + (15)2-3$538.33$52.8 Do not wish to answer2-3$557.91$53.83 Yolo County Low Income Guidelines for 1 person Extremely low income: $14,900 Very low income: $24,850 Lower income: $39,750

18 Income BracketAverage RentAverage Utilities <$20,000 (34)$893.14$80.41 $21,000 - $30,000 (31)$966.51$69.06 $31,000 - $40,000 (7)$1,098.57$53.57 $41,000 - $50,000 (7)$1,053.57$96.42 $51,000 – $60,000 (2)$1,012.00$95 $61,000 + (15)$1,216.66$86.66 Do not wish to answer (5) Yolo County Low Income Guidelines for 1 person Extremely low income: $14,900 Very low income: $24,850 Lower income: $39,750

19 Income BracketAverage Number of Adults Average Number of Children Average RentAverage Utilities <$20,000 (22)21$1043.42$80.95 $21,000 - $30,000 (64)1-21$969.22$111.25 $31,000 - $40,000 (24)1-21.22$1089.50$162.83 $41,000 - $50,000 (31)2-31.4$1103.20$162.83 $51,000 – $60,000 (29)21$1326.72$135.53 $61,000 + (78)22$1637.09$223.76 Yolo County Low Income Guidelines for 3 people Extremely low income: $19,150 Very low income: $31,950 Lower income: $51,100

20 BedroomBathroomSq Ft.RentPer bedroomNotes Russel Park11688$980.00 11897$1,152.00 loft 21848$1,225.00$612.50small bathroom 21885$1,250.00$625.00medium bathroom 211010$1,385.00$692.50large bathroom Atriums at La Ruestudio1518$882.00 Model D 21668$1,210.00$605.00Model C 21698$1,226.00$613.00Model B 21746$1,265.00632.50Model A Orchard Park21594$915.00457.50 Solano Park11462$766.00766 21632$906.00453

21 Answer ChoicesResponses Student loans24.9% 131 Family support34.79% 183 Working multiple jobs19.39% 102 Not Applicable – I make enough to make my ends meet 38.78% 204 Using savings0.024% 13 Other0.013% 7 Total Respondents: 526

22 Answer choicesResponses Yes – sometimes28.9% 152 Yes – very often10.27% 54 No59.13% 311 Do not wish to answer1.71% 9 Total526

23 Answer ChoicesResponses Yes – sometimes26.05% 137 Yes – every month19.96% 105 No51.90% 273 Do not wish to answer2.09% 11 Total526

24 Need for temporary housing for international and domestic non-residents There needs to be some temporary housing for non residents and international students. Coming from a different country and making housing arrangements from a different country is challenging. Yes. For international students, UC Davis should provide temporary housing, since we do not have a credit card or a checking account to pay the deposit in advance or reserve a place. Unaffordable housing I have no money left to save. The savings I had are being spent on living while in grad school. Rent is ridiculous and will be moving out of Davis within a year. I am sick of the University outsourcing its neglect of student families onto the City of Davis. For me to live in an affordable housing unit, I am effectively denying a non-UC-affiliated family the opportunity to live affordably in the City of Davis. This is wrong.

25 Unaffordable Housing Cost of housing in Davis is expensive, but moving to Woodland or Sacramento would require additional spending on transportation (especially if I need to leave the lab at odd hours when public transportation is not running and if I need to be on time for a meeting). I was disappointed to find such ramshackle "affordable" living in Davis ($600 a month) and had to hire a lawyer in order to get out of my lease with the slumlord Unhealthy living conditions I may one day die of toxic exposure from this apartment, but at least I will be successful enough to find a secure job that has decent health insurance to prolong my life!

