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Grad Life at Northwestern

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1 Grad Life at Northwestern
Part 1: Where we live Part 2: How we have fun

2 Housing Options Engelhart and Seabury – Grad Dorms Evanston Apartments
Chicago Apartments

3 Ridge and Noyes Tech & Cook Seabury Engelhart Downtown Evanston Hotel South(ish) Evanston El Stops Grocery Stores

4 Engelhart Information Online
Rates: 1 Bedroom single: $1100/month Twin Studio: $822/month All utilities (heat, electric, cable, internet, etc.) included One Bedroom Twin Studio

5 Photos

6 Engelhart General Information
Apartments furnished Parking available ($78/month) Frequent activities: floor parties, cookouts, cooking and dance classes, trips to malls, shows, etc. Storage area provided, large laundry facility, playground for children, study rooms available ½ block from El Near to downtown Evanston and campus

7 Evanston Apartments Lots of people live in Evanston, especially around El stops and NU shuttle stops – fairly easy to get downtown. Beneficial to live in Evanston your first 2 years because it’s easier to get to classes and campus. May be quieter/cleaner than Chicago – more of a suburban feel.

8 Chicago Apartments Students live in many Chicago neighborhoods.
Benefit of living in a lively area, close to lots of entertainment, restaurants, the arts, etc. Students usually take intercampus shuttle, El train, or drive to campus. Annual campus parking pass: $501 Shuttle and El are free with NU ID and UPass Ryan field lot (need to take shuttle in): $25

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