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UPnP Security Vic Lortz Chair, Security WC Intel Corporation.

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1 UPnP Security Vic Lortz Chair, Security WC Intel Corporation

2 UPnP Today UPnP is about empowering ordinary people automatic networking no need for technical expertise convenient, it just works presumes a secure network

3 The Universe Is Getting Bigger (and More Dangerous) Wireless, apartments, dorms, hotels, enterprise networks… Remote access Hackers Viruses Hacked users dont feel empowered!

4 Scenarios and requirements defined early 2001 Security Working Committee established August, 2001 Version 0.9 completed December, 2002 Review/reconsideration of specs early-mid 2003 (see next slide) Process is back on track, Steering Committee vote is underway Whats Missing: Security

5 Current Status In April 03, Steering Committee directed UPnP Security WC to investigate closer alignment with WS-Security After extensive meetings and much debate… Conclusion: the UPnP Security design is substantially aligned with WS-Security, but not identical (interop will require proxies). Majority of WC felt any benefits of closer alignment were outweighed by costs (complexity, schedule) WC decided to retain original design with the following changes/improvements: Changed to use standard canonicalization method Clarifications in processing model were made Additional documentation (ceremonies white paper), formalized schema of XML data structures

6 Current Status (2) Draft specifications were made public in August 03 to solicit wider review by security community Updates have been made to sample implementations, certification test tool Sample implementations by: Atinav, Intel, LGE, Siemens(2), Sony Specs are in process of Steering Committee vote (voting period ends 11/14/03)

7 DeviceSecurity – service implemented by most secure devices SecurityConsole – service for device with UI for configuring security of other devices, discovery of control points, and storage of certificates Spec documents

8 Brief Technical Intro

9 User Experience User takes ownership of devices using a Security Console (SC). Control points advertise their security IDs to the SC. SC allows user to grant permissions on owned devices to control points (permissions are device-specific abstractions) Granted permissions are stored in device Access Control Lists (ACLs) and/or authorization certificates Only authorized control points can use secure devices

10 Crypto Strategy and Summary UPnP Security is applied at the SOAP message layer (like WS-Security) Device and control point identities are established using public keys (RSA) Symmetric session keys exchanged via public keys are used for routine operations (with HMAC-SHA1 for message signing and AES for privacy) Initial ownership/trust bootstrapping is obtained using a shared secret discovered through an out-of-band mechanism (like a label)

11 Take Ownership Ceremony Note: (Security ID is cryptographic hash of public key)

12 Control Point Discovery Once names are given, the user no longer deals with Security IDs

13 ACLs and Certificates User edits access control lists (ACL) of owned devices using SecurityConsole ACL Entries contain: Subject (Security ID of control point or group) Authorization (permission) May-not-delegate (control over delegation rights) Validity (expiration time of permission) Certificates include the above plus: Issuers Security ID Devices Security ID

14 Access Control Model

15 Resources

16 For the interconnected lifestyle

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