26 The majority of graduate students exist on an income below $30,000 dollars They pay approximately $620 per month between housing and utilities Graduate students report unstable income situations with little ability to save (GSR and TA positions)

27 # Rooms UCBUCIUCLAUCMUCRUCSDUCSCUCSBUCD Studio$1050$782$1050 One$984$1121- $1859 $890$1275 Two$1228$1489- $1612 $610- $670 (610 sq.ft) $1043 - $1309 $1750 Three$1680$1518- $1632 $700 (696 sq.ft) $1900 Four$1752$1019 Family$1486*$1400 CommentsOffers family housing On-Campus housing exclusive to undergrads No designated on-campus family housing

28 Amenities Below average rent for the Santa Cruz area (see rates below) Spacious 1,000 square foot, unfurnished, two-bedroom, one bathroom apartments Kitchens with electric range and refrigerator Cable TV and Internet service included One parking space per apartment Included Laundry facilities with card-operated washers and dryers Community Safety Officer services on evenings and weekends On-site Child Care and Early Education Center A variety of educational enrichment opportunities Co-curricular programming are included in the residence rate

29 New housing should reflect the needs of graduate students and post-docs in terms of affordability, availability, and amenities Target single room rent rates not exceeding 30% of a 9-month TAship (~530$) [HUD recommended] Complexes currently occupied by graduate students be considered when establishing projected rents, square footage, and choosing amenities The new housing development should take into consideration current and future projected needs for affordable housing (UC Davis 2020 initiative) Needs for temporary housing and flexible lease lengths to assist students and postdocs during times of transition should be considered


31 Replacing: 200 two-bedroom apartments (Orchard) 108 one-bedroom and 168 two-bedroom apartments (Solano) Working exclusively with University Student Living CGPSA has: 2 Representatives on the redevelopment committee Conducted independent survey of graduate students Attended town hall meetings Worked to adequately represent and respond to graduate student concerns

32 ComplexAffordable Units Number of Bedrooms ComplexAffordable Units Number of Bedrooms Adóbe302,3,4Owendale (G)451,2,3 Alhambra681,2,3,4 Pacifico Cooperative (students,G) 96 beds double or single room occupancy Allegre172,3,4Pinecrest401,2 Arlington Farms281,2,3,4Rosa Parks (G)101,2 Becerra Plaza (P, G)211Rosewood Park (G)241,2,3 Ellington251,2,3,4Sharps and Flats342,3,4 Cal Aggie Christian Association 10 beds single room occupancy Shasta Point Retirement (S, G) 671 Cesar Chavez Plaza (P, G) 531Sojourner Truth (G)142 Cornucopia Cooperative (G) 8 beds double or single room occupancy Sterling Court (G)42 DaVinci Court181,2,3Summerhouse (D, G)121

33 Complex Affordable Units Number of Bedrooms Complex Affordable Units Number of Bedrooms Davisville (S, G)701,2Suntree602,3,4 Eleanor Roosevelt (P, S, G) 601Terracina702,3,4 Fox Creek (G)361,2,3Tremont Green (G)361,2,3 GAMAT Homes202,3Tuscany Villas (G)302,3 Heather Glen (G)622,3Twin Pines (G)361,2,3 Homestead Cooperative (G) 151,2,3 University Retirement (S) 63 beds Moore Village (G)591,2,3Villa Calabria (S, G)61,2 New Harmony (P, G) 691,2,3 Walnut Terrace (S, G) 301,2 Olive Court (G)242Willow Glen (S, G)121,2 Olympic Cottages (S, G) 121Windmere I & II (G)1062,3

34 Sacramento, CADavis, CADifference Overall index11113319.9% Groceries116 even Housing11218565.8% Utilities91 even Transportation107 even Healthcare114 even Goods & Services 115 even,+ca-vs-davis,+ca/

35 Number of RoomatesRespondents 141.24% 81 230.93% 60 317.01% 33 46.19% 12 4+4.64% 9 Total195

36 Income BracketAverage RentAverage Utilities <$20,000 (34)$893.14$80.41 $21,000 - $30,000 (31)$966.51$69.06 $31,000 - $40,000 (7)$1098.57$53.57 $41,000 - $50,000 (7)$1053.57$96.42 $51,000 – $60,000 (2)$1012$95 $61,000 + (6)$1216.66$86.66 Do not wish to answer (5)

37 Answer ChoicesResponses Yes43.7% 230 Sometimes0.038% 20 No45.63% 240 Not Sure6.84% 36 Total526

38 CGPSA will: Push for transparency in establishing rents and monitoring the process Continue to advocate strongly for the reality of graduate student living Highlight issues with administration of the university Recommend re-evaluating the current Orchard Park housing plan Advocate for recommended HUD rental rates that are 35% of a 9 month 50% TAship ~ (620$/month) Consider reaching out to the City of Davis



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